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  1. This subject really turned me off Lego for a bit. My goal is Lego is supposed to be fun and when its not I take a break. As popular as Barracuda Bay is really don't see why Bricklink (TLG) did not include one of the Pirate Ships to be considered for the Bricklink go fund me sets. The only reason I can think of is TLG feared this go fund me set would pull dollars away from the Barracuda Bay. As many set as the Barracuda has already sold......feel this is TLG being a little too greedy. Oh well, sailing on. I have an old Viking set that should be able to moc the boat into a nice Pirate Themed set. Thinking Impearl...something for the Barracuda to fight.
  2. See TLG is returning pre purchase funds if not hitting target during crowd funding stage. Does this also apply during the design review? Basically is TLG going to refund everyone's money if the do not produce the set?
  3. Hello. Looking for the post on this forum where someone moc'ed the station set 7997 in gray. They had several station mocs in their tread. Was well done. I recently build a moc similar in red//tan. Wanted to refresh my memory what it would look like in gray. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. LegoDW

    Upgrading Emerald Night from PF to PU

    So have you considered the current set 75955. Fairly simple to add an engine module under the tender. $65 US for the set, plus motor/battery box. Get two sets for an extra coach and moc engine. PU or PF, does not matter for adding power. If you go with the PU, you can control via the power up app. Can do limited programming for automation (easy programming). Adding a $15 color sensor open up automation even more!
  5. How about a Polar Express train! That was a popular movie
  6. Well.....hopefully another movie will become popular that features a good train for TLG to model. :)
  7. Lot of good discussion on this topic. Cost is definitely an issue IMO. TLG might explore offering more sets without PU items and track. Think the Harry Potter train sold well. No reason this could not be extending to the city theme, motorized and non motorized sets. Do hope any non motorized sets allow for the upgrade to motors thou!
  8. LegoDW

    Hogwarts Express 75955 moc. With Pictures

    Quick update on this moc. Hopefully you can see the pictures attached this time. Overall really did not like the look of this moc. Rebuild it more to a traditional building, (apologies no picture) and still didn't like it. Took it all apart and used set 7997 as my inspiration. Color choices were limited to bricks on hand. Like this one much better. Do plan on going back someday and cleaning things up a bit, maybe change out some colors. The walk way colors on the original set (brown and drak gary) IMO never matched well. This continues for my moc...that will be one of the first things I change. Anyhow, thought I would share. Hope inspires others to do even better! IMG_3306 by Bill battles, on Flickr Overview, Station services 3 track, Walkway connects middle platform to station. Campground in front of station. IMG_3307 by Bill battles, on Flickr If you look really hard you can see bits of the ot the original set in there. Red was the only color I had slope of this size in volume. Didn't have any corners so that is why the gray tiles were added. Design varys from 7997 as base is all one level and arches in the front. The clock and station sign made in into the moc. Personal favorite is the Grandma sharing a milkshake with her grandson on the roof. IMG_3309 by Bill battles, on Flickr Extended the platform, added some benches and two roof sections. The modified 4 by 6 plates are not a favorite. Prefer ones with full studs. Will be changing these out when parts are available. Had to check on those red slopes with the blue flags. Yep, the are official Lego.
  9. LegoDW

    Some dumb PU questions

    So I have been having some success with the app. Got a train to come out of a siding, run around the layout a few times and put itself back into the siding...repeat. Also got two trains to index themselves at my station, that is change tracks (passing siding at station). Required one going backward thru a switch but works good. Added way to many steps to maximize the trains swapping movements. If I was a kid, I never would have figured out the Power up app programming. Agree, for the price TLG charges for stuff one would think they could afford to properly support this product. They give you a sizeable book to build a pirate ship, but to program a train you are on your own.... Anyone find aftermarket PU plugs? As TLG does not provide extension cables need to make your own.
  10. LegoDW

    Some dumb PU questions

    Oddly, S@H was out of stock for the sensors, but my store had them. Added second sensor and my my trains are running by themselves. Life is good.... I found a series of youtube vidoes that where very helpful explaining the blocks of the app. Wish I had found this before. Lot of good info. Now I need to find a way to add more sounds to the app.
  11. LegoDW

    Some dumb PU questions

    Thank you, that is it. Now I need to get a second color sensor. Is their any documentation on what all the function blocks do in this app? Assume their is a block for a motor that will ramp the speed up slowly, currently I am using a bunch of reg motor blocks, increase them each by 20% with a timer in between them. Acts like a ramp up speed but sure there is a better way to do this.
  12. LegoDW

    Some dumb PU questions

    Question on the Lego Powered Up app. In the custom programming building "create" , saw a video where program was able to code for two hubs at the same time. I cannot locate where this block is that he used. It is located right at the 5;00 min mark on the video. I am able to link to both hubs, just cannot find this control block need. Really neat video showing power of the app. I am wanting to control two trains at a station with a passing siding.
  13. LegoDW

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    Thank you for the explanation. Was unaware the voltage on my Ni-MH was only 1.2 V. Can see some advantages. One key performance I see from the Power Up system, like the PF before, was putting the battery box over the motor. How dose one 9 V battery compare to 6 AAA in weight?
  14. LegoDW

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    I an not that familiar with Lithium Batteries. Why would you do this vs using rechargeable Ni-Mh? I have been happy with my AAA Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable ones.