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  1. ampersand101

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    You are much more talented and creative than I was at 18
  2. ampersand101

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    I didn't know you were 18, I guess that changes the gravitas of my opinions. In any case, execution is the true test of a concept. Point of this since you are 18 and aren't catching on...the proof of the pudding is in the eating
  3. ampersand101

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    I agree this fellow is very talented but that's beside the point. He is selling instructions, and that's dishonest until I see a real life object. Cool concept is all I see.
  4. ampersand101

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    All I see is a rendering. What's a rendering worth; I can make beautiful renderings. When do we see the real deal? I wouldn't buy instructions before that