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  1. Hi guys! I finally got some orders and now I'm also entering the Astromech Workplace Contest! This is actually a WIP but the main section is done now. I thought it would be cool to build something like a display but also with functionallity so it is a playset to. Well, here is my fully moddable consular ship playset: Astromech docking station: Lift and engine addon: Lift and engine addon (open door): The cool thing about is that you can add as many sections as you can build! So here we have the droid dockings and an engine room with a lift. I have more ideas to add on and will post them asap! For now just tell me what you think about it please:) I hope you like it. cheers, Vector Ps.: Find all pictures in my flickr album
  2. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello! I'm proud to (finally, after a long time of waiting) present the next steps on my WIP project;) I finally got a bunch of tan Plates and so I was able to build the floor beside the actually throne room and I have also rebuilt part of the modular sections so its stability and carrying possibility is increased:) Here is the wall element on the right side of Jabba's throne, I needed to change it because it was quite thin (only one stud) and didn't look that good from the other side (there were some different colored basics that weren't hidden) but here is a picture so you might get a better look;) Old version: New version: The palace right now: Some details: Well, write me what you think about it and I hope to post more updates earlier as this time (what is probably because I'm now finished with the exams for this school year). Cheers, Vector
  3. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello guys! I'm really sorry for not posting for so long but yes actually there are some very small updates, I now got a big quantity of tan plates and some more basics so I will be continuing with the project soon. I am awaiting a big qty. of basics (different colors) so I can start building the walls of the Rancor pit. I have to learn a lot for school so I just will upload the pictures at a later moment but be sure the updates are coming very soon ;) Cheers, Vector I'll continue writing later or tommorow... so much biology to learn!
  4. Vector

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    The prizes are impressive =) I'll try;D Oh and is it actually possible to cut those long hose bricks to shorten them? Or is that part modifiying?
  5. Building Jabba's Palace

  6. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello! I'm sorry to double post but I have new updates! So finally the Bricklink orders arrived so I could build a little more... The walls are now higher and I have started with the floor and the quests sections on the other side of the throne room. I'm happy with the project til now but unfortunatly I'm running out of money so I will need to build with the parts I got yet (don't be afraid, I still have enough^^)and I'm glad that I can now start building the rooms beside the throne room and when that is done go on to the Rancor pit. Here are some pictures: The throne room with floor guest section throne room with guest section The holes in the guest section are for the LED's I will buy later on;) C&C welcome, Vector
  7. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello and thanks again for the comments:) I am waiting for some Orders to come, I hope they all arrive tomorrow so I can post some new updates. But I will try to awnser your questions in this post;). I would love to see it, where do I find pictures? Thank you, the Rancor is able to open it's mouth and hold almost a hole minifigure in it. Thanks again;) I built the Rancor some month ago and it took 500 to 600 pieces I think. Also thank you;) I think I will buy the new Palace in Summer or at least the figures, maybe I'll get some of the Action figures so I can make some realistic looking customs like Ephant Mon or Ree Yees. Of course there should be the band, Bib Fortuna, Malakili, Oola, Gammorean Guards, Droids and so on... I hope I awnsered your questions and sorry again for missspellings. Cheers, Vector
  8. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello! I'm glad and thankful to see you commented:) I also want to apologize for the long building pause I had because of the long wait for my BL orders to come, but, finally I got them and started building immediatly. The Rancor can open it's mouth and hold almost a hole minifigure in it;) I might be taking a photo shooting of it soon... Til' now there are not much changes, I started building the palace in intermateable sections so the work is easier and all in all it's more comfortable to transport and build. Also I have started building Jabba's throne in SNOT technics and the walls of the main audiance chamber has grown;) Well I will come up with new updates soon but so far here some pictures: Throne and bow Archway to Han Solo in carbonite Entrance to throne room I'm also sorry for the bad picture quality, I hope to improve that soon^^ C&C welcome, Vector
  9. Vector

    Jabba's Palace

    Hello Eurobricks community! I want to announce my new long-term project: Jabba's Palace I'm planning to build first of all Jabba's throne room and some rooms around it and of course, the Rancor pit. I also want to try to incorporate LEDs to create a proper atmosphere and if anyone knows a good seller in the interplay with LEGO bricks please tell me:) Some parts are already here and others ordered, unfortunaly Tan bricks are expensive but I am confident;) I already started with the first structures and have attached some pictures of the first arch and the already known Rancor. Here the first Pictures (don't worry there will be more;)): Just click on the links (I'm not allowed to use that image extension on this board.) Updates in the last post! arch with Twi'lek arch Rancor Cheers, Vector
  10. Hi! I'm interested in maybe participating in the Architecture contest, so I made a first attempt of the Chrysler Building in New York and I wanted to ask what you think about it. Please remember it is my first Architecture building I'm making^^ Cheers, Vector P.s.: Again I apologize for missspelling.
  11. Vector

    Ancient Egypt

    Looks quite cool to me:D I like how you used the Anubis figures as statues:) Cheers, Vector
  12. Vector

    Hi everyone

    Hi my name is Victor -> Vector:D I am from germany and 15 years old so I'm sorry for future spelling mistakes. Well I registered here some time ago but had some Lego free time since then and now I'm getting back;) I actually don't know what to write so just ask me and I'll awnser your Questions=) Cheers, Vector
  13. Vector

    Jabbas Rancor

    Thanks a lot again:) I made two new pics with Gammorean guards as you wished. They turned out quite crappy but I'll try making the quality better using some computer help:D Here is one pic: Flickr photostream for more: Cheers, Vector
  14. I'm in :D Here's the thread: Jabba's Rancor Check it out for updated pics;) Cheers, Vector
  15. Vector

    WW Category 2: No Bricks For Old Man

    Really amazing, love the hole scenery, the houses, everything came out great:D Cheers, Vector