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  1. still ahead getting the sets out of country paying for shipping and import taxes (not sure if you have these) vs purchasing them locally (in US Lego and Amazon will ship most big orders at no additional costs)
  2. LegoDW

    What to do with a Rancor Hand (from set 75005)

    What do you think about keeping it as a hand, installed above a shop door. What kind of stuff would a store sell that has a Rancor's hand installed above their door?
  3. LegoDW

    Lego City 60267 Safari Off-Roader

    Alright we are missing the big question here. Which is the superior animal figure with these two sets, the new one with the tan lion or the 6672 with the monkey? I own 6672 so a bit biased toward the monkey.....he seams to get into everything in our city. The new guy with the tree on his head is pretty funny.
  4. LegoDW

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Not the best offerings this year. I might get the new street sweeper but not planning on anything else. Let hope we get a good mid year wave release!
  5. LegoDW

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    IMO dropping the City theme is not what AFOL really want. We would prefer a more adult/realistic theme of city type buildings, vehicles, etc. all at a similar scale as it own separate theme. Two city themes, one for the kids, the other for more mature builders. Now this is something feel a lot of Lego enthusiast would get behind. Again just my thoughts.
  6. That sounds like two great deals. When you add in shipping are you still ahead?
  7. LegoDW

    Quick question on warped Lego

    Thank you, will try to take some of the bend out with hot water.
  8. LegoDW

    What's your favorite Lego piece

    For me its the 1 by 4 hinge plate. Allowed my classic space sets to have the back of my vehicle open. Still brings a smile to my face when I find them on sets today.
  9. My experience in the US with Amazon US is you can get a 20% discount off MSRP on most stuff. Creator...forget it. This line rarely/never goes on sale (except some black Friday specials)! Walmart US on most sets is close to Amazon prices. Target used to be at Walmart prices but lately has moved back up to MSRP. I have given up waiting for stuff to go on sale, too impatient. I purchase what I want and avoid impulse buys on sale items. Impulse buys has lead me to a bunch of bricks I really didn't need. As far as clone/fake Lego, purchasing at a store reduces the chances for swapped bricks. I have never had an issue with Amazon US but have viewed on youtube how easy it is to remove TLG boxing tape and reuse.....basically looking like an unbroken seal.
  10. LegoDW

    Quick question on warped Lego

    How long do you soak the tracks in boiling water? 30 sec?
  11. LegoDW

    How big is the LEGO community?

    I have no idea on the exact number, but suspect it is dropping due to recent sets low quality of stickers! Seriously my guess is around 40 million but this is just a guess. Feel a lot of people like Lego but they are not all active members of the community. .
  12. Picked up some bulk mini figs and in the bag was a Rancor hand. It looks cool, but what do you do with just one hand of a very big Star Wars monster? Looking for some ideas. Hand is in good shape, original less one white claw swapped out for a light green one. Basically have a huge brown clawed hand. Think it could working into a cool moc.
  13. LegoDW

    Quick question on warped Lego

    I couldn't locate my tape measure, but if you push the one end down of the track down the other end is raised 1 tile in height. If this was on carpet may not be that bad, but as on a hard surface causing some issues with my trains.
  14. Just noticed a few piece of track I got in my latest purchase are warped (looks like a "u" running length ways), Was wonder why my train was bouncing a bit now I know why. I assume if I reach out the TLG they will replace. Is this a common problem? I hate to have them replace a few piece of track as assuming their costs will be high. Guess I am just trying to figure out if this is just something AFOL live with or something out of the norm and should get replaced. I am hesitant on reaching out for replacements as don't want to get on a "bad customer" list from TLG and when something is really wrong cannot get a replacement. Would appreciate your thoughts.
  15. Rather the making a new post, added a bit to this one. Curious how many coaches others are running. As this passenger set came with two coaches vs two engines in the last one (white one) easier to make a longer train. Getting a second set allows up to two engines and 4 coaches. This seams like a lot to me and not sure my little layout can handle a train this long. Have the following thoughts and questions (note I have not purchased a second set...just thinking about it at this time) 1) IMO this set does not display as nice as the last one (white one) with dual engines. If I would get a second set thinking I would modify this second engine into a 5th coach. 2) With a second set you get a second motor. Don't believe you can sink up multiple battery boxes of PF 2.0 to a single controller. This would force both motors to be installed in a manor to connect to a single battery box. Thinking this is a good thing as in my experience Lego trains prefer to be pulled then pushed. 3) Have seen a few mocs where the length of the coaches is extended. With two sets feel 4 longer coaches would be possible (plus a few extra bricks). For me the longer coaches don't run as well on my layout as have a lot of curves all the standard turning radius. Anyone else having this issue 4) Looking at the price, $160 US for a second train, motor, battery box, controller, and some track seams like a good deal Lego wise (Lego is expensive but appears you get a lot here). Does anyone else share this opinion?