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  1. It would be so funny if Finch Dallow came in £10 micro-fighter set in a future wave...
  2. Brick2x4

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would love to see that!
  3. Nice! Does anyone know what was the first ever Lego minifigure ever made in a comercial set?
  4. Brick2x4

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Agree! This seems to be a big problem within the SW community.
  5. Looks great! It packs up the main scenes in Cloud City, 18 minifgs, 10 of them new (not 100% sure) and a couple of vehicles (Slave I and cloud car). My wallet is lurking!
  6. First thing I noticed! Looks beautiful! Leia with the Bespin outfit looks great as well. Lando's cape printing looks spot on.
  7. Brick2x4

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Vintage figures is such a good idea! I'm wondering if they will make new figures based on the old style or they will just bring back already released figures....
  8. According to the site: "April wave of sets will feature special nostalgic 20th anniversary packaging, using the original LEGO Star Wars logo. Each box will contain a collectible minifigure that replicates the original, yellow faced LEGO Star Wars designs." So it seems we might get vintage figures?
  9. Brick2x4

    A Classical Greek Polis

    Looks absolutely amazing! Do the inside of the houses have decoration as well?
  10. Brick2x4

    Greek Warship

    Beautiful ship! Very screen accurate :D
  11. Brick2x4

    [Moc] Greek Spartans 'Come and Get it'

    Looks great! I love the temple and statue :)
  12. Brick2x4

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Nice one! I really like the painted helmet and armours. Impressive army! Dewbacks fit surprisingly well.
  13. Brick2x4

    help recreating Mayan Pyramid MOC

    Why don't you ask the creator him/herself? He might have a list of parts or auto-generated building instructions from building software like
  14. Brick2x4

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Great beautiful work! Are those shoulder armours and helmets part of Lego inventory or custom?
  15. Lol! That's a pity for Lego although I can't deny that those leaks get me excited though... Hopefully the cloud city set will drop soon.
  16. Brick2x4

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

  17. Yes I've seen him as well. There are also a few sellers on Bricklink as well. I'm wondering how these sellers get the figures before the sets are released? Apparently there is a new UCS Cloud City set coming up at some point in 2018. The set id is 75222. I've seen a few pictures of new designs for a cloud city driver and an Ugnaught (had to Google how to spell this). I'm not sure whether is it ok to share the images of those figures here. A new cloud city set is long overdue. Hopefully, it won't be to pricey :)
  18. Brick2x4

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    The comics are amazing. The Darth Vader comic series are also very good and Dr. Aphra and the mad droids appear on them as well. I recently bought a custom Dr. Aphra, BT-1 and Triple-Zero mini-figures on eBay and they are beautiful. Here is a picture: I can't wait to built something with them. Here is the link if interested: