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  1. 42125 Ferrari 18+ 1677pcs I wonder what size/ratio is that ...
  2. ..."Unleash the power of Lego motor" -Buwizz.. I hope you know what i mean...
  3. That's not include 42113? More Big Set to come
  4. I never saw a Liebherr S. Groomer But this is the proof that 42100 must have an official B-Model from that license, Salute to you...
  5. Just want to ask if worth the money 42096 $163 ? 42052 $173 ? Both for parts donor and playable display Thnx
  6. Yap, i agree it only tells that the Motor is MORE POWERFUL than the Buwizz.. Such a Shame for me knowing buwizz is to expensive... It kills your Joy
  7. Creator and other theme is a BASE MODEL... While TECHNIC is a BASE REPRESENTATIVE... It Moves... it KILLS...???
  8. Chinook... using all parts (plus additional)of V-22?
  9. That's so clear at good instructions Good job
  10. But why they let the store to sell the set that they have?if they're avoiding that flaws? Just asking ?
  11. That's look s good And it can save a thou$and Bucks
  12. For me its not a flaw is more in a No-Go situation, No-Go bcoz there's a parts that will damage in a long run, I cant believe that,knowing the designer will play the set in so many hours...
  13. Teaching 1on1.... Lesson for today... Blabla ??? just kidding Good review but not Great...?
  14. Well then, tnx very much ... After all i can mod it base on your progress
  15. In your own opinion, after so many review for pros and cons , will you still buy it for $220? Bcoz if found only two available set for the said price... I need your opinion Tnx
  16. I vote for Motorized wing rotate...that's cool ?
  17. Maybe there's something wrong the way he build the gearbox, bcoz its so different from the other review who managed to spin the blade with a little bit faster... That sound indicate that there's wrong in the gear And to top it all , i don't understand what he is saying...?
  18. It's more i like it you give me a bright idea Not a fan of Orange ...
  19. I think If you gonna use the rotor blade of 42052 to make a big scale osprey, you will have to use the cement drum of 42112 for the engine , its gonna be Big, i hope someone will do that...
  20. So, what next, they'll ask EB to delete the BI, Interesting to see...
  21. Is this a Markus pieces? Probably i will build this one some other day when the rainbow comes... -Shalom
  22. Thru scaling the 42066 is in a bigger scale?
  23. They are... especially if you Pre-order it in their store... they must fulfill that , dont cancel an agreement w/o giving "Something" in return... its a business protocol And I'm sure Lego will Hit back next year So see you next info (Technic 2021 set)