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    MOC: The BFG by Roald Dahl

    I hope this is the right forum to post this in. Our local LEGO club is going to be putting a LEGO display into a local library branch. The theme of books was chosen to connect the LEGO creations to the library. So I chose a childhood favorite The BFG by Roald Dahl to create in LEGO form. The BFG in LEGO by Mr&MrsBricksalot, on Flickr In case anyone is not familiar with the book or the original cover, here's a side-by-side comparison. Sadly, most modern versions of the book don't use this full image or they use different artwork completely, but this is what I grew up with. Comparison of MOC vs. Book Cover by Mr&MrsBricksalot, on Flickr Please let me know what you think. I've never made a brick-built person before, but I think I did pretty well, only having to modify a few things since I was limited by what I had on hand. But I'd like to know if there is anything I can improve. I'm also happy since this is the first MOC that I've been able to include a Friends doll. I'm not particularly fond of the dolls, but I think this one fit very well, being the closest I had to a little girl in a dress. I really only have castle peasants and princess/queens.
  2. It was very cool to have a second chance at winning! I got a classic alien, which is cool because I haven't gotten an extra one yet and now I do. Thanks so much for this contest. Looking forward to the series 7 building challenge.
  3. I was actually able to get the three board games not released in the U.S. had a listing for Mini-Taurus and Kokoriko. I had some Amazon points and gift cards so I ended up paying $20 cash for both, not a bad deal. As for the Star Wars Hoth game, a friend was able to get it for us using the UK Amazon discount. Shipping of course brought it back up so my total was about $47. A bit much, but better than it could have been otherwise. I'm looking forward to Ilrion, though I hope it's not the end. There are other new locations on the map online, but it could be that these games are not doing as well as LEGO wanted so they're cancelling the other ones... I'm hoping not. I'm hoping they're just spreading them out so as not to inundate the market like their first few waves of games. Well, only time will tell.
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    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    1) Sleepyhead Entry (Build by Scootercide) 1 point 22) Clockwork Robot Entry (Build by AlexScammer) 1 point 24) Clockwork Robot Entry (Build by zenda) 1 point
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    ToysNBricks is down

    I hope this is kosher to post, but does anyone know what happened to ToysnBricks? The site won't load and I get a screen that says the account was suspended. I hope everything's okay.
  6. I think it's hit or miss as to whether the board games are doing well. In certain places, they may not sell at all, maybe because of lack of advertising. On another note, Kokoriko and Mini-Taurus will not be sold in the U.S., but they are listed on right now from the same seller. If you buy them together, shipping is combined. I got the two for $50 with shipping.
  7. SilvaShado

    ToysNBricks is down

    That's great! I hope it was nothing serious.
  8. *sigh* Looks like those three board games are not coming to the U.S. Makes me sad because I'm trying to collect all the board games. I really like them! Gonna have to start looking for the best prices, but shipping's gonna gauge me.
  9. Anyone know when Kokoriko and Mini-Tauras are coming out? Can't wait for the Heroica expansion!
  10. Category B frightens and confuses me. lol. But honestly, not really sure how to tackle an architectural design with the collectible minifigures. The scales are different.
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    Bricks by the Bay 2012

    Here's the first part of my blog on my experiences at Bricks by the Bay. [edit] Here's part two!
  12. Thanks! I know I made an entry that is a little out there with a very different perspective. I just hope people enjoy it. It'd be nice to win, but I loved building it. I haven't built that many MOCs so it was a great feeling to be inspired.
  13. Yes, the mix of sci-fi and luxury did come across clearly. I'm glad to hear that you intended the guy to be in a separate area. Guys are pervs. Thanks for the feedback on mine. I really wanted to give a close-up look at the beast behind the minotaur. He's not a fighting, killing machine all the time. Thanks for the feedback. I meant this to be a humorous entry. This is his home, a place no one ever sees, and yes, it's cozy for him. It's supposed to show his softer side that the world doesn't get to see. Everyone sees minotaurs as evil beasts, but what if there are civilized minotaurs out there that just want a bit of peace and quiet and they do this by building labyrinths around their homes, but pests (adventurers) keeping invading their territory. That's when the beast is unleashed.
  14. To catch up with commenting, the last one I did was the mechanic garage with car, so... here goes! Intergalactic Girl's Day Off - Very nice spa day. I find it a little disconcerting that the space girl is sharing an area with a guy, but maybe in the future, co-ed is perfectly acceptable. Anyway, I like the simple wall designs. Looks comfortable with futuristic touches. Very nice detailing. Bone Throne - Creepy... very very creepy! And that works perfectly! I can imagine a a minotaur sitting on that and snarling at his slaves to do his bidding. I really like the wall design, the fact that you added color rather than just making it monotonous. Inside the Lamp - Awesome! I love the unusual use of pieces and your story, but I do hope there's more to the lamp than just the bathroom. lol! I think my favorite part is the shower with arch at the top. Nice! Sleepyhead Roof Walker - that's a dangerous position for anyone to get into! Hope he doesn't fall. As for the design, I like the simple effectiveness of it. The black sky with stars, the rooftop and tree - just perfect. Though it did make me wonder if the sleepyhead is a werewolf, but that's for a previous series. Bandit Hanging - I want to like this because it's so detailed, but it's a bit busy up on top with so many minifigures - it's a bit too crowded. Plus, I don't fully understand the demon? below. I'm guessing it has to do with the devil coming to claim his soul, but it's not very clear. I'd suggest fewer minifigures up on top and maybe a close-up on the lower half with an explanation of what it's all about. Bandit desert scene - this one is hard to understand. In fact, I didn't get it until I went to your flickr account and saw the scene with the minifigure in it. I'm not really sure how you can get this scene to work without the minifigure, but I would suggest making it less action-oriented so it's less reliant on knowing where and what the missing figure is doing. However, I do love the vulture. That is an awesome design! Leprechauns are sloppy - Love the way you did the rainbow and sky. Very nice. Also like the field of clover. (Didn't know they made those 1x1 pieces in green, gonna have to pick some up.) I must admit that it took me some time to understand the title, or at least think I understood the title. The sloppiness being that they left a piece of gold behind. But, I thought the saying was that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In that case, the leprechaun is very stingy, leaving only one piece of gold. Toy Store - love it! It looks so realistic with the man touching the robot's box as if he's going to pick it up and buy it. The only thing I'd suggest is taking another picture with more light shinning on the top shelf so I can better see what is up there. Gas Station - love the vintage gas pump! Looks great! And the building facade is nicely detailed. Great job on the detailing on the base. MiniHuman Factory - very effectively creepy! I'm having trouble talking about the design because the concept of robots building us is making me shiver! Very nicely built with the multi-levels and the detailing. I think my favorite creepy part is the body without a head haphazardly leaning on the railing. So now that I've commented on everyone's creation so far, did anyone have any feedback for me? I made the minotaur tower and would really like to know what anyone thinks of it.
  15. I am so happy that this made it 10,000!! And i hope LEGO realizes that this will be profitable and not controversial. It's not like they haven't made zombies before. Here's hoping they make it!! I'd love to add this to my modular collection.
  16. Thanks for the reminder. I hope to make some time this weekend to do so.
  17. I agree. We can't give up hope. This is one of the few ways we can get our voice heard. We need to turn around people's opinions to a positive view rather than a negative one.
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    LEGO Factory Code 03R2

    Does anyone know which factory is factory code is 03R2. A friend bought the Town Hall and as they've built it, they've found quite a few missing pieces, up to 11 at last count. They called customer service and the rep asked them to find the factory code on the sticker/tape that closes the box up. It's hard to read, but the code was 03R2. The rep wouldn't tell them which factory this is, but I'm wondering if one of the factories doesn't have good quality checks because I've heard from other people that they've been finding more missing pieces than normal. Though I don't know which factory code their boxes came from. Just curious if anyone knows or has been tracking factory codes.
  19. SilvaShado

    Bricks by the Bay 2012

    Bricks by the Bay was not for kids, it was for adults. Granted, there were kids there, but in the minority. There was a good teen group, but the majority was adults. I haven't been to any other LEGO fan conventions, but from what I've seen, most of them are aimed at adult fans. I'll post a link to my blog once it's up, but it could be a couple of weeks. Haven't had the time I've wanted to write and sort through the pics I took.
  20. SilvaShado

    Bricks by the Bay 2012

    We went for the full 3 days and it was so much fun! I'll be writing a blog about it soon for The best thing to do is if you don't want to go for all 3 days and don't want the zoo of the public day, find someone who is going to for the whole weekend and get a guest pass to come in on Friday or Saturday. It's only for adults, though, but it's so much quieter on those days. This is assuming they do it again next year.
  21. I think it will be interesting if it gets to 10,000 votes because I think it will be very hard for LEGO to get a contract with Hasbro considering they can't get one for the Battle of Hoth board game. My problem is that I grew up with the old My Little Pony and these new ones just look anorexic to me. They're obviously influenced by Japanese anime with those large round eyes and while there's nothing wrong with that, I just love the classic ponies I grew up with the most. It's the nostalgia thing that's very irrational and makes no sense most of the time. If I could get over that, I'm sure I'd like the new ponies just fine
  22. Thanks! Someone also told me yesterday. We don't really have those on the West coast, but they apparently are common on the East coast. Now that I know what it is - looks good. Welcome! It just takes experience to learn things like wall height. My husband has been trying to teach me more techniques and when we build LEGO-made models, he points things out, like the wall height is normally 7 bricks tall unless you do a vaulted ceiling. Can't wait to see the revisions!
  23. SilvaShado

    Welcome to LEGO Architecture Month!

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, but apparently LEGO has been having people vote for Architecture sets. The first round is over and we're getting Habitat 67, but the next round is open and you can find it here:
  24. SilvaShado

    The summoning of the Sea serpent

    I can only echo what everyone else has said. Awesome design! Loved the comic and build-up to the seas serpent rising from the sea. Great water effect and I laughed at the end - poor boy. Great job!!
  25. Thanks for sharing the playing instructions! I downloaded the building instructions, but they never put the playing instruction for download. I'm still hoping to buy this through a friend, but now, if I really wanted to, I could build something like it and play.