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  1. Wow, great snow work there, especially where it is sliding off the edge of the roof. It makes me cold looking at it. I also really like the color and texture in the cottage walls.
  2. CaptainAaron

    Avalonian Traffic Jam

    Great build and wonderful explanation of the scene. Are you able to post a pic that shows the valley joint in the roof? I’m curious how you got the roof sections to meet up.
  3. CaptainAaron

    AoM: House Phase 1: Summer Mountain Hut

    Awesome build. I especially like the vegetation placement and blending of the greens. The roof frame looks great and the look of the fireplace inside is excellent. My only nitpick is that maybe the fireplace could be raised a plate.
  4. CaptainAaron

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @soccerkid6 I have edited my post above to match the formatting style of the member list.
  5. CaptainAaron

    Grevling Manor

    I really like the purple trees against the green walls. So many green clips :) If I know my Hufflepuffs, I’d say it was a Harry Potter set. edit: Narbilu beat me to it.
  6. Nice scene and storyline. I love the ostrich being used to haul produce. Can’t wait to see Fel get the other eye.
  7. CaptainAaron

    Arun's Adventures - Ch. 1

    Thanks to everyone for viewing and commenting. @Gideon good call on the spoiler tags. I’ll include them in the future.
  8. CaptainAaron

    Avalonian Windmill

    I love this build. The angled walls are one of the best features here. To me they give it a warm and whimsical feel which is perfect for a fantasy world. The stone tower behind the cottage also has great texture to break up its vertical lines. I also liked the sheep so much I created a goat character for my GoH family based on seeing this. Thanks!
  9. CaptainAaron

    Arun's Adventures - Ch. 1

    Thanks for the tip on the grass. I went with that torso because it reminded me of a quilted armor.
  10. CaptainAaron

    Arun's Adventures - Ch. 1

    Prologue Chapter 1 I recently joined and this is my first build posted. It was initially created as a backdrop for my character, then I started getting ideas. Looking at some other builds I was inspired by some of the captioned stories put together by people like Pombe and De Gothia. I decided to take it a step further and start a comic-style storyline for my build. Is this an acceptable image format for challenges or contests? Do I need to just use raw images with text captions if I want to include story? P.S. comments and critique are most welcome.
  11. CaptainAaron

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and just posted an intro in Book III general if you would like to know more about me. I'm looking forward to building with all of you. Arun Hilgrim (CaptainAaron) Titles and profession: none Short Bio: Arun is a novice explorer and aspiring wizard from Valholl. There, he recently completed university studies in archaeology and mystic lore. With the recent dangers facing the realms, he hopes to help by unearthing ancient artifacts and discovering long-lost secrets. Besides being a well versed researcher, Arun has some arcane skill. This is currently limited to two abilities. First, he can brightly illuminate his staff at will. The second is that he can comprehend the speech of his wooly goat, Grep. Arun is now moving into his family’s old cottage located in the foothills northeast of Valholl. From there he will have a safe haven for adventuring and can begin exploring the lands of Mitgardia. Hometown: Valholl Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Backpack
  12. CaptainAaron

    GoH Book III

    Hi everybody! My name is Aaron, and I am brand new to the forums, having just heard about GoH from a member of my local LUG. I have been lurking for a while now trying to get caught up on what this is all about. You've all done a awesome job with the world building. Historica looks like a very fun project with an enjoyable and laid back atmosphere. Plus I've seen a ton of great builds. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration. I'm hooked and it seems my timing lines up perfectly with the start of a new chapter. About me: I started collecting Lego as a child in the early 80's. Ever since then I loved building custom creations, mostly space and castle themes. Then my 20's and Lego time went into decline. I still picked up a few sets here and there, but the Legos were mainly in the closet for many years. Recently I've been looking for a new creative outlet, so I dusted off the Legos, joined a local LUG, and here I am. I just wanted to introduce myself before setting off to Mitgardia as Arun.