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  1. Volt

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I'm not going to go into specific combos, but as far as nationalities to the redcoats are generally the English and bluecoats I have seen used as either French or colonial Americans. I hope that's what you were asking for, cause I don't want to look like a doof. Most standard units of most armies did NOT have epaulettes so I leave them off my troops. As far as I am aware the standard doctrine is tricorne=mid-18th century standard foot soldiers for England, France, and colonial America, and shako(tall hat I think you were talking about)=grenadiers from that period and also foot soldiers of England and France during the napoleonic wars. Hope this helped!
  2. Volt

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I shall proclaim the creation of my own new faction! I am not going for the purple of the CMF Princess, more of a "rich" and "luxurious" shade actually. If you google the Ocanonda Farr minifigure that's the color I'm thinking. I think it will look very good once put into a uniform similar to that of the classic redcoats and bluecoats we all know. I am getting ideas should a huge red vs blue "war" like the Tournament of Retribution pop up again. The idea may be a bit rediculous but that is my specialty. I think I'll make it work.
  3. Volt

    Decal Wish List

    Hi! I need a recolour of the classic imperial guard/soldier torso (from the old Lego pirates) in purple please. The color should match the arms of the Ocanonda Farr minifigure of Star Wars as those are the arms I'm using. I suppose the only downside of creating a new faction is that there are no decals for it.
  4. Volt

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    To the contrary, I am trying to make a figure on that just to see how it looks and if it had a proper torso design on it I think it would actually look alright. True, there are some things purple should not be used on but, you must remember, purple back then was a sign of wealth. Therefore, perhaps "purple coats" could come from a wealthy country? Now that we've gone on a huge detour from the actual topic, I am curious if another TOR is coming up. It would be nice tnice to see all the anti-redcoats and anti-bluecoats scenes and such while I am actually a member. It would still be really tough for me to pick a side.
  5. Volt

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Geez that's a lot of royal officers. Never though that "purple coat" thing would catch on with anyone else.
  6. If anyone could make me a recolour of the classic imperial soldier/guard design let me know.

  7. Volt

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I have switched sides many a time in this debate. However, I'm currently liking blue a lot. I feel like, at least with the classic design so we're fair since the newer redcoats design< new bluecoats design, the blue just looks better. I tend to think of myself as a "purple coat" as purple is not only one of my favorite colors but also red+blue=purple. Who knows. Maybe tomorrow I'll like red better.
  8. Volt

    Hello, my name is Leutinant Bluecoat!

    Interesting. I have a few ships and such built from my time gone that I'll be able to post once I figure out how to get pictures from my iPhone onto my computer. I seem to remember seeing you being fairly active during the past while though. Must be mistaken. Excuse me if I quoted incorrectly but I'm on mobile.
  9. Volt

    What is your favorite ship

    I think I'd have to pick the 10210 Inperial Flagship as far as an official LEGO set goes, as it IS my most prized set and I love all the detailing and the plethora of cannons. However, as for a REAL ship I think It would be really cool to captain a massive early-19th century Ship-of-the-line, especially a wooden giant like the Santisima Trinidad or the famous HMS Victory.
  10. Volt

    Hello, my name is Leutinant Bluecoat!

    Hi LeutinantBluecoat! I'm quite an old account and went inactive for a couple years. Now since I'm better at building and customizing I'll be returning. Since I saw you were fairly new I figured I'd welcome you even though I have likely been forgotten ;)
  11. Volt

    New Pirates minifigure pack

    this definitely has some very useful pieces in it! Can't wait to (maybe) get one! edit: I would love to see more imperials rather than having a collection of a billion captain brickbeards or whatever the heck they would decide to call the next one.
  12. Volt

    Decal Wish List

    I have a new request based on my current needs, however if someone actually was doing my request i would still like to have that. I need helmet decals designed for the brickarms M1 pot helmet: I need a WWII US 2nd rangers decal (like the design on the back of the helmet), and the 29th rangers helmet/arm patch decal. Thanks!
  13. Volt

    Decal Wish List

    could anyone consider either of the decals i requested? the suit is not very important, and it is not required that anyone do it.
  14. Volt

    Decal Wish List

    also can i get back decals for the pinstripe suit torso i specified? Thanks in advance to whoever does this
  15. Volt

    Decal Wish List

    I really need a decal that is a modification to this torso I need a variation of it with pinstripes that would look like this suit. I also need a WWII French Infantry Soldier (torso only, i think back would just have the bandoliers) Reference image: it would be very cool if someone could make these for me! plus: could someone change that image into a link for me? I know it's very big