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  1. Cheers for the quick reply. I don't really need the Minifig stand but WB seem to not be selling the main stand without it now. To be fair even if they did that would have put the cost below the £50 threshold for free shipping so I guess that means I got the Minifig stand for £5 - can't complain. I can always display the figures to the left or right anyway as the Besta gives me 120cm in length to play with. Room for an X-Wing as well I reckon. :-)
  2. Just ordered this one as the completed dimensions (with Falcon) lead me to believe I might be able to squeeze this in a double Ikea Besta (leaving out the middle strut in the Besta). On the Wicked Brick site it states 58cm high and 36cm deep which would fit. I'm worried that you're saying it's 41cm deep. Is that including the minifig display piece? Going to see how it is in-hand before I visit Ikea anyway.
  3. The UCS Millennium Falcon. At the risk of crossing franchises... I'm going to need a bigger boat!
  4. Not exactly what I meant but that's a good point as well. I was simply wondering whether it adds any extra width to the model i.e. I'd need space > 56cm deep to display like that. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  5. First post (long time lurker but wanted to comment in this)! Thanks for the review - been waiting for this ever since you reviewed the last stand. My UCS Falcon was started on Father's Day but I'm building it with my two young kids who won't let me build it without them. That and the hot weather in the UK at the minute have slowed the progress so I'm still only on step 5/17 but already it's looking to be a beast in need of some serious display considerations. My son's A-Wing (75175) will sit alongside it when finished and while I'd love a full ROTJ style rebel hanger (with A-Wings, B-Wings, X-Wings, Y-Wings and maybe a stolen Imperial Shuttle) that will need to wait for some space to be cleared in the house. Quick question - with the stand placed horizontally does the stand stick out considerably at the back? I'll admit I like the idea of a case that stops small fingers as well as dust build up but at the moment my space is limited. You're right though - that angle looks perfect. This is going to be an expensive new hobby! Steve.