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  1. Wow! It sounds too good to be true!
  2. Why do you need so many Volvo excavators? ))))))
  3. I would start creating another model if I were in your shoes. The current prototype does have too many issues as it was written above.
  4. So the next wave of new sets comes in January, doesn't it? When can we expect to get first secret photos of the new sets (according to the past years)?
  5. Cabriolet with an automatically folding roof would be a very interesting supercar. And the motor could be also used for lifting suspension, for example.
  6. 42054 is a two years old set only! I bought it for €127 a week ago (in my country though). Also a couple of old sets I found in toy stores in my city (those have no internet sites). The sellers had no idea what nice sets they had sitting on shelves! Furthermore, they discounted prices in order to get rid of the outdated sets!
  7. 42082 has 4 small actuators, 2 big actuators and a boom. Add medium wheels from your 42079 and you'll be able to build any construction vehicles like cranes, excavators or telehandlers. Any!
  8. Yevhen

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Why to argue about the price? Buy it for $99 on some sales later!
  9. I wish Lego re-released some old set every year alongside new sets, of course. Also we haven't seen tricycle and motorcycle with side car attached for 25 years!
  10. It's ridiculous that Sariel can't review the new sets until August 1 due to embargo, whereas the other reviewers have been doing that for a week!
  11. This set is not for kids. I doubt a teenager doesn't understand why the superstructure is locked.
  12. My local internet store is closing in the end of the month. So they have lowered prices to get rid of Lego.
  13. Today bought 42055 for $209 thanks to your advices guys! Wow in reality the box looks miles more impressive than I thought! Can't wait to open the set!
  14. Thank you for replies, guys!