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  1. The0

    Microscale Ships

    Hi! Last week I have tried myself for the first time to microspace. Here is the result : L'Astrolabe ( The Astrolabe ) : A freight ship from the last generation. Faster, more powerful than the old ones, it can bring anything to any place in the known universe. The Lightyear : Unlike L'astrolabe, The Lightyear is an ancient freight ship. Its weak engine only allows the transportation of small old type containers. However, it's still used by cheap delivery companies and by poor space pirates. Le Cachalot ( The Whale ) : A third class galactic fuel tanker. Hope you like it!
  2. The0

    MOCs : Floating Rocks and Airships

    Thanks for your nice comments :) Guys at Brickpirate ask me to show them how the small house wass made and I thought it could interest you too. So here it is :
  3. Hi everybody! I didn't post anything for a while and I come back with several new MOCs. These werere my entries for the Rock&Roll contest on the Flickr Lego Steampunk group. Small Rock : In the shadow of the mine : They live here. A whole family of minor, seven lifes dedicated to coal extraction. When they don't work, they spent their time in that tiny house where the time seems frozen, only disturbed by the movement of rags blowing in the wind and by engine noise of ships that crisscross the region. The Starling : As much used by parisian employees to join their office as by Hong Kong hawkers, this helicoper is the most multipurpose vehicle of our time, it had even been approved by the Emperor Napoleon IV himself. Large Rock : The country house : Mister Duval is a man of his time, great bourgeois, he holds in particular stocks in a coal mine in Wallonia and in the New York / Saint Nazaire zeppelins company. When he is not in his mansion in Lille, he likes to relax with his family in his country house, an imposing building surrounded by a spotless garden. Here, life takes its course peacefully : the postman on board of his airship brings telegrams, Nestor the butler mows the lawn Under the rock, live an artist who has isolated himself, looking for inspiration ( or to escape his creditors). The Mailman's dirigible : I hope you'll like it
  4. The0

    Rue de la Gare

    You are right, I remember now that there is one of these booth in my town
  5. Thanks for your comments! That's true there is not a lot of details on my creation : I wanted to keep the look of the official Architecture sets wich have few details
  6. Hi, this is my first Architecture MOC. The Centre Georges Pompidou is located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It was built in 1977 by the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. Hope you like it !
  7. The0

    Rue de la Gare

    Awesome MOC! It really looks like a town in eastern France But why is there a British phone booth?
  8. The0

    MOC - Sensei Who?

    Thank you for your comments! They are loose , it would have been better if they were attached
  9. The0

    LEGO DC Minifig Review...and raffle!

    Here is my entry A new kind of superheroe : Simon from the British TV series Misfits I hope it sticks with the rules.
  10. Hi! This is my newest MOC, you can see Sensei Wu, Nya and his TARDIS ^^ Hope you like it!
  11. The0

    LEGO DC Minifig Review...and raffle!

    These minifigs are wonderful where must be posted the entries?
  12. Hi! Here is my newest creation : Before he was the president of an important company but now he thinks he is lucky when he finds a banknote. Hope you like it!
  13. The0

    First ( phone ) contact.

    Hi ! One month after the Earthian guy call, a repairer finally arrived ( the trip from Aldebaran to Earth his long) Hope you like it!
  14. The0

    MOC: A block of LEGO.

    A lot of unusual details! I really like this MOC, great job