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  1. Richard L aka Scooby

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    I want to say this in Dutch for Jeroen: "Goed gedaan jochie!"
  2. Richard L aka Scooby

    Lego Technic Arocs with crane

    Those Brickshelf pictures looking promissing. At first sight of the crane i must say that i am very currious to see it work.
  3. I like them also but i am more interrested in the printing result of the on-road wheels. But you did a great job with this one also.
  4. Hi Jameson,

    How is the status with your designed wheels?

    Kind regards,


    1. jamesonk83



      I have made 2 types of tread, I will likely contract the 3D printing and prototype the tire and rim soon to check for fitment.  I will post more in the next week or so!

    2. Richard L aka Scooby

      Richard L aka Scooby

      Ok....i'm looking forward to it.

    3. Richard L aka Scooby

      Richard L aka Scooby

      Hi Jameson,

      Is there any progress on the tyres and rims?

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Kind regards,


  5. Yes......i'm in love, the wheels ofcourse ;-)
  6. This is awesome!!! Keep us updated. This is a good looking truck tire and rim. I would buy it when it is available.
  7. The steering is the same as the 8258 set and works perfect. The tyres of the second steeringaxle are not rubbing the floor when the truck makes a turn. And thank you for the compliment.
  8. I would like to introduce to you all my first moc here on Eurobricks. It is a Mercedes-Benz Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck. Like the title says, it is a mix of three things. The cabin is not complete the same as the 42043-cabin. It is a little modified such as a lightbar on the roof, the skirts behind the cabine are a little longer and the mounting to the chassis is differend as in the 42043 set. The cabine can not be tilted and there is no engine under it. The space under the cabine can be used for a Sbrick or a Wubizz. The steering is HOG. Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck 1 by Richard Langen, on Flickr Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck 2 by Richard Langen, on Flickr Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck 4 by Richard Langen, on Flickr The chassis looks quite simmular as the chassis from the 8258 crane truck. The 2 front axles are indeed the same as the 8258, the centre part of the chassis looks from the outside the same as the 8258 but the inside i got rid of all the gears and placed a PF for the main boom of the crane, and the manual-function for spreading the outriggers. The construction of the back of the chassis, where the two axles are, is my own idea; simple and robust ofcourse with a dif on each axle. There are twintyres on each axle. Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck 3 by Richard Langen, on Flickr The crane is for 98% the same as the 8258-set but is partly remote controlled (lifting the mainboom and 2nd boom). The last section of the boom and rotating the crane must be used manualy. The same with the outriggers. The standard batterybox can be placed in the rack behind the cabin as is easy to take out. The reciever is placed between the batterybox and the crane in the chassis. Arocs Twinsteer Crane truck 6 by Richard Langen, on Flickr With the loading-platform i tryed to make the truck as one complete fat truck. You can see in the video how every thing works. I hope you like the truck as much as i do. Till my next moc, Richard L
  9. Richard L aka Scooby

    Instructions Question

    Quality is different for every body. Some one likes a moc or not likes it. Maybe you like the moc but you want to fine tune it for his own interrest. Its there own free choise if he likes a moc or not. Every as a moc builder is not born as a "Lego Han" or a "Grohl" you will grow as a builder by each new moc what you build or instruction what you draw. That's fine with me.But thanks about the info over the prices.
  10. Richard L aka Scooby

    Instructions Question

    I'm going to open my own webshop with instructions of my moc's very soon. But my prices are lower than other people have. Why? Because i realy think the prices are very steep by other sellers. That is my opinion. But it is every ones own choice to buy expencesive instructions or not. But i will not go higher than 7,50 euro's for the biggest instructions. Further prices will be from 3 euro, 5 euro up till 7,50 euro. Are these prices ok? Please let me know.
  11. Richard L aka Scooby

    [WIP] Scania WLS

    I like this chassis a lot. Could you make a file of this chassis or better detailed pictures. I would like to work in this scale to, but at the moment i am collecting information as much as i can. Forget it .....i just looked at your Flickr page and found the pictures i was looking for.
  12. Richard L aka Scooby

    [MOC] MAN TGS Dakar Truck

    I like it very much. The simplicity of the cabin and still looks good as the real one. Super build!
  13. Yep, this is a musthave when its finnished. I like every brick of it.