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  1. Some get discounted, others probably get broken up for Bricklink
  2. CopperTablet

    LEGO Ideas Comes Through - The Train Station: Studgate

    Interesting that Studgate sold faster than Modular Construction Site despite a 33% higher price point in an adverse economy. What can we infer from this? There is more of a market for trains than previously believed. Lego could have sold 15000 Studgates had they wanted.
  3. CopperTablet

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Congrats to sdrnet, BrickyBricks82, pix027, ThomasW_BL, and ryantaggart on successfully navigating Round 3 of the Bricklink Designer Program. There were some really spectacular designs this round and the rapid success we see here makes sense. I bought one of these designs and wish I could have bought three but the economy's a bit of a question mark right now. I think all five could hit the 10,000 max at the end of the period: Chalet definitely will.
  4. CopperTablet

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The toilet isn't getting made. At best, it will elicit a humorous Youtube reaction video from the design team.
  5. CopperTablet

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Modular Construction Site is more impressive than a number of recent "official" Modulars. It drips with that classic late '00s Lego Modular spirit that is kind of embodied in TLM1's visual style. It will be near the top of my list.
  6. CopperTablet

    Future Pirates Speculation

    That particular set someone linked is old, but here are some of the new designs: The bricks are by Xingbao and they're on par with early 2010s Lego quality
  7. CopperTablet

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Slightly off-topic, but the new 2022 Bluebrixx pirate line was just announced, some brisk sets in there for certain. 105128 and 105130 seem quite good.
  8. CopperTablet

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    You know, I think this one might actually be a better fit for BlueBrixx. Anyway, the A-frame cabin is great, let's hope they don't bastardize and ruin the design too much in the process of turning it into an official set like they always do.
  9. CopperTablet

    Lego seagull piece - weak grip issue

    On ABS plastic, you can increase friction with a coating of clear nail polish. I'm not sure if the material the seagulls are made of is compatible with it, however.
  10. CopperTablet

    Will the new road plates LEGO 60304 retire soon?

    I hope we get some curved ones
  11. CopperTablet

    Assembling Bricksburg

    I also built a homage to Xon67's Cafe Corner XL.
  12. CopperTablet

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If you place 10297 facing back-to-back with 10246 and offset 10297 by 16 studs, you should get a natural alleyway between the art gallery and Ace Brickman's office, right?
  13. CopperTablet

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Don't ever think that I gave up....
  14. CopperTablet

    westracing01's Race Track for Modular Buildings

    10297 is well-integrated into your racetrack. I feel the 8-wide cars are out of scale in your streets. The whole thing reminds me of Cruis'n USA and that theme "House Special" plays in my mind when I look at it. How do you plan to address that wedge between 10185 and 10297? This ain't your first angular rodeo so I'm sure it will look good.
  15. CopperTablet

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Lego has no problem with violent conflicts over drugs if sets 1687 and 6563 are any indication. That alligator is there to dispose of people who get too snoopy.