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  1. cubo

    [MOC] IKEA microscale

    You're absolutely right Thank you all!
  2. cubo

    [MOC] IKEA microscale

    Hi there, Some of you might remember my IKEA furniture store in minifig-scale - I did store it too hot, so it has been shrinking More pictures can be found in this Flickr album. Greetings, cubo
  3. cubo

    [MOC] Donald and Daisy Duck

    Thanks! Well, if Daisy has her eyes not fully open (like in a lot of pictures), you are absolutely right. But if she does, the eyelashes are "at the top" - to be honest, I think with the round printed tile this way it looks much better (a printed quarter tile would be perfect ;-) )
  4. Hi everybody, Well, there is not too much to say: Donald and Daisy Duck as BrickHeadz: Greetings, cubo
  5. cubo

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    I just had to bring in the Lego PF LEDs as well, that makes it not easier on the front!
  6. cubo

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    I'm flattered... Well done!
  7. Hmm, I share Huw's opinion expressed in his review on brickset: If you just look at it, it is a neat set - but if you know the original Ideas submission you realize it could have been better... I do not understand why they didn't use at least the new "middle" length legs for Barney.
  8. Does anyone know if the TLM2 BrickHeadz will be available in Europe?
  9. I was hoping as well that the latest BrickHeadz will pop up outside the Lego stores - only Harry & Hedwig and Owen & Blue made it other stores here in Austria.
  10. cubo

    [MOD] Darth Vader Brickheadz Inzide

    Reminds me of Lord Helmet...
  11. cubo

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    Ritztoys, The driving motor in the trailer is installed horizontal, just above the trailer wheels. You can spot the PF medium motor in this picture (at the right side of the opening): And there is some "snotting" in the Driver Cab - the cab in general is quite fragile as there are a lot of "1-stud-connections" (and not all of them are fully attached, e.g. the green 2x2 tile at the front).
  12. cubo

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Excellent work! Well done!
  13. I like the Speed Champions line in general, but I really love the old Rally Mini. Going 5-wide was definitely the right choice - too sad that it only comes together with the "modern" Rally Car (which looks awful in my opinion)...