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  1. Stimy

    Land Rover Series II 88 1958

    let us know when the instructions are ready, love to buy these!!
  2. Stimy

    URO Fire truck MOC 1:10

    looks very good, love the detail!!
  3. Stimy

    Matilda and Shunt (Robot Wars)

    so much nostalgia comming back. still watch the show (battlebots in the usa) robot wars itself stopped 2 years ago on the bbc. mocs look very good, any plans to make sir killalot or the pincer one (forgot the name)?
  4. Finally finished my latest project, a Sdkfz 251/1 ausf.D in scale 1/10. History of the Sdkfz. 251 After the MK V tank, I wanted to do something different and the 'Hanomag' is just this. The suspension is made with torsion bars and works as it should. The MOC is powered by 2 x XL motors & steering is done with 1 x M motor with a clutch & an Sbrick module. I wanted to integrate the lock-steering system but I simply didn't have the room to get all things integrated, maybe this is something for the future. stickers are being made & maybe there will be a PAK-40 soon behind this, still thinking about it. Dimensions:51cm x 18cm x 20.5cm Weight: 2.5kg Total brick count: about 2.000. Leave a comment if you want. my Flickr page for more pictures on my projects & completed MOC's
  5. Stimy

    LEGO Porsche Tiger GuP.ver

    I love this MOC!!!! just saw it popping up on Lego Car Blog and loved the work
  6. Stimy

    [MOC] Kenworth K100 Tow Truck (1:13)

    Love this MOC, the attention to detail is stunning!!
  7. Stimy

    [MOC] Renault FT-17

    After buying the plans from Sariel, I started on making this very nice moc to go alongside my MKV. The plans & design are property of Sariel, you can buy the plans here I changed the color due to budget reasons and then I could make a german captured version, the stickers still need to go on and maybe I'll change some parts later on. The model is full radio controlled For more photos check my Flickr Page
  8. looking VERY good, I love these big model builds and 4x4's, perfect combo why not put you MOC on Rebrickable and sell your plans there?
  9. Stimy

    Tyrrell P34 1:5

    What an absolute MASTERPIECE!!! This would be perfect for Jody Schekter's mancave Rosco, you really made this one look exactly like the real thing. any plans for other historic F1's? (please say Sharknose...)
  10. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    Hey Tommy, the second gear coming out of the xl motor broke, but I think that was due to age (they were a bit yellow too). the main issue is that when it try to turn, the gear slips over the tracks and doesn't get any traction. maybe some some plasti dip will help on the gear but I think it's better to reposition the drive to the rear gear (as in the real steel version), going to try tomorrow to figure this thing out. Thanks Neonic, the turntable is one for scale models. You can find these online under "scale model rotating display stand" on google.
  11. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    As i'm finishing the tank up cosmeticaly, the technical part is giving me headaches. The drive system is connected to the wrong drive gear (because there is no space) and thus keeps breaking toothed gears. so what are we gonna do? indeed take it all apart and start redesigning it I am also thinking about making an other version, no rc controls but with a lot of detail on the inside & easy way to take of the top of the tank, what do you think? Below some pictures and a 360° view of how it looks now, you can visit my Flickr page if you want to see more photo's & videos.
  12. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    The finish line is in sight!!! The MOC is nearly finished, the semaphores & door needs to be made and mounted. I am at the moment designing some stickers and trying to find a fun way to showcase this model. I would like to know what you guys think of this model so please leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated
  13. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    below you can find 2 small video's on the controls for the tank & the turrets. The videos are a bit rudimentary, just to give you a quick vieuw on how it works. The tank is nearly finished, I just redesigned the sponsons and am now waiting for the last pieces to finish it.
  14. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    The neutral is very difficult to use as I use 2 sliders to control the clutches left and right. so it is more like a hit and miss with this. below is an image of the control interface. left & right 2 sliders are canons, the sliders worked better than the joystick control; now you can control it a bit better, with the joystick it went everywhere. Central slider is forward & backward control of the XL motors & the sliders next to it are the clutches.
  15. Stimy

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    looks good! The 1st photo looks also a bit like an old opel kadet at first glance. any more plans to do more Skoda or other brands?