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  1. I just bought an unregistered Mr. Gold and can't find the website, where has it been moved to? Thanks.
  2. takuto20

    Expand the Winter Village Contest V – Voting

    14. Mrs. Claus's Gingerbread House by Parks and Wrecked Creation: 3 points 24. The Barn House by Kristel: 2 points A big thanks to everybody, I enjoyed looking at each and every creation.
  3. takuto20

    Fabuland Hobbiton

    Very, very well done. Who knew Fabuland and LOTR would be such a great match.
  4. takuto20

    MOD: 7346 Seaside House Modular Building

    I really enjoyed your work with this set, it kind of reminds me of what I did with set #4996 but yours is much more detailed and just full of ideas. My favourite is the wall-mounted crab. Keep them coming! To a creativity-impaired guy like me, MODing is one of the most fun things to do with Lego.
  5. takuto20

    REVIEW: 70804 Ice Cream Machine

    As much as I love this set, the white printing issue bugs me. A lot. So yeah, it is a deal-breaker for me. In my opinion, they ruined the figures by being cheap and applying too thin of a white paint coat. The aprons look terrible and don't match the printing on the legs. This happened with Santa too, what can we do to let TLC know that this is unacceptable?
  6. takuto20

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    21. Kristel - 3 39. Cara - 1 5. Toorayay - 1
  7. takuto20

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    1 x Manta-ray = 5 points 1 x Turtle = 3 points 2 x Seagull = 2 points 1 x Toucan = 1 point 1 x Lobster = 1 point 1 x Capuchin = 1 point TOTAL = 13 points
  8. takuto20

    FABULAND Builders Guild: Firuz Fox

    Great build. I want FABULAND to return!!!
  9. takuto20

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    I'm afraid it's too expensive for me. With a heavy heart, I say goodbye to the Winter Village series.
  10. takuto20

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013

    I want a transparent igloo! For my eskimo family I built with spare Collectible Minifigures.
  11. takuto20

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    I miss these animals: Hehehe. No, more seriously now, my top five are: 1. Giraffe (With this and the many molds they have now we need a zoo theme in which there is a set for each type of animal. Long overdue, Lego!) 2. New polar bear (Easy, just paint the new bear mold) for the eskimo family I made. 3. Reindeer for my Winter Village (A single mold can be used with or without antlers, with or without Rudolph's nose...) 4. Sheep for my farm (Which already has pigs, cows, goats, chicken...) 5. New dolphin (Please, no cartoonish eyes like that awful new shark!)
  12. takuto20

    Gryffindor Boy's Dorm

    Thanks a lot, everybody! Your comments were very helpful and I will learn from them.
  13. takuto20

    The Hogwarts Community Build

    Here is my entry: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65765
  14. takuto20

    Gryffindor Boy's Dorm

    I originally wanted to depict Harry's first Christmas morning, but so far I have not been lucky with Minifigs Series 6 and have not found a pajama guy. Instead, I offer you the moment Harry rushed back to the dorm in order to get an old sock in order to set Dobby free, which in my book is also a pretty cool moment. It is my biggest MOC so far, and I obviously got inspired by many people here. Thanks!
  15. takuto20

    The Hogwarts Community Build

    Ravenclaw here. I would like to do the "Gryffindor Boys Dormitory". Thanks!