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"JackJonespaw", the name, at least, not the person, came into fruition in late 2009, based on a collection of random names from culture that I immersed myself in. And, also, I needed a name for my brand new Flickr account, where I would be posting hot Lego models. Which, looking back, seriously were just...wow. They were bad, man. I'm not exactly the best builder in the world. Which is okay, let me tell you why. But later, first, more exposition!

So a few day/months/years after JackJonespaw was created, I found Eurobricks, created an account, yadda yadda, you all know how that process goes. But then, my plan to take over Eurobricks started to slowly unfold, as it still is to this day. So, watch out, world! Some pitiful random guy with a fake name is going to take over this site!