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  1. I built this one some time ago but didn't post it yet over here (It might be in the scale model section but can't remember)

    The Sdkfz.251 ausf.D was built in scale 1/10 with full RC system using an Sbrick. The drive uses 2 x XL-motors & 1 L-motor for steering, it has about 2.000 pieces. Size is about 64x24x24 studs (51cm x 19cm x 19cm)

    Here are the pictures, enjoy.









    Lego SDKFZ 251, on Flickr



  2. Finally finished my latest project, a Sdkfz 251/1 ausf.D in scale 1/10.

    History of the Sdkfz. 251

    After the MK V tank, I wanted to do something different and the 'Hanomag' is just this. The suspension is made with torsion bars and works as it should. The MOC is powered by 2 x XL motors & steering is done with 1 x M motor with a clutch & an Sbrick module. I wanted to integrate the lock-steering system but I simply didn't have the room to get all things integrated, maybe this is something for the future. stickers are being made & maybe there will be a PAK-40 soon behind this, still thinking about it.

    Dimensions:51cm x 18cm x 20.5cm      Weight: 2.5kg       Total brick count: about 2.000.











    Leave a comment if you want.

    my Flickr page for more pictures on my projects & completed MOC's

  3. After buying the plans from Sariel, I started on making this very nice moc to go alongside my MKV. The plans & design are property of Sariel, you can buy the plans here

    I changed the color due to budget reasons and then I could make a german captured version, the stickers still need to go on and maybe I'll change some parts later on. The model is full radio controlled

    For more photos check my Flickr Page




  4. 4 hours ago, Tommy Styrvoky said:

    Which set of gears are grinding? As it has to be in the final drives, as the clutch system was rather robust when it was designed.

    Hey Tommy, the second gear coming out of the xl motor broke, but I think that was due to age (they were a bit yellow too). the main issue is that when it try to turn, the gear slips over the tracks and doesn't get any traction. maybe some some plasti dip will help on the gear but I think it's better to reposition the drive to the rear gear (as in the real steel version), going to try tomorrow to figure this thing out.

    1 hour ago, neonic said:

    I following this for a while and looks great. Specially when you look at the photo you post in the beginning, the shape, the form, nice work. For some reason it reminds me to those tanks of Warhammer. Guess they are inspired by those.

    ps. Where do you get this turningtable from? Great way to show your model indeed.

    Thanks Neonic, the turntable is one for scale models. You can find these online under "scale model  rotating display stand" on google.

  5. As i'm finishing the tank up cosmeticaly, the technical part is giving me headaches. The drive system is connected to the wrong drive gear (because there is no space) and thus keeps breaking toothed gears. so what are we gonna do? indeed take it all apart and start redesigning it *huh* 

    I am also thinking about making an other version, no rc controls but with a lot of detail on the inside & easy way to take of the top of the tank, what do you think?


    Below some pictures and a 360° view of how it looks now, you can visit my Flickr page if you want to see more photo's & videos. 








  6. The finish line is in sight!!!

    The MOC is nearly finished, the semaphores & door needs to be made and mounted. I am at the moment designing some stickers and trying to find a fun way to showcase this model.



    I would like to know what you guys think of this model so please leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated :thumbup:


  7. below you can find 2 small video's on the controls for the tank & the turrets. The videos are a bit rudimentary, just to give you a quick vieuw on how it works.

    The tank is nearly finished, I just redesigned the sponsons and am now waiting for the last pieces to finish it.


  8. 2 hours ago, Tommy Styrvoky said:

    How well does the neutral steering work, as it should allow for more gradual turns.

    The neutral is very difficult to use as I use 2 sliders to control the clutches left and right. so it is more like a hit and miss with this. below is an image of the control interface.


    left & right 2 sliders are canons, the sliders worked better than the joystick control; now you can control it a bit better, with the joystick it went everywhere.

    Central slider is forward & backward control of the XL motors & the sliders next to it are the clutches.


  9. Well ladies and gentleman, all good songs come to an end. and the end of this project is in sight. :wub:

    Mechanicly, the tanks works like I wanted, the clutch steer system works perfectly (courtesy and with A LOT of thanks to Tommy Styrvoky) and I figured out a drive system in Sbrick which i still need to fine tune a bit. some small things need to be changed (plastidip on the tracks for improved traction, change some clutch gears with new ones & wiring the inside so it is more tidy)

    Cosmeticaly there are still some points that I want to change (close the gaps where the parts meet, add semaphores, exhaust pipe, redesigning the lower parts of the sponsons & finishing the top)



    below there's a small video on how the clutch system works & the plans of the tank. I've changed some things while building and didn't change it in the LDD design. V Final updated.lxf


  10. 4 hours ago, Milan said:

    All the best to you, too! :wink:

    Glad to see this beast's progress!
    Hey, can you please post a bit smaller pics in the future? Max allowed size is 1024. Thx!

    Hey Milan, thanks for pointing this out. I have just resized all images & and reposted them.

  11. First of all, my best wishes to you all! :drunk:


    I finally found some time to continue with the MK V. Parts keep stacking up as I keep reshaping parts and improving on the design, but Rome wasn't buit in a day :laugh:. I'll try to make some pictures en videos and post them here.

    - The hulls have been improved and I am nearing the end.

    - Exterior wise I got all the parts i need to finish it cosmetically, but probably something else will come along that I'm not happy with (sponsons) but the drive system is the main priority now.

    - The Sbricks are integrated into the body and I am now working out how to use the clutch system correctly and to the best of my capabilities.

    - The canons work under their own power and do what they need to do :thumbup:


  12. Hey Laura, thank you for the support! The drive system is currently assembled but doesn't work yet, I am still trying to figure out how to connect the drive axles to my sprockets.

    I am still waiting on a couple of pieces and also trying to source a Lego PF rechargable battery box for a decent price, at the moment prices are going far higher than I wish to spend on it. I also need to order the 2 SBrick units so I can make this thing work under its own power *huh*. I also saw some parts in the outer hulls that I am not happy with, these are giving to much stress on some parts and create gaps, maybe I'll take these apart and reshape them. This is also the case with the sponsons, I am not relay happy with how the sides look and they are also not very strong, so back to the drawing board for these parts :ugh:

    However at the moment I am not finding the time to work a lot on the MKV due to an imense workload on the job, this will probably carry on until the beginning of next year :cry_sad: so it is possible that it will take a lot longer than first anticipated.

  13. 55 minutes ago, Hollander said:

    Wow, that is an awesome build! How much pieces did it cost you to build this? Don't think I have ever seen a WW1 era tank in this size. :classic:

    Hey Hollander, it takes about 2.250 bricks to complete including the drive system. Sariel has already built one of these. 

    As it is my first MOC I used a lot of his example but modified some parts that I thought were better. My drive system will use a clutch drive system, designed by Tommy Styrvoky) 

  14. The exterior is nearly complete, I'm still waiting on some parts that have not been delivered yet. the body feels very strong and only 2 parts still remain to be modified but at the moment I can't really find a solution to this.

    The drive system is nearly ready (once again thanks to Tommy Styrvoky) I think that the parts will arrive next week and i'll be ready to do a first test with this. afterwards I'll be ordering the Sbricks and the full incorporation will start. I expect this build to be completed by the end of the year.

    Once again I really would like the thank all the people that have helped me with my first MOC, I didn't imagine that I would get such a big support!!