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  1. I would like to create in one place current list of best Lego Star Wars MOCs in UCS size with instruction available to purchase and build. For now i came up with such a list: Best UCS size: 1. Sandcrawler by Cavegod and Marshal Banana 2. Imperial Star Destroyer by Raskolnikov 3. AT-AT by Cavegod and Jhaelego and (AT-ACT) 4. Super Star Destroyer by Onecase 5. Neblun-B by Mortsev and Dranac 6. A-Wing by Anio 7. U-Wing by Starbricks 8. Tie Silencer by Starbricks 9. AT-M6 by Jhaelego 10. Zeta Cargo Shuttle by Renegade Clone 11. Ghost by Brickvault 12. Venator by Anio/Polo 13. Imperial Star Destroyer by Onecase 14. Corvus by RichboyJhaec 15. Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle by Cavegod 16. Resistance Bomber by Star Bricks 17. Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle by Cavegod’s-ucs-kylo-ren’s-command-shuttle/ 18. Tie Bomber by Yannik Brandt Other UCS size: 13. Desert Barge Sail by Baronsat 14. MOD Tie Interceptor by Jazbass 15. ARC-170 by SarinoooO S 16. First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by Cavegod 17. TIE Reaper by Jhaelego 18. Eclipse-Class Dreadnought by Jorstad-Designs 19. UCS Rey´s Speeder by Robert Lundmark 20. Millennium Falcon by RichboyJhae 21. AT-AT by Lego TK-1138 22. Marshall Banana's Millennium Falcon by Brick Customs 23. Jango Fett Slave 1 by RichboyJhae 24. Jango Fett Slave 1 by Brick Customs 25. Jango Fett Slave 1 by Jorstad Design 26. Venator-Class Star Destroyer by Elisss_2 27. Imperial Light Cruiser by insideLego 28. Imperial Interdictor Cruiser by insideLego 29. Pelta-Class Frigate by insideLego Speeder Bike by NNOPMOC Hyperdrive ring by syrhilla Tie Defender by Cavegod Tie Defender by mcgrah TIE Interceptor by ClassicLook Snowspeeder by drakmin Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser by Bob De Quatre X-Wing Red 5 by usfighting Tie Bomber by spacepilot3000 B-Wing by Cavegod Lamba Shuttle Tydirium by Cavegod Venator Star Destroyer by thire5 Non UCS size: A-wing Starfighter by Jerac X-wing Starfighter by Jerac TIE Defender by Jerac TIE Advanced by Jerac TIE Interceptor by Jerac TIE Bomber by Jerac TIE Fighter by Jerac B-wing Starfighter by Inthert N-1 Naboo Starfighter by Inthert Y-Wing by Brickwright Snowspeeder by Flying Waffle U-wing Starfighter by Caleb Ricks CR-90 Corellian Corvette - Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) by Mortsev–-blockade-runner-tantive-iv/ GR-75 by Mortsev AT-AT by Raskolnikov AT-ST by Gol Constrictor II - Playable Interdictor Cruiser by Raskolnikov Hammerhead Corvette by Dmarkng AT-M6 by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) First Order AT-ST Walker by Edge of Bricks (Kozikyo86) The Empire over Jedha City by Onecase Mos Eisley Cantina by iScreamClone Mos Eisley Additional Buildings by iScreamClone Carbon Freeze Chamber by iScreamClone Speeder Bike by Anio Super Star Destoryer by Anio Slave I by Anio Tie Fighter by Anio Invisible Hand by Anio Royal Naboo Starship by Anio Republic Cruiser by Anio Sebulba's Podracer by Anio Juggernaut HAVw A6 by Anio Anakin Skywaker' Podracer by Anio AT-TE by Anio Super Star Destroyer Executor by Bob De Quatre Invisible Hand by L-DI-EGO Star Destroyer by All in the Reflexes Interdictor Class Cruiser by Tommy Styrvoky Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Shuttle by LegoStarWarsLDDShop Sith Infiltrator by Anio Jabba's Sail Barge by Anio Tie Bomber by Volt_Bricks Tie Interceptor by dream-in-bricks First Order Elite TIE Interceptor by Kozikyo86 Naboo N-1 by jameseilers Naboo N-1 by samppu Republic Gunship by JBB_777 Phantom by ScottishDave AT-AT by Anio B-Wing by Renegade Clone ATT by Anio Tie Fighter by barneius INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter by All in the Reflexes Delta Class DX-9 Stormtrooper transport by michaelozzie Imperial Light Cruiser by insideLego Y-Wing Clone Wars Era by IcarusBuilds X-Wing by cehnot Imperial Shuttle by michaelozzie Venator Class Star Destroyer by _Samibotss_ X-Wing by PoweredbyNorth Nebulon B-2 by Walter Kovacs B-Wing by krispy Hammerhead Corvette by Jorstad Design Hammerhead Corvette (Rebels) by Jorstad Design Imperial Immobilizer 418 Star Destroyer by Jorstad Design Venator-Class Star Destroyer by Jorstad Design Lucrehulk-Class Battleship by Jorstad Design UCS size MOCs which maybe will have instructions in the future: Imperial Star Destroyer by Onecase Desert Skiff by Anio Imperial Landing Craft by Cavegod GR-75 by Cavegod UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette by Kit Bricksto AT-AT by LiLimeFromDaFuture Marshal Bananas' Lambda Shuttle by Hamsha Corvus by RichboyJhaec Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle by Cavegod Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle by leeCTA Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer by Kommander Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle by Cavegod Jedi Interceptor by Anio Venator Class Star Destroyer by Ellisss_2 Y-Wing Clone Wars Era by Hold0511 UCS size MOCs without instructions Imperial Star Destroyer by Jerac X34 Landspeeder Jabba's Sail Barge by markus1984 Jabba's Sail Barge by Chris Wight UCS Tie Bomber by Cavegod AT-AT by Maciej Szymański Lambda Shuttle by Marshal Banana Imperial Star Destroyer by Raskolnikov Millennium Falcon by Marshal Banana Upsilon-class command shuttle by Renegade Clone Star Destroyer Finalizer by AnkTales Venator-class Star Destroyer "Atelles" by Philipp Neumann Venator by Lego Customs 0401 Venator-Class Star Destroyer by Alec Doede Clone Turbotank by Rick Zonneveld Executor - Super Star Destroyer by Tigrouaugustinécuteur-super-star-destroyer-185-m-73-pouces-61-pieds-in-progress/ Executor Super Star Destroyer by BerraBZ Mon calamari MC80 Home One by Baciccia_1978 Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty by Baciccia_1978 UCS Sith Fury-Class Sith Interceptor by markus19840420 Vehicles from Original Trilogy which would be great to have instruction to UCS size MOC: -Jabba Sail Barge -Tie Bomber -Landspeeder X34 -Sentinel-class landing craft (maybe Cavegod will made instruction) -Desert Skiff (maybe Anio will made instruction) -Tantive IV Blocade Runner (maybe Kit Bricksto will made instruction) -Tie Interceptor (there were some mods to Lego UCS Tie Fighter?) -GR-75 (maybe Cavegod will made instruction) -Home One -Mon Calamari If You know about anything else worth adding to list please leave the comment i will update the list.
  2. Hi, like many people I am interested in building MOCs but I don't have the experience or the time to buy all the parts myself from many stores on Bricklink. I am looking for websites and people who sell manuals for MOCs with all the necessary elements. So far I have found two such sites: Do you know any other place or people where you can find more MOCs with blocks? I especially care about big UCS/MBS models like Sandcrawler, ISD, AT-AT, SSD, Tantive, Imperial Shuttle etc. Thanks for your help!
  3. LateralusArt

    U-Project - Where to buy?

    I am interested in buying the instruction or the whole set of bricks for Starbricks U-Wing . Please send me information if anyone want to sell the instruction or model.
  4. LateralusArt

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I am interested in buying the instruction or the whole set of bricks for Starbricks U-Wing . Please send me information if anyone want to sell the instruction or model.
  5. Recently I started buying parts for the new MOC and I have already placed some orders and wanted to use the APPLY ORDER option, but after many attempts in various internet browsers, this function does not work and I cannot mark the parts I already have in any way. The other functions for editing WANTED LIST do not work the same for me: edit - color, condition, price, quantity, remark The same message appears every time: "only one item / color combination is allowed per wanted list" Generally I can't edit anything on my Brlicklink lists, what am I doing wrong? Without these Bricklink features, it makes no sense. How to finish completing my MOC? I does not want to manually mark the hundreds of different parts that I already have to complete the purchase of the missing parts? Or manually choose what else is missing ...
  6. This instruction of Polo Venator: It is the same as Anio is selling here?
  7. Kozikyo86 I've added both of Your mocs, thanks. Would You recommend any other source beside Eurobricks forum and Rebrickable to look for best mocs, especially with instructions?
  8. Ok, thanks Anio for that point of view i will update topic. Yes, there was UCS X34 Landspeeder but without instructions unfortunetly:
  9. Yes i hope Anio will make instruction for Desert Skiff it is very nice at this scale. I've updated the list with more links. Do You know any other good location MOCs with instruction beside Jedha or Mos Eisley?
  10. AT-M6 by Edge of Bricks added. Do anyone know great moc in UCS scale with instruction to buy of: -Jabba Sail Barge -Landspeeder X34 -Sentinel-class landing craft -Desert Skiff -Tantive IV Blocade Runner -Tie Interceptor -Tie Bomber -GR-75 -Home One -Mon Calamari
  11. Ok, thanks i've updated list with also non UCS scale best mocs with instruction.
  12. LateralusArt

    [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    There are two very rare and expensive parts 2903 dark red and 44375a trans blue. Although 2903 can be ordered in white and painted in dark red, as other parts in set, but i have a problem with trans blue 44375a which isn't even available in my country and region, what other more popular replacement part would You recommend in place of 44375a?
  13. LateralusArt

    [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    Hi, it's great moc, first which i will be building. I want to buy instruction but i have question regarding perts list. On Rebrickable there are listed 338 lots, when uploading it to Bricklink Wanted List 336 lots are uploading 2 which are missing are: 61406 but which color?*#T=A pb03, pb02, pb04, pb01, pb05? 3245a it shouldn't be b insetad of a?{"rpp":"500","iconly":0} On Bricklink there isn't any part with name 3245a. I just need help which those two parts and i can buy instruction and start collecting bricks needed. Thanks for help!