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  1. I don't really see a problem with "dollhouse" D2Cs. Often times they include some creative and unique building styles. For example: Joker Manor is an excellent set that has nice little details for everyone, but its also a somewhat challenging build. I also have a soft spot for 10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout (mostly for sentimental reasons, but still) I understand why it may be disappointing not to get modular buildings for Superhero D2Cs, but maybe Lego is evolving to the point were they can do whatever they want with the Superheroes line. I mean, Sanctum Sanctorum from the Infinity War wave was the closest we've gotten to a modular building (and that came out not even a year ago), and remember Mighty Micros? or what about Brick Heads? I'm just saying don't give up hope yet, maybe someday we can all get the Wayne Manor or GCPD set we all crave.
  2. I know I'm a bit late for this (and I'd hate to go on a rant), but in 76117 Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech, wouldn't it make more sense to include Martian Manhunter instead of Flash with yellow boots? I'm pretty sure one of Martian Manhunter's weaknesses is fire, and Firefly is also included in the set, so if they wanted to make things even between the good guys and the bad guys in the set, they did it wrong with Flash. Plus Martian Manhunter is due for a redesign, so its really a wasted opportunity. Also, Reverse Flash is now unbalanced with the new Flash, since Reverse Flash doesn't have duel molded boots and Flash does. But I guess if you have the set with Reverse Flash you would also get regular Flash without duel molded boots. Its just little details like this that really annoy me.
  3. Often times they include minifigs excusively in Juniors sets (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Robin), so a classic Joker design or atleast some pre-52 designs wouldn’t be too unlikely IMO.
  4. I really wouldn't be against a complete redesign, since its something new that we haven't seen. I was actually quite surprised when the new Aquaman fig leaked, since I thought it was just gonna be the minifig we've gotten in 2013 and 2015. I'm a big fan of what they did in the December wave of Spiderman sets. I'm just hoping that whatever they do to the designs, they do it good. I'm still praying for a new Superman and the Hush Batsuit sometime in the next year. I don't think it would really be asking a lot out of Lego to do just a normal Two-Face. I agree that the last two designs for him were way too unorthodox for my taste (although I have made a pretty decent custom using the 2012 headpiece and hair, the Beetlejuice torso, and plain black legs). I'm really hoping they either do the black and white design (something like B:TAS or the Arkham Games) or the Rebirth design. The Rebirth design is a lot more likely to me, just because its simple and up-to-date with the comics design.
  5. Maybe the War Machine Crusher is just a recolored Hulkbuster. If thats the case, I think I'll wait for a good sale on it, since I just got the Hulkbuster not 7 months ago.
  6. Just for context, the most recent design for Two-Face is the Rebirth design, and it was used in DC Supervillains. I believe this is the most likely design we will be getting in the rumored Batcave set next summer. I could be wrong though, Lego redesigned every minifig in the December 2018 wave of Spiderman sets (Spider-Gwen, Green Goblin, Spiderman, even Aunt May), when they could have as easily used the designs from Marvel Superheroes 2. For all I know they could be giving us the Two-Face from Batman Forever. Thank you for reminding me that Batman And Robin really exists. I literally went months without thinking about how Batman carries around a credit card with his logo on it.
  7. 3 months is still too long of a wait for me.
  8. I could definitely see the D2C being a big Batmobile (not minifig scale), like 7784 from 2006. But @_dimaks_lego said that 76139 was at least a bat-vehicle, so for all I know it could be anything from the Batwing to the Bat-Kayak.
  9. I feel like Penguin from TLBM is almost a direct copy of Penguin from Batman Returns, so I wouldn’t really be upset if we didn’t get him in one of these sets. But literally any other character would be nice. I would especially be happy if they do a Jack Nicholson Joker using Grand Moff Tarkin’s/Peter Venkman’s hairpiece in green
  10. I think these sets are probably going to be based on Batman and Gotham City, but they’ll also include other heroes and villains. Basically the same formula as the January wave of sets, with both sets having Bat-Vehicles, but including characters like Firefly and Ocean Master. I really wouldn’t be against this, as long as it shows Batman in his full glory (hopefully wearing his Hush batsuit) and they include some nice builds. If anything this would help the design of the set, since using all the DC characters would give the set designers more creative freedom.
  11. There are still plenty of Batman-centric characters that haven’t gotten a minifig (not outside TLBM, anyway) so I’m not really worried about repeats. And even if they are repeats, as long as they all get a nice updated design, I’ll be happy. I’m so relieved that they’re making up for only two sets in the January wave by giving us seven sets in this wave. I would also like to point out that 2019 would be the 30th Anniversary of the Tim Burton Batman movie, and it would also be 80th Anniversary of Batman himself, so I would imagine the D2C could be anything from the 1989 Batmobile to Wayne Manor to GCPD (hopefully they’ll throw in a Justice League member or two, you know, for diversity). BTW, I’m extremely happy we’re finally getting an updated Two-Face. The 2012 was okay, but a little weird, and TLBM version was a little too wacky for my taste (although I love the idea of a Billy Dee Williams Two-Face)
  12. Thats $30.04 in USD, so its a pretty good price for what you’re getting (I love that little Quinjet)
  13. I actually love the set, especially how they put Goose the Cat as a minifig. I’m assuming its a $30 set, in which case its a pretty fair price. The build is quite nice for a $30 set. There are only two things I would change about it, though. 1.) Give Captain Marvel her Kree suit (just because the red and blue suit is probably the design we’ll see in the A4 sets) 2.) A bit of printing on the Talos’ headpiece with the ears. I mean, it costs them virtually nothing to add a little stripe on it, so why didn’t they print it? I don’t know. Also theres a small Avengers logo on the bottom right corner, which I thought is a bit odd, considering they are branding it as Captain Marvel instead of just Marvel Superheroes
  14. You could also make a nice Commissioner Gordon minifig, although the torso from the actual Commissioner Gordon CBM works a bit better will light flesh pieces. Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but the Soldier 76 hairpiece with the 1966 Alfred headpiece would look awesome, but if you not a fan of waiting you could just as well use the hairpiece from the Jor-El minifig.