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    R-Type Battleship

    Sweet Jesus, that is some project!
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    [MOC] Space Carrot !

    LOL this is great :D
  3. This is sooooo fantastic! Good job!
  4. After stumbling upon this page by accident I was very happy to see it, because as 80's child I owned quite a few of those space sets. Not biggest ones... Legos were quite expensive in that period compared to now (when looking at monthly income - Lego set price ratio). Why I did not return to Legos when I became older and had money to spend? Because majority of modern sets... well... simply put - they suck. They use extreme quantity of modified non-standard bricks, which look good, but do not appeal to me. Except Star Wars sets, but I choose to not go that way, because then I will end up with house full of SW Legos. These Space sets from 80's and 90's are just fantastic. They have retro futuristic vibe, which is undeniably cool. At least to everyone older than 30-40 But now I managed to finally find where my old Legos ended up (just waiting for good opportunity to collect them), also I managed to dig few nice small vintage sets on local flea market... so I will have some happy assembling to do MOC of course, because that is where the fun lies. I still remember improvizing with much simpler Lego Technic of that age, making suspension using rubber bands because I did not have official Lego suspension bricks. Also various Lego catapults with rubber bands... Ahhh good old times, I had so much fun with Legos! Also now with child on the way, I just hope he or she will be into Legos... oh Lord please let it be so I hope Lego will issue some homage Space sets, that would be really cool to get!
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    1980 Something Space

    Wow, your page is great, brings back a lot of nostalgia! :)