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  1. Thanks Syclone! Thanks Mate! The printed wheel arch issue has been answered already but as to the other points - since this is an alternate build I'm sticking to the parts in the set but now that it's out in the wild it's going to be fun to see what other builders do to make their own modifications. It's early days yet but keep an eye on the photos section of the MOC page and you'll see what others have done - I reckon first up would probably be to add some JDM style flared guards or change out the wheels as you suggest. Thanks for the kind words! You can see more images on the MOC page here. and you can download the free instructions for the gearbox here
  2. Thanks Mate. You had a Z? I am soo jealous! Might be fun to do a 42093 version of it but right now I'm thinking about possibilities with the Chiron...
  3. I've just finished another Alternate Build of set 42056 and this time it's a Japanese Classic from the seventies. The 1971 Nissan/Datsun 240Z Fairlady was much lusted after in my youth and they have held their appeal ever since. Features are: Full suspension Steering connected to adjustable height driver's wheel with 2.7 turns lock to lock Right hand drive like the original HOG steering 5 speed and reverse "H" pattern shift gearbox Detailed inline 6 cyinder engine connected to the back wheels via the gearbox Opening bonnet and doors with working door latches Cabin features full leg room, window winders (but no windows) and driver's pedals 50 cm long x 22 cm wide x 16 cm high 1.85 kg 2,071 pieces all sourced from set 42056 but you will need one additional piece to enable reverse gear, the MOC still works without it. For more images, details and instructions head over to my MOC page at Rebrickable.
  4. Thanks mate! I just checked out your work on bricksafe - love the schoolbus!!!
  5. Thanks Adam - that's brilliant! I no longer have the Stratos sitting on my desk - I'm working on a new alternate model for the Porsche set - so it was very nice to see it again. Unfortunately, I have only English in my repertoir but I ran your blogpost through Google translate and I'm very pleased and flattered by what you have written! I'll be sure to drop you a line later this year when my new project is ready to share with the world - feel free to PM me your contact details. Thanks again for sharing my work with your audience! Thanks for letting me know Rudivdk! I'm very pleased with the exposure - I've been quite surprised by the response. All The Best
  6. Thanks for letting me know - I love that this community looks after each other! I'm looking into my options and will do something about this soon.
  7. Hey, for context I'm the guy who made the B model for 42056 from the "my other car's a porsche" link above. For me it's always been about what else you can make with a set once you've made the main model. What's fantastic about the modern AFOL community is that there are so many options for rebuilding a set beyond what LEGO had in mind when they sold it to you. I know that not everyone is into pulling apart and tinkering but this does seem to me the main point of the excersize. Now you can build someone else's MOC and learn new techniques and ways of looking at this world of bricks. I reckon - choose the set that has the most options in terms of MOCs that are already out there in the world. Even if none of those interest you it will show you which set gives you the most options beyond the pictures on the box. I can't believe that I'm probably pushing you away from 42056 with this advice but that's just the way it goes. Perhaps most importantly, whichever set you have, wear it out by pulling it apart and making crazy shit with it.
  8. Kind words brunojj1, thanks! I must say it's been fun sharing the limelight with your amazing McLaren MOC on Rebrickable. I may have skipped a few decades of LEGO but I spent that time working in physical effects for film and TV, then worked as a technician in a bronze foundry and for the last 20 years I've been living off my paractice as a sculptor and producing some very large public works. All this is to say that I haven't stopped working with my hands and since there's also been quite a bit of digital 3D modelling in my art practice, wasn't too alien to me. Also I'm quite used to unpacking the creative process for engineers and clients and am familiar with desktop publishing so the instructions weren't quite the leap that they should have been for a first timer. I haven't bought the Bugatti set yet - I'm not so interested in modern super cars and to me that's a particularly ugly one - but I have loaded the parts list into and started thinking about it. More parts but strangely less to work with than the Porsche from my point of view. Ironically my main problem is that the wheels are so iconic that they limit the options when it comes to an alternate build, especially if you're interested in older vehicles. I do have a very large barrel of bits, mostly old and faded but I like the idea of alternate builds, they mean that others can build a MOC without the massive financial outlay of buying multiple sets or individual parts online. An alternate build means that if you own the set you can get double (or triple etc...) the enjoyment out of it and more importantly it shows that it's OK to go off plan and play around. Anyway, that's more than enough rambling from me, thanks again for your kind words and now (thanks to you) I'm going to have another look at the Bugatti parts and see what they have to offer.
  9. You're right on there Erik, the real car does have quite a distinctively large and flat rear spoiler but not that large and flat. Still, I'm happy with the "kicked up the big behind" look that's part of what makes the original seem so poised for flight. Thanks brunojj1 - looking at the quality of your MOCs I think I'll stick to alternate builds for a while so that I have a good excuse for not living up to your high standard of work! How lucky are we!? I feel a little sad about some of the sets that I missed out on in the interim but can't wait to see what's next! Thanks for your kind words and for purchasing the instructions! I hope that you have as much fun with the build as I did. Thanks for the support and encouragement everyone. I'm surprised and humbled by it all, especially given the experience and quality of work that so many of you have here. I feel a bit like I've just been promoted to the big boy team before I was ready for it! I'm not sure what my next MOC will be - maybe I'll stick with the theme of machines I've lusted over for many years and make a Vincent HRD! Maybe I'll try for another alternate build of 42056, I like the challenge of a limited set of parts and seeing what I can do to subvert the original designers ideas. More importantly, I cant wait to see what everyone else comes up with next.
  10. I've recently returned to LEGO, thanks in no small part to being given the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set as a birthday gift by my excellent friends. It was amazing to see how Technics sets have progressed since my childhood but was very dissapointed to find that there were no B model in the instructions. In my early days B models taught me that it was OK to pull apart a build and make something new and this was more than half the fun. Well there was nothing else for it but to make my own and here it is! The Lancia Stratos was an impressive, almost otherworldy machine that loomed large through my childhood and it seemed a fine choice for the orange parts of 42056. The wheels are the right diameter but a lot wider so they take up a lot more room inboard than the real thing and have what you might call a cheeky amount of overlap on the guards but I reckon it works here. I've kept the wheel base and track to scale. Everything opens and shuts like the original and there's a working 5 speed "H" pattern shift gearbox driving the transverse V6 in the back. You can add an additional part to activate reverse gear but this is not neccesary if you want to stay within the parts list of 42056. There are instructions available and the first chapter, the gearbox, is free so that you can see if you can work with them or not. They're available here: INSTRUCTIONS You'll find some unusual choices in terms of parts and placement but remember that this is an alternate build and the bricks available are somewhat limited. Since this is a B model and all the parts are sourced from 42056 it was tricky to get the form and functions that I wanted without too many compromises but the details of the MOC are: Dimensions : Studs = 69 x 56 x 23 cm = 55 x 44.6 x 19 Weight = 2.02 kg Part count = 2197 - 5 speed "H" pattern gearbox with optional reverse - working fake transverse V6 engine - steering via HOG that moves the wheels and steering wheel - front and rear independent suspension - openable bonnet, boot and doors I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in this community, I never knew what an AFOL was until a couple of weeks ago and now it turns out I am one - it's a brave new world for me!
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Dean. I was a massive fan of LEGO Technic as a kid (many years ago) as were both my brothers. They outgrew it and I didn't so I now have all of my old technics sets and theirs as well! There's been a big break from LEGO for me while I built my career as a sculptor and now I'm back and I've just found out I'm an AFOL and I'm not alone. Pretty bloody far from alone by the looks of things. Recently, my very dear friends chipped in for my birthday and gave me the Porsche GT3 RS set and I've since made my own alternate build of it (which was much more fun than following instructions). Look out for it once I figure out the best Forum to post it in. All of this is to say that it's good to be back into LEGO and it looks like it's going to be even more fun now than it was then!