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  1. Yes, a lot of the sets TLG is currently offering are beyond what a typical child could save up for. The fact that TLG is offering these shows others are purchasing these sets for these kids. This is working for TLG so I don't expect anything to change. In short, have a beer and don't worry about this. Things seam to always work out in the end and feel confident should the market place change TLG will adjust accordingly.
  2. Thank you for your thoughts. Agree if you are displaying the set, power functions is a must. We are leaning more toward adding it to our city.
  3. LegoDW

    Come visit the city of Glumsfield

    Been watching your City Updates for a while now. Looking good. You city like mine needs to be very kid friendly. You seam to do a better job them me keeping your presentable.
  4. Looking for some honest feedback. I'm like many of you with too much Lego and running out of room to display. That said, got my kids the pirate roller coaster and the big carousel this summer and we are adding an amusement park to our city. Been eyeing the Ferris Wheel that was just retired 10247. Having trouble determining if its really a good add to a Lego city. It looks huge! Assuming a lot of members on this forum purchased this set. As a few years have gone by since is first came out do you think it was a good purchase or do you have buyer regret? I usually lean toward buyer regret then missing out on a set I'm on the fence on (hence the too much Lego issue). Looking for some feedback before we make the call on getting/passing on this one.
  5. Has TLG come out and said all Speed Champions sets for 2020 will be 8 studs wide? Hoping its a blend of 6 and 8 wide cars for next year.
  6. LegoDW

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    Lot of good points brought up in this thread. My answer to the question should TLG take a break on Star Wars.....a firm NO! I look at it this way. If they offer a set I already have and its better, I'll purchase it and improve my collection. If its basically the same or a step back, I'll pass. No harm for me and even if I thinking my old set is equal or superior there are a lot of new collectors and kids that will be thrilled to get this re-release. Heck I wish we could order direct from TLG all the discontinued sets. I don't need fancy boxes or even instructions....just dump the bricks in a bag and send my way. Wouldn't that be nice. Regarding there being a break in new Star Wars movies over the next few years.......IMO Disney has never seen a dollar they didn't like so more movies are coming sooner then you think.
  7. LegoDW


    I like this better then the Corner Garage. I would buy this, know TLG would never build if submitted thru Lego Ideas but still can wish. Excellent job.
  8. LegoDW

    Bad boys, bad boys

    If you don't already have 40335 (rocket ride) thinking this might be a good set to incorporate into a vignette. Sorry, didn't see how old this thread was. Please disregard.
  9. LegoDW

    MOC Fire Pumper

    I like the unicorn lamps!
  10. LegoDW

    Road baseplate under modular building?

    Ok, this might seam like a dumb response but why couldn't you just tile your first floor to solve this problem. Place gray tiles where you want vehicular traffic and colored tiles where you don't. If the wall height becomes and issue with this modification, you could install regular plates under the walls to keep spacing unchanged.
  11. LegoDW

    REVIEW: 10267 Winter Village: Gingerbread House

    I'm glad you like it, I unfortunately do not share your opinion. If in the future you do purchase 2 sets, suggest you consider leaving the back open, relocating the chimneys (you will have two now) to the side of the house (one each side) and expand on the very nice roof line of the set. This moc would add at least two new rooms, suggest moving the bathroom to one (and expanding the existing bedroom) and for the ground floor.....move the kitchen and expand to one of the rooms and expand the existing living room. Maybe in the new kitchen have them making a mini gingerbread house. A lot of the sets coming out recently have mini builds of structures (new Disney trains set has a mini train in the station, mini Lego city in the Assembly Square, etc.). Glad you like the set. Looks like for AFOLs more like it then don't so should be a success for TLG. Hope you enjoy it for many Holiday seasons to come.
  12. LegoDW

    75955 Hogwarts Express Running Problems

    SD100, thank you for sharing your build. I purchased two of these sets. One has been powered with a motor under the tender. It works ok, need to add some weight to the engine. Planning on powering the second engine with the motor in the engine as you have done. Will post which option works best in my layout.
  13. LegoDW

    Beginnings of my modular city

    That is the first thing I thought of too. Your railroad track is going to eat up a lot space. Modulars plus road and trains need a lot of room. Could you move your desk to the right away from the wall. Basically making the desk section on the left a little deeper. Another 6" to 10" would really go a long way to adding a railroad and
  14. LegoDW

    Q&A: What is your favorite LEGO Vehicle?

    For us it 60060, car transport. Its not the prettiest set TLG has ever made but get the most play time from my kids. We have added a few more 4 stud wide cars to increase play ability.
  15. LegoDW

    [MOC] Halloween Village Train

    Very creative, good job. My favorite is the pumpkin car. Very colorful. Sure if I saw the spinning lighting in action might change my mind.