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  1. jbengle

    MOC: Santa Fe Super Chief + 4 Cars

    I love those portholes, how did you do them?
  2. jbengle

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Check out what I did with the lights... I bought these lights from amazon and this portable power bank, although anything similar would work. The led strip is then worked into the back of the falcon (I did make a makeshift "tray" for it to stay more secure). The cables and power bank are in the side next to the previously empty room. Now the lights can then be turned on from remote and they hidden in the falcon.
  3. jbengle

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Hopefully, these photos help you with the cockpit. Admittedly, chewy cannot fit in the seat, he will just sit on the ground, but other than that, it works and looks great. Here is a picture of my current Falcon (with all mods up to date), any suggestions of what to do next?
  4. jbengle

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Heres Santa in my custom millennium falcon cockpit. Traveling around the world in one night is a lot more feasible at lightspeed!
  5. jbengle

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I've been following this thread for a while and decided to post pictures of my falcon. Many of these mods are inspired from posts on this forum. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I couldn't get the focus to work properly. Here you can see some work I did to detail the gunners seat a little bit. I decided to add another room, which is on the right. I didn't like the blue tubes that came stock, so one of the main mods on my falcon is the new engine section ( inspired by @bricksmarlin . However, I changed the design a bit which incorporates trans clear headlight bricks to connect the engine section to the frame. This allows for a full row of trans pieces. The engine section is attached to the falcon using 1x1 bricks with holes and technic pins. With the engine mod, I needed to flatten out the bottom panels in the back. I did this by removing some plates and hoisting the whole panel up using some technic pieces (you can see this in the bottom right of the falcon. I also modded the back of the frame to include a "tray" for an led strip, which works very well. It is not pictured anywhere in this post but I also redid the bottom panels. Here is a full view without top panels: Here are some close ups of the rooms. The kiss room has only been modified slightly. The one I designed id supposed to represent the room where Han fixes the hyperdrive, this is represented by a small compartment in the floor (which can fit a minifig. The room also has blaster storage, 2 beds, and 2 hallways.The battery pack for the leds sits in my extra room. There is a lot of greebling/controls on the walls. I got a new sticker sheet from LEGO for free (just email customer service and give them your manual number). To accommodate the extra room, I needed to mirror the panels from the left onto the right. This was a somewhat bothersome process and required a few extra pieces. I made new engine flaps, designed by @MatrixOne . These match the studio model better in my opinion. You can also see the engine with leds turned on. I decided to keep the grey rigging because I think It looks nice. You can also see some custom underside details in the back, this mod uses a lot of 2x2 inverted tiles and some greebling pieces. The in-between the mandibles piece is also taken from @bricksmarlin. I believe there is an lxf made by @Lock somewhere on this topic. This is one of the most effictive and simple mods for the falcon. Sorry for the blurred picture. There have been a lot of minor exterior mods, that match the studio model and coloring. Most dark-tan has been replaced with light blueish grey. Most of these changes are inspired form @bricksmarlin, but also highly influenced by my available pieces. Here you can also see my cockpit mod, which can seat all 4 figures with the top closed. This was pretty simple and could probably be replicated just by the picture. You just need to remove the two 1x2 plates with rails. I also added some grey plates and tiles to the loading ramp. Here is my favorite shot, you can see @Lock's vent fan rotaion mod. This does raise the top side fans by 1 plate, but I think it is abetter solution then LEGO's. Everything is a work in progress. Looking at these pictures, I can find a few things I need to go back and fix. Also the remote for the led's isn't working, any ideas why? It worked fine for a few days, but won't do anything now. I will soon be getting @efferman's stand to display my falcon. For those of you who have already used this stand: do you have any advice for safely applying the falcon and getting the panels secured after?