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  1. MVE

    Duplo Trains discussion

    There are a couple of pictures of the new sets over at: I am curious to see the price of the deluxe set with that amount of track and a bridge!
  2. MVE

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    Thank you for the confirmation LegoSjaak and AndyC! This reduces the price I would "have to" spend! Instead of 90.78€, the PF parts for the MAERSK plus the track sets would cost me 75.83€. But it is still worth getting an extra 7939 specially since I do not pay VAT when buying from amazon and the set only costs me 107€ So be it! As soon as my first cargo train arrives by mail, I will order the second one, and then the Maersk, and then...
  3. MVE

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    (I cannot believe the last time this post was updated was back in 2010) I am thinking of getting an extra 7939 set just to get the PF for the Maersk train and I just want to confirm if there is any mistake with my reasoning: 1. The required PF parts sold separately are: * IR Remote Control 8879 - 14.95 € * Train Motor 88002 - 13.99 € * IR Receiver 8884 - 16.95 € * AAA Box 88000 - 12.99 € Sub-Total 58.88 € 2. The 7939 set includes track that sold separately would cost me: * Tracks 7499 - 16.95 € * Switching Tracks 7895 - 14.95 € Sub-Total 31.90 € So buying all the above parts separately would cost me 90.78 €!!! If I buy the 7939 set instead, I will get extra curved track, plenty of extra cars and a dummy locomotive for my current train for the price difference. This seems too good to be true so can someone please confirm: - The Maersk train can really be motorized with the PF parts from the 7939? - Do I need a separate 8879 IR remote controller for each train I have? The Lego shop page for the 7939 says "infrared remote control that controls up to 8 different trains at once". Thanks!
  4. MVE

    Hello from the Middle East

    Thanks for the warm welcome! It feels great to be out of the dark ages. I just wish there was a decent Lego shop closer to home, there is something about real shopping that online shopping cannot beat.
  5. MVE

    What got you into Lego Trains?

    (I joined the forum to post on this topic) As a kid growing up in Portugal, where there were no Lego train sets, I once visited Germany and got my hands on a german lego catalog (maybe 1986). Those images of the 1980's train sets are still imprinted in the back of my mind and when I saw the Emerald Night I knew it was time to end my dark ages. Got myself two copies, one for me, one to save for my son's collection when he grows older. Today I just ordered the 7939 from (but please don't tell my wife just yet!)
  6. Hello all! My name is MVE. I have been following the forum quietly for the past few months delaying the end of my dark ages until now! I could not resist buying the trains any longer!!! I am Portuguese and I am living in the Sultanate of Oman with my beautiful wife and son. Lego shops around here are all online :) In Dubai it is possible to find some mainstream lego sets in some shops but not here in Muscat. Regards!