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    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    A lot of the pictures in this review are very distorted.
  2. InvisibleTimmy

    (MOC) Iron Man Repulsor Hand

    I am... Iron Man by InvisibleTimmy, on Flickr I like this one. I think that the colors look pretty good, and the shaping works. There are only four fingers because adding another upset the proportions. The transition from blocky to round is a bit awkward, but the base needed to be round so that the model could stand. I like the look of the trans.-blue, especially the CHI crystal. The fingers are individually articulated, but can't angle up any more than is shown. The texture at the base of the model is done with a 2x2 seat element.
  3. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Oh, Lonesome Me...

    This is absolutely amazing.
  4. InvisibleTimmy

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    Most entertaining description I've read since the back cover of a Terry Pratchett book.
  5. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] M-tron & Ice Planet FOXX mobile suits

    That makes sense now. Nice builds!
  6. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Angel - Emerald golem

    This is fantastic! I don’t usually like mechanic or steampunk that much, but you absolutely nailed both! Gorgeous model!
  7. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] M-tron & Ice Planet FOXX mobile suits

    These are fantastic! I particularly like the color blocking on the M Tron one, but I do think that Ice Planet should have a bit more white. The sets used blue as an accent, with white as the base color, in their larger sets,
  8. My builds would look terrible compared to stuff like this.
  9. Beautiful MOCs like these are why I don’t build Technic.
  10. InvisibleTimmy

    Ideas for CMFs

    I love the Lady Justice and Orc figures!
  11. They’re good in small doses. At least S18 was *mostly* well designed
  12. InvisibleTimmy

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    This is nothing short of art. those trees are perfect ??
  13. InvisibleTimmy

    What Are Your Favorite Licensed MOCs?

    Alice Finch's Hogwarts Jerac's X_Wing Inthert's TIE Fighter
  14. InvisibleTimmy

    Which AFOL Builders do you Admire or Aspire After?

    Peter Reid Carl Merriam Karf Oohlu Lestranger Absurde (Vitreolum) Grant Davis Mark Stafford The list goes on and on...
  15. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] 007's Aston Martin DB5 in minifig scale

    Wow. Awesome build, the slope of the back windscreen is great.
  16. InvisibleTimmy


    That is big.
  17. InvisibleTimmy

    Waffles and Milk

    Wonderfully executed- the raspberries are brilliant.
  18. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    Wonderful! The minifigs bring it to life.
  19. InvisibleTimmy

    Calbridge Castle

    Awesome MOC! The headlight bricks used for narrow windows is genius!
  20. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Ninjago Shrine Raid

    Excellent work.
  21. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Taikoo Ropeway

    The pictures won't load for me. ):
  22. InvisibleTimmy

    An open letter to Lego group

    I agree. I don't think LEGO will do this. Also, sending a letter to LEGO will invariably find a customer service rep.
  23. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Harry Potter receive his Hogwarts letter

    Yer a wizard, Harry! nice MOC
  24. InvisibleTimmy

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    I would suggest importing it to for a photorealistic render. The family portrait is great though!