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  1. Moguntia

    [MOD] Darth Vader Brickhead

    Thank you for your feedback and your Kind words. I'm definitly trying your cape sugestion if I happen to run in to one with a reasonable Price. (best price €1,90 for a used one on bricklink is a little overpriced in my view)
  2. Moguntia

    [MOD] Darth Vader Brickhead

    Some time ago I have seen a realy cool modified Stormtrooper Brickhead on reddit from Brickpixels.And that made me want to have an equaly cool Darth Vader. So I had to dive into bricklink and try something.This is my Version of Darth Vader. It is not as cool as I wanted it to be, and certainly not as cool as the Stormtrooper made by brickpixels, but I enjoyed building it.What I didn't enjoy was making the instructions with, which are available at rebrickable. So what do you think about this small MOD/MOC? on another note: A made a small Video on my even smaller (German) YouTube-Channel, which anybody interested can find here: here
  3. Moguntia

    [MOC] BrickHeadz Factory

    I love this one
  4. Moguntia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I have seen a Picture on a German LEGO-Newsblog. They got the Picture from eBay, where someone tried to sell three of those sets vor 120€ each. And just in case someone qould ask: the seller pulled back due to an error in his offer. If the Picture is legit it looks really like a must buy for me (okay definetly not for 120€). The cover of the book looks like a big improvement to the original ideas Project, but it looks like it has a gigantic sticker And it says that there will be two fairytales included (Little Red Riding Hood + Jack and the Beanstalk)
  5. Moguntia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

  6. Congratulations on your great media Coverage. To be honest, I don't have a clue, why your big media Coverage has not led to more supporters by now. I wish you all the best on your way to the 10k. I voted for you quiet some time ago. On an other note: Have you thought about Posting your small workhorse on rebrickable? You could link from their to your ideas Project and could possibly get a few LEGO-enthusiasts to your ideas-side, who are not from the Leicester-area.
  7. Moguntia

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Here are the projects I supported lately (not counting those listed here before) The Nightmare Before Christmas: Simply Meant To Be Medieval Blacksmith Japanese Tea Garden Guybrush Threepwood Brickheadz The Sushi Corner Captain Future's Comet
  8. Moguntia

    Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Guessing Game

    I think the most likly is the Space X - the ultimate Collection. TLG made more than one "NASA - space Exploration sets" and I love that theme. With the Micro roadstar this Project has more Little Details so I think this one is more likly than the Falcon Heavy stand alone one. I would totaly buy an ISS, but I think that Maybe TLG would choose a non-NASA set over the third NASA-Ideas set. And I don't think they would choose two space-sets at once
  9. Moguntia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This has been one of the most interesting 10k-Club interviews so far, since AndrewClark2 took some effort to give tipps and describes how he was able to plan his Project an his journey to the 10k votes.
  10. Moguntia

    [MOC] Imperial Probe droid

    I would like to show you my very first MOC I made after the end of my personal dark ages. Sadly my children wouldn't let me their Lego bricks, so I had to work with my small collection (I need to go to my parent's attic real badly in the near future). This is my imperial Probe droid, which has been shot by Han Solo on Hoth in episode V. I have seen others, after I finished mine, but I like this one better. I have been inspired by the one from the Lego star wars magazine, but my version has the correct amount of probe arms and uses different angles. What are your thoughts? For the off chance someone wants to take a look in the instructions, here you go
  11. Moguntia

    Hello eurobricks

    Nice to meet you too! And thanks to @deraven and @JarJarBonks for the warm welcoming words
  12. Moguntia

    Hello eurobricks

    Well met, Moguntia is my name, or to be correct it is the Latin name of my hometown in Germany. I have been a big Lego-fan in my childhood up to my teenage days when I changed to a Fantasy- and SciFi-fan with focus on pen and paper role-playing games. The fire of Lego-fandom was recandled when My children entered the age of play with Lego. But alas my son won't allow me to help him building his sets anymore at the same time as the "Held der Steine" popped up in my recommended YouTube videos. So I became an afol. After reading in this buitiful forum for a few months I decided to sign up, so I can share my reborn hobby with you. I'm specially interested in technic, which I wanted to have as a child so badly but never got, SciFi-MOCs and mediavel/fantasy builts