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  1. tibbey

    CRRC Dalian CKD7B Inspired MOC

    Thanks, @LEGO Train 12 Volts! The two motors actually seem to run at different speeds, however on my shelf having the two does look neat!
  2. Thanks a lot, @leafan! I look forward to seeing your future posts!
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first MOC post, and second post to Eurobricks after my welcome post. I was inspired to make this train from an image on Google of a "CRRC Dalian CKD7B" Chinese locomotive. Apparently these were designed specifically for use in Myanmar, and are very difficult to find any photos of them in the wild! As said in the title, this was inspired by the locomotive- the proportions are a little off! I'm glad with how it came out. Original: http://www.dloco.com/LISTS/product/_MAINPAGE/EProducts/default3.aspx?id=1118 Glad to hear thoughts and comments! Matt
  4. Hello to the Eurobricks community! I have had an account on here since 2011, but this is my first time posting (how 8 years have flown by...) I'm 20 years old, currently working in project management. In my spare time I like to listen to music and make Lego creations. My favourite themes are Technic, Trains and Model Team-style vehicles.