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    REVIEW: 21311 LEGO® IDEAS Voltron

    I too supported the Voltron Ideas submission in the early days and I also rushed to order it on the 23rd... ... Overall I'm very happy with the set, I had an absolute blast building it and even let a lucky 12 year old girl build one of the lions (she knows not the level of her privilege!) That said, the Black Lion is a serious disappointment of compromise and kibble. In many ways I prefer the Voltron set in Lion mode but the Black Lion is just so offensively ugly (especially compared to his more colourful counterparts) that I just can't bring myself to display them that way. That said, I'm always secretly pleased when a set has flaws, be they minor or major; it's going to be a real challenge to re-engineer Black Lion as something that looks great in lion form while still scaling with the rest of the set and remaining robust in its duty as torso, head and thighs. I'm actually really hoping that others share my disappointment with Black Lion, not to be negative; but rather in the hopes that I will see lots of other creative modifications - which is surely in the true spirit of LEGO anyway. I concur with 8/10, but I must emphasize that it's a positively glowing 8/10, flaws be damned! I'm so happy that LEGO Voltron happened, I genuinely never thought it would. EDIT That price to part ratio is also very attractive (at least here in the UK)