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  1. CommoScout

    Unique Characters in Army Builders

    I voted yes, but with a caveat - Unique army builders should always have that special character, from a licensed perspective. I find uses for them though. Every army has platoons, platoons have squads and squads and platoons need unique leaders. Swap out some hair here, a weapon there and each squad and platoon has a little more personality. If we are talking generic castle, then by all means no. I do miss the old sets where you got 5 guys and a boat-load of gear for around 9-12 bucks.
  2. CommoScout

    Troll Dreadbringer

    The Scale, the glorious scale. That's awesome!
  3. Depending on which season's hairstyle, I believe there are a lot of good options for Troi. - This one might be good for earlier in the seasons. - This one is close to the over the shoulders look she had in one of the motion pictures. - This one might be good, but to be honest I'm not sure how the "Friends" line head pieces work on the traditional mini - and in my opinion that matches Lwaxana a bit closer. - Finally, this one, it's almost too short in my opinion, but it would work for her straightened look for the later motion picture. I'm not sure how purist you are going, but in my modding, my special or main characters have special hair styles I customize myself. Not sure if you're up for trying that route, but here are a few shots of modified(colored) hair pieces I've tried. My Flickr- I apologize for the lighting, and lack of a closer view. Once I get my collection un-boxed and find/charge my camera I'll try to get better pictures up.
  4. CommoScout

    Minifig capes

    Nice work! To be honest, I bet if you put yours next to an official one I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.
  5. Squee!! This would have been an awesome licensed series to TLG to pickup, a shame they didn't. I second Commodore Legolas on the 30608 hairpiece for Geordi, I think it fits closely to his original hair. As far as Worf is concerned, if you wanted to sway a tad bit away from purist, and do a little modding surgery, you could take the front of this piece and mold it together with an appropriate hairpiece. Good luck.
  6. CommoScout

    [MOC] The Windmill

    Outstanding. This really brings back memories of the fight at the windmill in Final Fantasy Tactics.
  7. CommoScout

    Lotr Microfig Prototypes

    I like em, they have an almost Chibi look to them. A scene would do these guys some justice.
  8. CommoScout

    Shield Dilemma's

    I personally use the vast array of different shield designs to designate different families in my world. When a new design comes out that closely resembles an old I see it as an opportunity to expand a family - sons, daughters, aunts, uncles and cousins share a theme/symbol and modify it based on their region or taste. Makes obtaining and blending in the new factions easier for me.
  9. CommoScout

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 9 poll

    I went for the Heroic Knight. I'm quite partial to the Medieval styled Minifigs. Series 9 in my opinion has the best looking knight and as far as collecting and release speed is concerned, I usually only try to snag the ones I like/want and am not worried about having the entire collection.
  10. CommoScout

    Mirkwood Elf Guard

    Unfortunately I have only seen them at TRU physically, around 5 - 6 $ U.S. I was very tempted to grab handfuls while Christmas shopping last time, but the price really threw me off compared to the MSRP. My wife bought me a few for Christmas on Amazon for closer to MSRP.
  11. CommoScout

    REVIEW- 30213- Gandalf at Dol Guldur

    TRU in my area is selling these at 6$ and upward. Fair review I say, I do wish they made Foe-Hammer, Orcrist and Sting slightly different from the other blades in the set, considering they are of Elven make. Details.
  12. CommoScout

    How to delete double printed heads?

    Just to throw this out there, I use those magic eraser sponges(Brand name or not both work just as well) and a little water and it rubs right off.
  13. CommoScout

    CCCX: The Unexpected (misc)

    Brings back awesome memories as a fighting member of Midgard, dressed in all black and carrying small shields so no one could tell who was what type of fighter. Beautifully done, the landscape and foliage really scream Hibernia. Again, well done!
  14. CommoScout

    Custom Space Marine

    This guy looks rather awesome. Your painting technique is absurdly detailed, you wouldn't happen to have a video detailing your process? Specifically the fine details on the helm and armour. Beautifuly done.
  15. CommoScout

    Areani Knights

    Love em! They look great. Do you have a template you use when you cut/shape the cloaks or just free hand? I've been trying to use leather for my cloaks but tracing the originals make them feel too small and free handing them is hit or miss.