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  1. That’s the problem with this marketing strategy. If all people want is Batman based sets, then they’ll buy one with the Batman figure they want (unless it’s some variant, which 4/5 times it isn’t), and then won’t buy any other sets. No one buys all the different sets to have multiple of the same Batman, if that were the case you’d just buy a bunch of the cheapest set. The selling point in each of these new sets isn’t Batman, it’s Firefly (arguably a Batman villain so I guess in that case), but also Aquaman and Ocean Master. No one would buy the Aquaman set if they didn’t want the characters. Otherwise they could give us no new characters and just one Batman figure and people would buy it, which would never work. A stray from the DC Superheroes title is a huge mistake, and I really hope that the labeling being Batman focused is the farthest it goes.
  2. The usual place is on Instagram search “#legoleaks”
  3. I would argue that the LEGO Batman Movie sets were their Batman central brand and anything they didn’t accomplish with those sets was a wasted opportunity but at this point I’ve had enough Batman and personally I believe that the 2015 January DC superheroes sets where there were 5 was their best wave and they should go back to that. Down with the Batriarchy.
  4. I would be very disappointed if they went back to having solo Batman sets. We practically have all of Batman’s rogues at this point save for a few key players that they can easily add in a couple sets (Mad Hatter, Zsasz, Black Mask, Grundy, Copperhead) while we are missing many key justice leaguers and even more of the rogues galleries of the more important members we already have. (Metallo, Toy Man, Bizarro, Doomsday- all Superman), (Circe, Ares, Giganta- Wonder Woman), (basically every Flash and Green Lantern villain). I really hope they don’t just rerelease new versions of characters we all already have for the next couple years.
  5. Where are you guys finding the pictures of these sets (specifically the new carnage one)? I’ve only been able to find the venom mech set photos.
  6. Is anyone else disappointed when we get a new character in mighty micros that hasn’t been released in LEGO form? Ex: Doomsday and Bizarro. I really hope that trend doesn’t continue or that LEGO releases those characters soon in regular form.
  7. Maybe the Batman water set will have Aquaman and Ocean Master as well
  8. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I really hope that the January sets aren’t Batman centric. We just had 2 sets Batman centric that had to reach into the depths of obscure characters such as Omac so can we please get some mainline heroes and villains that we don’t have already. I would totally be down for a GCPD set if that’s the $100 one. But I’m sick of all these vehicles. I’ve got so many bat-vehicles just give us some buildings like a bank or donut shop or really anything stationary. The new Super Villains game is giving so much opportunity for new villains LEGO has to jump on it. Praying for crime syndicate figures. Clayface bigfig (and minifig looks good too) New Catwoman with goggles Malcolm Merlyn Heatwave Black Adam Solomon Grundy Livewire Metallo That Steppenwolf and the parademons and lower on the list are the new Deathstroke and Grodd with the armor also can we agree that the new Riddler looks like the Hamburgular