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  1. Oh, I appreciate that. The Falcon as a standalone ship looks great but I'm looking to build the Home One hanger at some point with the UCS Falcon, the Imperial shuttle and assorted A-Wings, Y-Wings, X-Wings and B-Wings (come on Lego - release a new system scale B-Wing!). Now I know the shuttle is slightly too small next to the Falcon but I've raised the legs on it by a full block and I believe if I lower the Falcon by just one block the two ships will look closer to the way they look in the movie.
  2. Has anyone yet modded the legs/feet of the Falcon. Watched Empire over the weekend and realised that in the movie the characters can easily reach the underside of the ship. In fact Chewbacca has to duck as he walks down the loading ramp at the end. By contrast on the UCS model you'd need 2 figures stood on top of each other to reach the underside.
  3. stevej

    75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter cockpit mod

    This is ace. I don't suppose anyone has a System X-Wing (75218 preferred) they could photograph next to the UCS Y-Wing. I have the System scale Y-wing but it seems a touch too small. I think the UCS will be too big with the sweet spot looking like it should be half way between the two but curious either way.
  4. stevej

    ucs scale between falcon and TIE

    I'd go with the most recent System scale TIE (the Solo one). Probably as close as you'll get. I have it but it's not yet built so I can't take a photo to show the size comparison. I'm a minifig-scale only collector so I have the UCS Falcon sat alongside the most recent System scale X-Wing, Y-Wing and a couple of A-Wings and it looks great. Just got the UCS Shuttle (not built yet) as I'm aiming for a Home One Hangar scene from ROTJ in mini-fig scale. :-) In flight mode I'm thinking the Shuttle will look awesome flanked either side by a TIE-Fighter.
  5. 10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle. Not brand new but close - the box had been opened but the bags were all sealed. Managed to get it off eBay for £360 which is about a hundred pound cheaper than I've seen fully opened and used sets go for. Looking forward to building it so the Falcon and Slave 1 have company. :-)
  6. Probably to give any kids that buy both sets the 2 characters that no doubt appeal most to young children - C3-PO and R2-D2.
  7. stevej

    UCS Slave 1 mod

    I've got this still in it's box as it was on sale recently - but it's an Xmas present. Looking forward to the build but will definitely do the anti-sagging mod. Those lights look excellent. Any chance of more of a breakdown showing how they're fitted? And yes, the paddles look more accurate. Not sure I'll make similar changes myself but it will be tempting. Those lights though. :-)
  8. stevej

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    This thread would be far more interesting if folks posted photos of their current display. I currently only have the Falcon but I'm looking forward to putting some kind of hangar display together in some kind of case featuring the system scale (and therefore in sale more with the Falcon itself) A-Wings, X-Wing and Y-Wing. Then I'll be a B-Wing and the UCS Imperial Shuttle away from recreating the Home One Hangar from Return of the Jedi. #lifegoals
  9. stevej

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Does anyone else think/hope we'll see a new System scale B-Wing next year? We had the X-Wing this year, the Rogue One Y-Wing last year and, I think, the last A-Wing came out just before that. As far as trends go I think there's room for optimism despite the last set having been released in 2014.
  10. UK folks - there's a 15% off sale on eBay today. Just picked up a UCS Death Star for £280 which seemed like a good deal.
  11. Yet to build the X-wing but could they not have had the lever mechanism for the wings on the BOTTOM of the ship? That would then have left the top clean for some lovely greebling.
  12. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind and may have to get the tape measure out before I buy. Strength of the unit shouldn't be an issue as the 2 door unit will sit on top of another unit that will be properly built, so that will take the weight and there won't be anything heavy placed on top. I'll need to sort out a backing for the case but that should be straightforward... Then all I need to do is source some 2nd hand Tombo doors.
  13. So this stand arrived and looks fantastic. I was nervous as hell lifting the Falcon onto it but once on it seems pretty secure - even though a part of me is worried about stress on the core supporting bits within the ship itself. Going to pick up an Ikea Besta unit with some glass doors and will miss out the middle strut to make an adequate display case for now. With the stand it'll fit no problem though the minifig stand may need to sit next to rather than in front of the model.
  14. Just picked up the X-Wing and a couple of AT-Haulers. Will sell the Haulers which should mean I end up paying only about £20-£40 for the X-Wing after fees... Which is all I wanted anyway. :-)