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  1. Thank you for the compliment Robin_IV :) The display is made from 4mm acrylic and bonded together with a chemical process that fuses the acrylic together. The top and longest side is one machine bended piece. It is so strong it can carry an adult without breaking. The bottomplate is black(through and through) MDF wood. I ordered it from a local social workshop. I walked the display case home straight from the factory :) The factory is actually a social workplace for people with disabilities. They are specialized in professional acrylic displays. I bought 50 for the group to get a good deal. After paying expenses like packaging and shipping to other members of the group i paid €51,23 for one display. Normal price for one display straight from the factory is over 100 euro, so this was a succes in my book :) Planning to do this for other models too. P.S. Thanx for the flickr-remark. I was struggling to get the picture right.
  2. Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum. I've known eurobricks as a resource for content for some time now and Jim asked me to make an account. What do you think about my custom made display?