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  1. I still like the sets, favor the bad guy ships, the mini figs not so much. Hear TLG is coming out with a revised Mars Mission theme, based on actual ships not fantasy. Interesting in seeing these new sets.
  2. LegoDW

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    You my sir are a genius! That looks awesome!
  3. LegoDW

    [MOC] Detective's Office/Corner Deli

    The Corner Deli is a great starting platform for creating a modular building. Think you might like these links. and this one The small brick city guy does some really highly detailed work.
  4. LegoDW

    Ease of mirroring official sets

    Its funny, when we started our Christmas Lego display, I planned on rebuilding every year too. Have the kids around, everyone building sets together, eating popcorn....having a great family bonding yearly tradition. Problem is around the Holidays its more chaotic then usual in our house hold and I am lucky to get TLG newest release build before Christmas. Jealous of your yearly rebuilds....mirrored do you have the time?
  5. I just held both sets in my hands again to visually compare. While they were designed for different builders, Speed Champions still appears to be a much better value. IMO TLG would need to add a second mini fig with a accessory (flag, tool box, something) with the Desert Racer and keep at the $10 price to come anywhere close to what you get with the $15 Speed Champions sets. Final thoughts, as per where this tread started, vitric is ….I am not mad for overpaying for my Racer. Glad it was offered so I could purchase. Not one of their best sets, but kids have a lot of fun sending this little guy down the stairs and it holds up most of the time. Giving this build a thumbs up!
  6. Fun at the beach set came yesterday. Two kayaks look good next to each other. Kept the paddles with the sets (red paddles with yellow kayak). Thought it looked better that way. If anyone has not purchased this set, I highly recommend it. Fear it will be discontinued soon. Highlights of the set are: the kayak, wind surfer, girl in the green bathing suit, life guard and the dolphin.
  7. I was unaware TLG ever made such a thing. Its is getting to the point when I get random Lego that I have to look for the logo as over the years they have offered so many products. Our beach display is going well. Have a small beach surrounded by buildings. Campground is right behind beach. We didn't have enough plates of the correct color, but as a work in progress not going to purchase correct colors till plans a bit more firm. Will post a work in progress picture soon.
  8. As fast as these sets are selling in my area, wouldn't be surprised if we got a second wave in 2019.
  9. How did you do the stone path and the steps? That's not Lego is it? Great job on the deck you put under the house. Like the outdoor stove. Are you planning on getting the small house boat this year to go with this scene? Like your green jeeps.
  10. Been a few days. Kids off playing with something new. These figs are off to keep our Chima set company under the Lego Table, in a plastic bin, all the way in the back never to see the light of day again...…. Just kidding, have these guys placed all around our city layout. Pink astronaut is at the beach, Yellow is flying a helicopter, White is riding a train and Blue is currently swimming away from a couple of hungry sharks.
  11. See you are displaying the main build from the side (building on the far right). You have it out a little bit so can see the side also. Where is the beach???
  12. LegoDW

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Very disappointing. Hope this is a fake story.
  13. This week was able to secure getting two older creator sets, the Beach House (4996) and Seaside House (7346). Was not planning on having a beach display in our city layout, now with these sets going to go for it! Ordered the fun at the beach mini fig pack to populate our display (these sets were light on mini figs). We also have the older marina and the beach hut sets too. Prefer the main builds on both house sets. So my question is, which side of 7996 is supposed to have the beach? Thinking the side with grill and table. If this is true, would match up with 7346 water area. Only draw back here is IMO the beach house looks best displayed from the front, like main picture on the box where you can see the A frame contruction. Anyone have any pictures on how they are displaying these sets? One more note, really liked the 3rd build in the Seaside House, the one with the bridge and drink bar. Going to moc something like this in our display. The Marina already has the bridge so may use part of that for my moc.
  14. I just ordered the fun at the beach mini fig pack, want the red kayak. Looks like it has a red kayak with a yellow paddle, opposite what comes with this set. Thinking I will swap paddles so they match their kayaks. Put the kayak in my display. Looks good next to the canoe from the camper set 60057.
  15. Just got this set today. Really like the Kayak. May get another one!