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  1. At least the RTC can do the work that assign to him! While this, you pay MORE just for the Box/Packaging and the only thing that this set can bring is the "HYPE?"??? I'm out... Shalom....
  2. "AMAZING DISPLAY.... ANYWHERE..." there is where your Hard Money ? goes...
  3. Are you talking to Lamborghini SIAN 42115? Or different set is incoming?
  4. I'm having a doubt about the authenticity of this "Leak" set but when Mr. moderator said the box is real, then I believe it! So when will i see your Best Review? ?
  5. Hmm.. Chiron has a better box presentation...?
  6. For me Ferrari can bring equal or even greater hype for the next UCS... color RED have such a great impact and signature! But as for me i'm a Big Fan of Construction/Mining Flagship Set 4k - 4.5k or 5k pcs just bring it on?
  7. Good thing we have so many "Technic-ian" outside to help us convince that this is a Good set that is very helpful for TLG they should give you all a reward... or maybe you have one already ?
  8. I had this set but never built until now, im thinking if this set is for my parts donor only! Because of so many downfall how come become Lego let slip this negativity that so an acceptable that's become not worth your money ? but HE(666) is still proud of this one How...
  9. Because there's no such thing as a LEAK Image/photo only a business strategy...
  10. That's good news I can't wait to build your beast tnx?
  11. MAybe the 1:8 scale Racing Car (license) don't have HOG steering! Like the old 3 F1 Racer?
  12. I agree... it's a BIG Business after all
  13. its green .... I'll pass .... good thing i'll save my budget on the other sets i think the set was taken inside the Store meaning its a new delivery ...
  14. 4,500+ pcs of Construction/ Mining Vehicle Flagship
  15. Well I wish Ferrari for the next UCS Technic
  16. The "Review " is better for those who really understand the THEME....
  17. Construction?? I'll wait patiently for that ...
  18. Another Great Alternative Model ??? i hope you never get tired in 42082 coz im waiting for some more Construction / mining alternative(42082) Vehicles of yours ? nice review on 42100 looking forward for some alternative model on that set more to come
  19. That's good take your time... we are here waiting (Lockdown) in our house ?
  20. Nice c model, do you have B.I. On it? Tnx