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  1. I agree with the front fenders and grill needing a redo, and I already posted a picture of the underside, I'll also take pictures of the rear suspension tommorow!
  2. I asked for construction criticism, not "take it apart and try again"
  3. Still gotta add in motors and stuff, they are being used in my other moc right now. I also need to add more details to make it look more like a rally car. Its 9v battery is stored in the hood. Constructive criticism is appreciated!
  4. Basically I'm asking what tire has the lowest traction, without being plastic :P
  5. So, if I wanna get more speed, just use the right gear combo from the two motors to speed it up, right?
  6. I wanna get back into the hobby, but I want the cars to go a little faster, any way to change out the motors, and if so, any recommendations?