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    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    I only heard about it today after my brother told me, since I don't frequent these forums on a regular basis anymore. Even though I didn't know him, I nevertheless knew what he meant to this community as a friend and a supporting member, the tragedy only the greater because of his young age. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and the EB community. I wish I'd come on here more often and got to know you, Dieter. Rust zacht, vriend.
  2. Opproperaar

    The Turtle Sub

    A very lovely creation, very innovative yet very simple too. The simplicity still amazes me, even though this was built ages ago. I was wondering whether those clam shell side pieces you used (the ones from the star wars Slave I set), do they also come in other colours? I've tried looking them up but I have absolutely no idea what those pieces are called. My apologies if this is something I could have easily looked up somewhere myself, I tried but didn't come up with anything. (not that it 's my intention to bring back old threads or anything)
  3. Opproperaar

    Happy birthday Hairy Ruben!

    Despite never posting any more I still regularly visit this wonderful website and then I couldn't help but notice this topic Thanks for all the best wishes, guys, really appreciate it! I won't exactly be getting Lego though, instead it'll be a laptop (for birthday and educational purposes) since I just started uni. Knowing myself it probably won't be for the latter And as for myself, since I'm 18 I'll be buying this (with my own money that is)Don't worry it's just an airsoft replica, not a real one Yes, I would've changed the name but people know me by it now, so I just decided to not bother with it Ruben
  4. Opproperaar

    Secret Competition Final Round!

    Entry 4 It's ... well ... a sailing ship - and a cool and nifty one at that too. That being said I really liked the other entries as well. Especially entry 1 caught my attention as well. But 4, the sails, the rigging, the attention to accuracy!
  5. Opproperaar

    Happy Birthday Hairy Ruben

    Thanks guys, I got two books about (naval) history and three Halo novels (yes I'm a 'halo-nerd'), all five of which I'm very pleased with. I get to do my theoretical exam for free, I signed up for the free classes in school I'm not sure but I think the legal drinking -and acquisition age of beer and cigarettes is 16. Liquor's 18 I believe, but then again it's Belgium, I've never been asked for ID. But I'm not that interested in liquor and I only drink beer occasionaly What are jeekes?
  6. I could go and on about our political system and all things involved, but I don't want to preach since I can't stand myself when I do All in all it is safe to say it's complicated, 6 governments, though I've never heard of the German community government. As far as I know they're just another language group, but administratively, they are simply included in the Walloon Community. I've got my savings at Fortis as well. So far I'm not worried yet, my savings are safe, for now... However, should the crisis also affect the savings then the government would have to pay for it which they simply can't. There's simply not enough money for it, besides the tax money they would use to reimburse us is our own money in the first place. But what alternative do we have?
  7. Opproperaar

    Happy Birthday Boney!

    I bet you thought of that all day Just kidding Happy Birthday Bonaparte, we'll be sure to celebrate it again the 31st - you get all the parties you lucky Boner party you!
  8. Opproperaar

    ok, i know i'll get shot for asking this....

    Once again, I don't know about any of their recent sets but the three aforementioned sets I bought myself a few years ago had nothing wrong with them. Apart from the slight colour difference the quality was outstanding I'd say. I just checked the model on their website, while it's pretty good I still prefer their F-16 model. I was actually lucky enough to witness a demonstration by a Spanish Eurofighter on an airshow here in Belgium. Very impressive indeed, if only TLC came out with a military line. Exactly. I love TLC the most because they invented the toy that we all love and cherish, they started it. I can understand some members incredible loyalty but even though TLC produces the widest range of bricks by far, I am not shy to pick up a MB set and mix these with Lego when I think it adds to the overall look. Even though TLC is my principal favorite, in the end I value the toy and the building fun more than the company.
  9. Opproperaar

    How did you get your title?

    Mine doesn't need an explanation. Oh no, the truth is out ...
  10. Opproperaar

    ok, i know i'll get shot for asking this....

    I have two of these and one of these And I for one can say I'm quite happy with them. They were cheap, the sets looked cool and IMHO they delivered what I expected of them. They even had some cool pieces and building techniques to boot! The carrier for one had a 2x2 plate with studs on either side. As for the quality issue, besides a small colour difference I couldn't tell which is which. The colour difference actually adds a bit to a final LEGO-Megabloks model too. If you do it tastefully it gives it a bit of a weathered look IMO. And if you don't want a colour difference then hey, use megabloks on the inside or don't use it at all! Simple, right? Convert to the dark side? I am on the dark side. Or whatever you'd like to call it. I advise you to pick up the set, it's what I'd do.
  11. Opproperaar

    EB News Presents : Boner-Party!

    She didn't necessarily mean puking
  12. Opproperaar

    EB News Presents : Boner-Party!

    It's true, he shaved me! Sne forgot to mention he can't hold his liquor all too well too (or so his girlfriend told us ) Bonaparte actually organised the party at which me met (and had a lot of fun) - we hope it will be equally fun next time. 31st of October ON! Greetings, Ruben and Errorist
  13. Opproperaar

    Car Talk

    1979 Pontiac Trans Am OR A 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air All in all though I'm much better off with my bicycle. Acquisition price and maintenance cost far less than any car and I get to work out a bit while I'm at it.
  14. Opproperaar


    Though I am not entirely sure I believe it's the new name for the bad kids. Better stay clear of that one
  15. Opproperaar

    Why English?

    Alors, ça serait une façon d'exercer notre français, non?