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  1. LegoDW

    Lego a Christmas Carol

    Built this GWP. Yes spent the $200 min for the teal brick too. Anyways, this is a very nice set. Lot of details. I would have paid more then the $22 US TLG suggest retail listed for it. If you are on the fence, suggest getting it. As expensive as Lego is, spending $150 US is not very difficult, does hurt the wallet a bit. Continued. Pros, free sort of.... lot of nice bricks. very detailed good mini figs (not sure if new, I didn't have these torsos) displays well from the back, was not expecting this in a GWP Cons stickers no ghosts non opening door If you had two of these sets, very easy to expand the display (put books end to end). I plan on keeping my set build, not using for parts. Like it that much.
  2. LegoDW

    I couldn't wait for set 60285...

    Hopefully it will be a huge seller and TLG will offer some new 6 stud wide vehicles back in the Speed Champions line.
  3. LegoDW

    10278 Police Station

    Late to this discussion. This new modular from the outside is very generic, could easily moc into a post office or whatever. If any complaints regarding this set feel should be toward the small building on the right, 6 by 6 inside...what you going to do with that? Wish they had put that space into the bakery.
  4. Have not purchased yet, do plan on getting. Glad you enjoyed the set. If you don't have the Barracuda strongly recommend.
  5. LegoDW

    10278 Police Station

    After looking at the reveal picture's, this looks like a nice set. For me, not interested in a a police station, but this set so well done feel very easy to convert the main building into whatever! if I keep it a police station, will need some parking near by for vehicles.
  6. LegoDW

    Lighting the Winter Village

    Just purchase some regular Christmas lights and put them in the buildings, from the back. As long as your displays against a wall or something to make the back not visible you should be good. Quick and cheap remedy. There are a lot of light kits out there, some for the train. Unfortunately, the power up/power functions plugs are not available from these kits. Will need a separate battery pack. You could get a motor or extension cable and cut the cord...then solder the plug to what ever kit your purchase.
  7. Ok, lets leave all those cannon in there!!!! Going to go challenge the Barracuda and don't want to be out gunned.
  8. LegoDW

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    Just a FYI, some plastics are not fish safe. Sure Lego is, just word of caution .
  9. LegoDW

    Tree house 21318 in stock at Walmart

    Just checked and at S@H, changed status to on back order. Hopefully that means they are making another run of this set before it discontinues. Now if they could get some Downtown Diners in stock!
  10. Here is the link of you have not already checked it. I meant the bottom deck was a little high on the cannon count, would prefer crew quarters instead. My favorite thing on this ship is the blue haul with the blue/white sails. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. LegoDW

    Suggestions for a short train

    Hey did you try with one one wheel set per bogie (truck). Your cars (couches) are so short might look better. For your engine the motor will need duel wheel sets, but the front bogie could just have one, Regarding your layout, those are tight turns. Unfortunate you have the white support right at the end of the turn. If you could move back even 1 stud would give you a little better clearance. I like the purple. Can you print replacements for the yellow roof, purple would look better IMO.
  12. LegoDW

    Sets that makes your highly emotional?

    Set 3181, this is the set that got me back into the hobby. Few years back got a few lego sets for the kids, I was really not that interested. Purchased this set used locally. Holding it in my hands brought all the fun back from my childhood. My family now has a good collection of Lego now, this is still my favorite. While most of our sets are collecting dust, this one is still swooping1
  13. LegoDW

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    Generally I am more focused on what's in the box vs what's displayed on the box. Yes, TLG new 18+ rating is basically a joke, but really doesn't impact my purchases. IMO liked the more colorful display art in general.
  14. LegoDW

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    If you want them and they make you happy, go ahead and purchase. Just don't bring it up on the forum, folks get a little touchy on clones. Maybe a few years after TLG discontinues them will be more excepted by the community.