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  1. You get 1-2 hours per night?? Lucky bastard I have some shelves with sets on display in a room I use as my office. When I buy new shelves I`ll have to place them in the guestroom. And after that I guess I`ll have to get creative
  2. It`ll take a while, but I`ll post a picture when they are done At my current pace, with a small child in the house, it`s not too often that I can sit down and start building. And I need some more shelves (and maybe a new, bigger room) to display the ones that are not built yet
  3. Mostly, the two boxes at the bottom contains several sets. The boxes one the top contains several smaller sets that I haven't ordered the missing pieces for yet. Would've taken a lot less space if I bought smaller boxes for the smaller sets.
  4. Backlog is growing, 50+ sets now