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  1. Renny The Spaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Nick showed off a bit of the Ninjago short that'll be in the KCA on their Facebook, the animation feels very TLNM and I love it.
  2. Like the Ducktales crew and Frozone Mickey's accessory is just the best
  3. Renny The Spaceman

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    I couldn't agree more, these films are all so consistantly great it'd be a real shame if they went the way of the Dodo while tons of cash grabs with no effort thrive. (I swear if the Playmobile movie does etyer than TLM2 I'm going to riot) From the few facts that escaped the water tower we at the very least know that at least Two characters, a location, the logo and six vehicles had renders and apparently some non-LEGO merch for it had a roadmap for 2020. I doubt they'd be 'steamrolling' these films but if all the merch sales as well as Benny's space squad is seeming to we could see them finish TLBR and maybe get a TLM3 in time
  4. Renny The Spaceman

    LEGO Movies Discussion

    I was referring to when in 2015 WB said the three pillars of their brand were WW, DC and LEGO. Whether you agree or not it was clear that at least for a time WB considered them a 'Big Boy'
  5. Renny The Spaceman

    LEGO Movies Discussion

    So the current head of WB is out and this could be make or break for the LEGOVERSE, either A) The new boss sees the franchises as one of WB's big boys and greenlights a future entry Or B) They see the past two films as proof that they never should of made this one of their "three pillars" and the franchise gets the can 'till 10-15 years down the line we get a TLM3 to capitalise on nostalgia
  6. Renny The Spaceman

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Something to remember is merch sales are often where the real money is made with animated franchises so even if the film ends with something like 21M there could still be a chance for the franchises future
  7. Renny The Spaceman

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Then again I think Kids would rather get him than 'generic singer number 3'
  8. Renny The Spaceman

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Yeah I don't get it, they didn't call him John Mclain they called him Bruce Willis.
  9. Renny The Spaceman

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I think I finally get Radiohead
  10. Renny The Spaceman

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Yeah, the meta-narative is a lot more messy this time. Maybe if they had something like 'It was actually Rex Controlling them with his Convenient Plot Device to teach Emmet a lesson or something it'd make more sense in the LEGOVERSE and in the human world as that implies Finn was Controlling them for his story
  11. Renny The Spaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I have no Idea where to put this so I'll just say it here, apparently Ninjago's to be the sponsor for this year's kids choice awards and there will be "an animated spot that will launch on March 7, Lord Garmadon will seek to steal the KCA slime cannon, with the ninja needing to stop him and return the cannon so that the KCA can go ahead. Stop motion animated content and a social video story will be part of the media package to build up to the KCA. The full story will also be released as “custom branded programming” on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channels. In order to attempt to reach the audience through influencers, a YouTuber will also be getting involved with live action content."
  12. Renny The Spaceman

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    I know, I didn't say Rex was right,he obviously wasn't, I just said it makes him a more sympathetic villian as from his perspective they abandoned him though they probably didn't. I get the apocalypseburgers not valuing Emmet but the thing I find annoying is how they claim he's a terrible leader as of the Fellowship of Strangers he's clearly shown to be the best leader, the team couldn't work together without Emmet. To be honest Sweet Mayhem's scan of Emmet feels more like a judgement of him from the end of this movie I wouldn't say Emmet became special because Lucy believed in him as for most of the film she didn't, it was much more Virtruvius who made him that way. As I said in my first response I get it's meant to be a Meta-narrative bit generally there's an explanation in the LEGOVERSE and the metatextual element just makes it better whereas just explainin away any plothole with "That’s just how the kids imagined it" feels rather lazy and I think the reason TLM2 isn't held in quite as high of a regard as the first is it relys on that explanation too much making the story much less seamless Just to be clear I loved this movie but I just wanted to point out a couple of the problems I had with it
  13. Renny The Spaceman

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Now I can see that , even though I feel it's a bit of a cop out that make's enough sense from that perspective my biggest problem is generally with the meta-narative stuff there's a line in the LEGOverse explaining it from their perspective as they way these things are generally meant to work is if you just take it for face value it makes sense and is good enough storytelling but once you apply the meta lens it becomes great storytelling. Maybe they could of just added a throwaway line saying they were trying to entrap Emmet and Rex because "They looked like they needed to party" or that there was a methane gas leak or something