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  1. Yevhen

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Yes I do. Old style beams.
  2. Yevhen

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Chassis must be the strongest part of a vehicle. And beams offer you enough opportunities to build whatever you want. Furthermore. I believe we should use old beams where it is possible for chassis.
  3. Yevhen

    Technic Model Comparison

    Great topic! May you compare 8043 and 42053 assembled?
  4. The set needs another pneumatic cylinder to move the grabber up and down.
  5. 42043 is the best truck ever! And its B model is very fan to build and play as well! 42078 is good but unfortunately it doesn't have a gearbox and motor. Its B model is great though. And it costs twice cheaper than 42043.
  6. Yevhen

    Lancia Delta Integrale

    Is it possible to link the go pro camera and VR to drive a rc car?
  7. Yevhen

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hahaha! I still doubt TLG will use the same color scheme that they do in 42077.
  8. Yevhen

    New LEGO Forma

    I think this is a waste of resources! Give us more normal sets or release some old classic sets instead of the moving fish!
  9. Yevhen

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Looks like you have seen the new sets, but can't show photos yet. Ok, just tell us, whether you like the new models or not!
  10. Yevhen

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Why do we need to wait until mid of December if it has been confirmed that the new sets will release on December 1st?
  11. Yevhen

    Yet another AWD front steering

    Yes I've watched the video. And you're making the same mistake here. The red connectors are not locked on the steering rod, so they can relatively easily leave their positions under load.
  12. Yevhen

    Yet another AWD front steering

    The steering axle with the black connector (32039) is not robust at all! The black connector can easily move along the axle or even slide off the axle under load!
  13. I like your model and the result is great considering this is your first moc.