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  1. Hi!

    Yes,I have.
  2. Hi!

    Hello,I'm from Madisonville Tenneseee.I love Legos and have been collecting them as long as I remember.
  3. The Battle with Brickbeard by Matt Garner via Email

    Needs more humor.Good story,put it kind of puts Jack as the bad guy.Needs a bit of improvement.But,pretty good story overall.
  4. Jack Sparrow Can't Escape the Classics

    Funny story! I like smashups between Classics and newer things.
  5. How to Train Your Dragon

    Just the cape sort of thing you put on him.Howe long did it take you to build thodse dragons?
  6. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I guess mine was the Mando Battle Pack.It's a really good det1I got two.Great for building a mando army.Now,to get a mando you don't have to buy jango!I reccomend it!
  7. Grievous's Wheel Bike

    This is really good.Looks like the real set!(Except for the color)I could not build something that well.Where did you get the idea to build this?It's really cool!!Does it actually roll?
  8. Probability of returning to Classic Pirates after POTC...

    You have a point,I just sort of liked them. Sorry,I messed up and replied the wrong post.
  9. Classic Pirates Or POTC?

    Sorry,I'm new.
  10. How to Train Your Dragon

    Hiccup looks fat. Great Dragons though!
  11. [Castle] Outpost on the high seas

    That's sooooooo awesome!!!
  12. Probability of returning to Classic Pirates after POTC...

    Also,I hope Islanders return.
  13. Grey or Black ?

  14. Classic Pirates Or POTC?

    I mean Classic Pirates of course.