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    Greetings from DK

    Hello everyone. My name is Martin, and I hail from Denmark. I have been a LEGO fan since my early childhood, although I have had a period in my life (from middle teenage years to early twentieth), where my mind was occupied by other things. When I got kids of my own, I rediscovered my passion for LEGOs. Now my oldest kids are beginning to lose interest, but I stick with it. My favorite themes have always been Caste and Pirates, to which I enjoy making MOCs of my own. I have never been very good at taking pictures of my MOCs though, before they get disassembled and the bricks used in other projects. So, I have never really shown off many of my MOCs. I have joined his forum to find inspiration and motivation to my projects, and to become better at taking pictures of my projects and post what I build. Here is a couple of my Projects, that I have actually come to take pictures of 😊 (Mostly because I made them for Ideas).