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  1. Interestingly S@H had the Quinjey listed for $140 yet I only paid 120 at Toyworld ... Had a look at the Hall of Armor one and wasn't impressed
  2. Mission successful, picked up the Quinjet, Caps bike and War Machine at Toyworld, they have had stock since Friday and got told (sale ladies words) that it had to go out today
  3. 3 sets are up on S@H Australia - Compound Battle, $169.99, Quinjet, $139.99 and Hall of Armor, $89.99. No pictures, but you can order them. I'm off to a certain Toy shop and Kmart in the hour to see if they have stock, I can report back if I find anything.
  4. InkyStar

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Heads up to Australians -Mighty Ape AU has just released the Harry Potter Lego sets early and at 10% off as well! Seems they are missing a couple of Brickheads and the train but everything else is listed.