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  1. On 5/24/2023 at 10:02 PM, danth said:

    Apparently there is a Lego marketing campaign featuring white Classic Space minifigs that were actually sent to space.

    Too bad the marketing campaign is definitely not for making more unlicensed sci-fi Space sets. 😒

    Cool, this does make me think though, at this point are the classic space astronauts just sorta a permanent fixture of LEGO from here on out? Probably a dumb thought but just sorta what my brain goes to seeing such a large pallet of newly printed ones, currently there are 3 (and a half) of them in production and since 2019 there's been a steady stream of official, dedicated (by which I mean merch solely based on CS, not just references in other sets) stuff with them.

  2. "However, when a malicious AI from within the present escapes" 

    That's a jump, just heard of this premise and this sounds weird

    I think it is interesting to think about how far they'll choose to put distance between this one and the original, LEGO is so tied to certain things from the first film that are still generally used as key parts of their brand image (see: Everything is Awesome)

  3. 4 hours ago, Robert8 said:

    Next year will be the 10th anniversary of The LEGO Movie

    I wonder if they are going to release anything. Like a "legacy" set or something

    That'd be nice, depending on how TLM2 sets that might be possible, likely under icons.


    Off the top of my head the 2 potential sets that seem to of had the most impact coming out of the film and would likely draw the most attention and sales would be the Double Decker Couch and Benny's Spaceship but both are remakes, maybe a large D2C version of the Master Builder sub? It includes the former and the whole main crew, given the scenes it's in if LEGO wanted to they could also throw in some other noteable characters like Bad Cop or Superman

  4. On 5/9/2023 at 9:19 PM, Robert8 said:

    Well, its happening

    I wonder why they didnt release any sets tied with the film 

    Maybe the 100% Sony stuff is in a weird legal limbo LEGO can't touch? outside of the disney co-production films since 2004 LEGO has never had a full set for something Spider-man related made by them, just a couple promotional figures for TASM2 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Fenghuang0296 said:

    The Classic Space Grimspawn? Unfortunately, no. The Grimspawn included Susan (the one with horns, appears in the Pegasus and Space Bus), Snivel (Thanos head, appears in the Croco-Car) and Sneak (currently show-only, used a sort of mini-dragon body and the Man-Bat ears piece) as the major named Grimspawn. The Fright Knights were generic ‘ground’ Grimspawn, and there were show-only generic flying Grimspawn that seemed to use the Christmas elf hat/ears part in all black, and had wings that don’t really match any existing part. Denny, Captain Bedbeard, the top hat Grimspawn - the unique ones in the Space Bus appear to be just for that set, except for the Fright Knight(s). 

    Yes, that's him. Honestly a shame, tbh I miss LEGO themes having a shared world, now everything needs to be segregated into it's own continuity's which is much less fun, even when there is a crossover like nexo knights and chima that version of the chima characters is apparently an entirely separate continuity to the chima that crossed over with ninjago

  6. 5 hours ago, Aanchir said:

     I suspect this also has to do with the way that "Classic Space" specifically tends to be strictly associated with a particular period of minifig design — simple torso printing, generic smiley faces, and simple helmets without visors. LEGO has made attempts at more "modernized" Classic Space inspired figures to various degrees (e.g. the Minifigures Series 3 Spaceman and Series 6 Intergalactic Girl), but the result is that fans often struggle to relate to those sorts of figures as part of the "Classic Space" faction.

     By contrast, old-school LEGO Castle factions like Lion Knights, Black Falcons, and Forestmen from LEGO Castle lasted long enough to overlap with minifigures that were already beginning to incorporate greater levels of detail to into their torso prints, face prints, and accessories (e.g. molded breastplates and helmets with working visors). So people don't associate these factions as strictly with their earliest and simplest minifigures.

     And Pirates minifigures incorporated a wide variety of printed and molded details from the beginning, even if the face prints from their original run still stuck to the traditional black dot eyes (without the white gleam of modern minifigure eyes). So faces with varied print colors and patterns, torsos with detailed contours, etc. aren't anywhere near as huge a departure from "tradition" for them as they would be for a Classic Space minifigure.

    A good point I've never actually considered, well said

  7. On 5/15/2023 at 3:10 PM, TalonCard said:

    If they wanted to straight up reuse the Redbeard from the Barracuda Bay set, they could definitely do that. (He's a great figure, after all.) They could also redesign him to be slightly older too. (There was some joking among the designers that if they were to continue Redbeard's story he'd be Graybeard instead.) But it's also been long enough since the Bay was released that they might just go back to the classic version in some way. The Space minifigures from the Galaxy Explorer and Blacktron sets are very close to the original figures, while the Castle remakes have been updated graphically but still in the classic style. I'm intrigued to see which direction they take these.

    I feel the figs will be the updated style akin to barracuda bay or the castle remakes, I think LEGO considers Classic Space unique in how they try to update it's figures as little as possible (probably as unlike with castle and pirates they still make new figures intended to fit with the OG sets for it so it'd be weird if they also did modernised ones for the Galaxy Explorer)

  8. 2 minutes ago, doclord said:

    Do people not realize that the box opens up?  Unless I got the description wrong, there's an opening looks like the batsymbol when it's closed, but otherwise it's an open cave.

    People get that, the problem is that is an insane waste of parts for a feature with such a minimal benefit that is not worth whatever price hike it caused

  9. 3 minutes ago, Willsy said:

    It's worth noting that a lot of Sonic merch uses locations from the classic games but with the modern characters. Jakks Pacific had a Green Hill playset a few years ago for example but with a Modern Sonic figure. The modern cast are probably a bit easier to market towards younger audiences too. 

    With that in mind, I personally expect modern characters. The Ideas set would continue to have exclusive Sonic and Eggman variants as well. I also can't see them not having Shadow as a selling point in a larger set.

    I'm still assuming classic characters, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Sega has ever okayed any merch with modern sonic and the death egg robot


    41 minutes ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    That's fair, I know it was that way with TOMY's line for rights reasons but I forgot that the Jakks Sonic merch was also classic-only for the first six months. I suppose it's seen as the more generally popular version to test the waters of a toyline with (similar to how new Star Wars merch lines usually focus on the Original Trilogy at first).

    Yeah, that's a good point of comparison 

  10. 38 minutes ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    Interesting descriptions. I imagine the "desert" will be Mirage Saloon (it's the only desert level the Tornado appears in)

    Hope so too, it'd be nice to actually get a mania set


    39 minutes ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    It's a little disappointing that from this it seems the first wave is exclusively based on the Genesis games, but it does make sense. Not only does that make this first wave more cohesive with the Ideas set, but also because the majority of molds for Genesis characters could be reused for their modern counterparts, whereas the same doesn't go in reverse with the much larger modern cast.

    I believe generally the trend with sonic merch nowadays is they do the classic characters first then expand  into the modern cast. I prefer the classic designs so I'm happy but I'm sure they'll do the modern cast soon enough, it would just make sense to have a set with shadow out next year

  11. 7 hours ago, Kdapt-Preacher said:

    Because until Bad Batch they effectively didn't exist. They were pictured in promotional materials for RotS but there are none in the actual movie (at least probably not--there are a few clones in the far background in a few shots that might be plain, and the ball turret gunners in the gunship that drops off Yoda on Coruscant have markings in some shots and seem to lose them in others--but there are certainly none in focus). There are a very, very few scattered in the background of the later seasons of TCW, but again, not enough to have ever been a meaningful presence anywhere, and it's not clear who they're supposed to be in-universe, since there's never been a unit that was described as not having markings by the time the P2 armor was adopted; they only show up when the showrunners need to fill out a crowd shot in a context where they don't want to use any specific legion. The Imperial ones in Bad Batch are the first time they've ever appeared on screen for longer than a couple of frames.

    Nothing major but I swear at some point in the opening there's a shot of them manning a cannon or something

  12. Just now, MSY-MSP said:

    I have been thinking that there may be some logic about why were are getting more clone battle packs than other amassable groups.  I think it has to do with the actual media from which they were generated.  For the PT and TCW there are so many scenes where there are large scale battles that involve large numbers of clones and battle droids. Thus to recreate the large scenes or even act them out a BP makes sense.   In contrast in the OT there are very few scenes that involve large numbers of stormtroopers. (Hoth and the arrival scenes on the Death Star II, are the only two that come to mind).  Rebels does have a lot more scenes with large numbers of stormtroopers.  The ST well, we will just leave it there.  

     So with that in mind it seems to me that focusing BP's on the PT timeline makes more sense than the other timelines simply because that was the time of an actual war and less of an uprising.  Just my 2 cents

    Maybe I'm looking at it wrong but I also think that a big part of it is Clones probably work best, just as a toy. Like there are so many different variants making them collectable, the new pack having the various accessories to customise troopers and all the recent crop of them have been in bright, eye-catching colours. If I were a kid just looking for a toy with no era preference I'd gravitate towards the clones, especially as they work as both good guys and bad guys making them more versatile for play.

  13. 3 hours ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    Thinking on it further, while I definitely understand LEGO wanting to remake a UCS X-Wing, am I the only one who would've preferred if they'd done the black Sequel Trilogy version? It would be an original set, it has a sleeker and arguably cooler design, would have better potential for an exclusive minifigure (Poe with a new head in the warm tan color and the helmet from TSS), and we are REALLY overdue for more sequel sets, it's going on three years now. 

    I know the reason we don't get sequel sets is because a lot of people have an irrational hatred for those movies (though six years ago I could've said the same about Attack of the Clones), but it's still a shame.

    I really doubt that, internet discourse is not reality. LEGO is a company if there's measurable interest in a specific subtheme of Star Wars they'll make it, they do not care if it leads to a grown adult screaming about it. The closest comparison to the current situation with sequel sets is how prequel era sets were treated, but despite the much worse response to those films there's never been a year since those films came out without a prequel set on shelves, even during the era where they were struggling to keep up with the sets for all 28 movies they released in the span of 4 years. The simple issue I think they're is with sequel content is it's just based on diminishing returns. A prequel set is very distinct from it's OT equivalent if it even has one. If LEGO wants to make a TIE, X-wing, Star Destroyer, etc why go with the version that exists solely to call back to how much people loved to OT versions when you can just cut out the middle man and do the universally loved version. Also why I doubt we'll get the clone wars Y-wing again, the only way they'll do these derivative models instead of the old favourites is if there's relevant tie in media to support it. I don't think we're ever gonna get a minifig scale (or larger) X-wing without Luke unless media supports it or if in coming years there's a massive resurgence in interest in Poe Dameron because as it is any general consumer looking for an X-wing probably wants Luke to pilot it.

  14. On 1/24/2023 at 12:58 PM, Anak said:

    ...and 212th clone trooper polybag is now on the horizon. From feb. 25. with LSW Magazine.

    I dont understand these 2 clone helmet builds. Why didnt they do the other way around? P1 Rex helmet and P2 Cody helmet. To me it makes more sense than this variation.

    I assume the rational is that they were set on making them distinct so they chose phase 1 Cody because it shares the visor of phase 2 Rex so they go better together than phase 1 Rex and Phase 2 COdy would

  15. Just now, Quicksilver838 said:

    Civil War had the Crossbones set, which didn't come with Captain America (though CW is arguably a team up movie, it still has Captain America in the title). Other than that, hasn't happened

    TBF both Spider-man and Spider-man are in the title of the new Spider-man film, so they could probably get by even if Civil war was counted as a team up

  16. 2 hours ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    I have a feeling that they might give us a brickbuilt one tho. We've already had 4 minifigures. Raimi's Sandman is the most comic accurate live-action Spider-Man villain, so older minifigures could work for him.

    Yeah, TBF just give any previous LEGO Sandman a flat top and it's pretty perfect

  17. 9 minutes ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    Maybe I’m jinxing it by saying it, but so far the prices on bricklink look fairly normal for a minifig from an expensive 4-year old set  

    Could of sworn I saw someone mention they were spiking, granted I already have one so I've not checked


    12 minutes ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    I definitely could see them revisiting the character one day, with the usual mixed reactions whenever a rare-ish minifig gets remade of course :tongue: Already getting my popcorn ready for when people throw tantrums as soon as the Tumblers leak :moar:

    Who'd of thought a set based on a film defined by the dynamic between two characters when remade, would include both of said characters

    Granted I've not seen anyone making that argument myself so I may be pulling a Twitter here and arguing against an imaginary person, but if so this imaginary person better watch their back

  18. I know the LEGO Star Wars designers have mentioned never looking at aftermarket prices to determine which Minifigures come in sets, has the DC team ever said anything similar? Seeing how high TLBM Polka Dot man figures are getting it could really improve our next Batmech, BatGo-kart or whatever we get next