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  1. I haven't seen this idea done before on here before and hopefully it will benefit more people than just myself Basically if you want to see what a certain combination of minifig parts looks like, you can post the parts you want to see (with links) and if another user has those parts they can take a picture and post it as a reply. If the minifig is based on someone, you could link reference pictures and other users could give feedback as to whether or not it looks like them and offer alternatives. For example: Parts: Tamina's hair in dark brown and either Hermione/Padme's head or Rey's head Based on: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games References: (1) (2) Also if this thread takes off and becomes popular I'll make an index and update it to make it easier to find others' ideas in case you need the same ones.
  2. MattieG7

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I saw Age of Ultron yesterday. I know some other people have commented on the accuracy of the sets and figures included but I thought I’d give my opinion as well. Iron Man vs. Ultron: Avengers Hydra Showdown: Hulkbuster Smash: Quinjet City Chase: Attack on Avengers Tower: Hydra Fortress Smash:
  3. MattieG7

    Lucky LEGO finds

    This may not seem like the best deal ever but I think it's still a good deal. Was looking on Gumtree and found the Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout for £40, great price considering the exclusive hulk figure and it was all complete with box, instructions and comic book. Not to mention that it's almost 3 years old and eBay prices are very high, but this was new and £10 less than the original price! The seller was also advertising the Captain America set for £15 instead of the £11.99 RRP but I still bought it as well because to be honest I'm not very likely to find the set for any less than that anywhere else. Now to find the Quinjet set with the exclusive Black Widow + Iron Man Mk7 figs
  4. MattieG7

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I love this thread as I love being organised so this is soothing for me I have a considerable amount of parts that are scattered randomly in large boxes and stored under my bed, but as I want to buy more for MOCs, Brickfilms etc I figured I need some form of organisation and storage. I have bought a large amount of ziploc bags - 100 each of the 2x3", 3.5x4.5" and 4x5.5", which should be enough to hold my pieces if they're sorted well enough. They're so cheap on Amazon (UK) - £1.18 for the 2x3.5" bags, £0.81 for the 3.5x4.5" bags, £1.61 for the 4x5.5" bags, all with free delivery, and I had enough left over on an Amazon giftcard so it was free anyway. Once I've sorted out all the parts into the ziploc bags then it will give me a clear view on what the best storage method/s would be. I'm geared towards: ​44 drawer organisers for £22.99 in Maplin - for most/all parts, would prefer these as I can easily access the parts without searching through picking up box after box looking; having drawers that I can see that just slide out would be so much easier. There are also different size draws if I have more/larger parts, but they are the most expensive option. Compartment boxes with removable dividers from Maplin for £5.99 - mainly for 1xN plates, studs, tiles, bricks, cheese slopes etc. Really Useful Boxes 0.07l for 60p for 0.14l for 70p from Hobbycraft - also mainly for 1xN parts 500ml plastic takeaway boxes, 8 for 99p from 99p stores - A mixture of these (most likely) I would love to have a room devoted entirely to LEGO but hopefully I will in the future
  5. Unfortunately not I bidded with about 10 seconds to go but they had already set up a maximum bid limit. While I think this feature can be helpful if you can't get to eBay for when the auction closes, it puts them at an unfair advantage, and the whole experience of the auctions is to be there and have that competitive spirit, not just to put in any amount and wait for people to realise you've bidded higher than they want to
  6. Not sure if this is in the right place as it is a question to do with BSTF but I didn't want to clog that section with this question. I've recently considered buying sets from eBay as I was unsure about it but now I realise that it can actually work out cheaper than bricklink (buying whole sets as well as sourcing individual parts). The last sets from the Harry Potter line were discontinued in June 2012 before I got the chance to buy some of them, and since then (like other LEGO sets) the prices have skyrocketed - I'm scared to think of what will happen when it comes to purchasing Diagon Alley Anyway, I've found this (complete!!!) 4866 Knight Bus for £24.99 + £6.99 P&P. The set originally sold for £29.99 so I think this is quite a good deal, especially for an auction, but I wanted more opinions . It ends in just under an hour so I need to act fast There are other (cheaper) Knight Buses listed but their end dates are a lot further away so there would be more chance for someone to outbid me. There are also no other bids on the listing, maybe because people are realising that it's going to work out more expensive than the original RRP, but I think that the longer I leave it the more people will realise they can boost their prices up, and the Buy It Now listings are expensive enough as it is! The seller has 100% positive feedback (1971) so that's not the reason no-one has bidded yet. So basically should I (at least attempt to) bid on it? It would help me to reach a logical decision
  7. Updated. I haven't been on for a couple of months so I've just tidied up some pending trades and now the list is properly done, and I've added some more Series 10 and 11 trades.
  8. MattieG7

    More TV show licenses?

    I would love LEGO Doctor Who as well but I think Character Building has the rights to it
  9. Series 1-3 CMFs. I only properly started collecting them at Series 4 (only got 2 packets from Series 2 and 2 from Series 3), now the prices for some of the first 3 series figures are ridiculous!
  10. +1 to edgarzigne Good trader and minifigures are in excellent condition. Thanks for the trade :classic:
  11. I am a UK trader and would prefer to stick to trading within the UK unless someone overseas has a figure I particularly want. I am a trusted trader, although not being on the Straightshooters list, I used to trade football cards a few years and received good feedback - see here All of my minifigures that I have for trade have been opened to confirm the contents, but they come with the stand and accessories in a ziploc bag. First come, first served. Minifigures in red are ones that are in the process of being traded. Feel free to PM me for offers or any questions. For trade: Series 1: None Series 2: None Series 3: None Series 4: Surfer Girl x 1 Werewolf x 2 Artist x 1 Series 5: Zookeeper x 1 Fitness Instructor x 1 Boxer x 1 Series 6: Flamenco Dancer x 2 Series 7: Tennis Ace x 3 Hippie x 1 Evil Knight x 2 Team GB: None Series 8: Conquistador x 1 Downhill Skier x 1 Series 9: Heroic Knight x 1 Roman Emperor x 1 Alien Avenger x 1 Series 10: Roman Commander x 1 Series 11: Yeti x 1 Saxophone Player x 2 Minifigures I need: Series 1: Tribal Hunter Cheerleader Caveman Circus Clown Zombie Skater Robot Demolition Dummy Magician Super Wrestler Ninja Spaceman Forestman Deep Sea Diver Cowboy Series 2: Maraca Man Spartan Warrior Ringmaster Vampire Explorer Lifeguard Pop Star Skier Disco Dude Karate Master Surfer Pharaoh Series 3: Fisherman Pilot Tribal Chief Samurai Warrior Snowboarder Space Villain Elf Tennis Player Space Alien Hula Dancer Rapper Baseball Player Series 4: Garden Gnome Musketeer Series 5: None Series 6: Clockwork Robot Butcher Mechanic Series 7: Swimming Champion Bagpiper Galaxy Patrol Team GB: Judo Fighter Relay Runner Horseback Rider Series 8: The Thespian Series 9: Hollywood Starlet Roller Derby Girl Fortune Teller Series 10: Librarian Medusa Bumblebee Girl Grandpa Sea Captain Series 11: Not open to receiving yet (Still in stores)
  12. MattieG7

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    Brilliant as ever Oky, the Harry Potter one had me in stitches :thumbup:
  13. MattieG7

    Your dream Lego theme

    I would LOVE a Hunger Games theme, I already have some sets in mind: Hunting in the Woods [9.99] Minifigs: Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne Set: Tree with cage, and some woodland animals (New molds of squirrels, rabbits etc?) The Tribute Parade [19.99] Minifigs: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Cinna, Caesar Flickerman Set: Chariot with 2 black horses and flames The Training Center [29.99] Minifigs: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Marvel, Cato, Seneca Crane Set: Targets with bow and arrows, Practice dummies, lots of weapons and weights. The Reaping [59.99] Minifigs: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Primrose Everdeen, Effie Trinket, Haymitch Abernathy, Peacekeeper x2 Set: Stage with microphone in middle, 2 big glass balls containing lots of 1x1 tiles The 74th Hunger Games [99.99] Minifigs: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, Foxface, Rue, Thresh Set: Modular build. Part 1: Cornucopia with lots of weapons and other items in and around it and 9 starting plates. Part 2: Tree with Tracker Jacker nest in it, and campfire under it. Part 3: Cave where Katniss and Peeta kiss. Part 4: Clearing where Rue gets trapped and then killed. Seperate hovercraft with claw that comes out from the bottom.
  14. Ballerina Gender: Female Headgear: Bright light yellow hair in bun Facial expression: Pretty Torso: White leotard Legs: Yellow (with white leotard pattern on front and sides, matches up with torso) Accessory: Tutu (fits on legs like S3 hula skirt) Basketball Player Gender: Male Headgear: Black afro Facial expression: Happy Torso: Yellow with blue vest with “08” number Legs: Yellow with blue shorts pattern and red sneakers Accessories: Basketball Boy Scout Gender: Male Headgear: Reddish brown scruffy hair Facial expression: Eager Torso: Tan shirt with scarf Legs: Dark tan Accessories: Sash (over shoulder like satchel) Burglar Gender: Male Headgear: Black beret Facial expression: Sneaky, mask print Torso: Black and white stripes Legs: Black Accessories: SWAG bag and crowbar Court Judge Gender: Male Headgear: Judge wig Facial expression: Stern Torso: Black torso with collar and tie showing Legs: Black legs Accessories: Gavel, black cape Cowgirl Gender: Female Headgear: Tamina hair in dark orange Facial expression: Happy/Angry Torso: White blouse with yellow frills Legs: Reddish brown with dark brown boot pattern Accessories: Lasso, Hat DJ Gender: Male Headgear: Blue cap with headphone on front Facial expression: Sunglasses Torso: Plain red with headphones Legs: Dark tan legs Accessories: Headphones (hang around neck like S7 swimmer medal), record Grim Reaper Gender: Male Headgear: Hood Facial expression: Black with red eyes Torso: Black Legs: Black Accessories: Cape, Scythe Groom Gender: Male Headgear: Dark brown smooth hair Facial expression: Torso: Black suit with tie and flower over breast pocket Legs: Black Accessories: Ring (Lord of the Rings type) Gymnast Gender: Male Headgear: Short tan hair Facial expression: Determined Torso: Yellow with white vest showing muscles Legs: Yellow with white shorts Accessories: None Jogger Gender: Male Headgear: Slicked-back hair Facial expression: Sweaty Torso: Dark blue with tracksuit top pattern Legs: Dark blue Accessories: None Magic Fairy Gender: Female Headgear: Black hair in bun Facial expression: Sweet/Angry Torso: Yellow (with pink dress pattern) Legs: Yellow (with pink dress pattern, matches up with torso) Accessories: Fairy wings and attached skirt (Fits on back like cape and over legs like skirt/kilt), wand Medusa Gender: Female Headgear: Green with snakes Facial expression: Flattery/Angry (White eyes) Torso: Light flesh with black basque Legs: Black Ninjago snake tail Accessories: Bow and arrow? I don’t know, she had one in Clash of the Titans Rollerskater Gender: Female Headgear: Tan ponytail Facial expression: Happy Torso: Purple hoodie Legs: Dark bley legs Accessories: Rollerskates (fit onto the bottom of each foot) School Jock Gender: Male Headgear: Sweepy hair Facial expression: Smirking Torso: Red varsity jacket Legs: Dark blue with jeans pattern Accessory: American Football Super Spy Gender: Male Headgear: Short black hair Facial expression: Serious/Sunglasses Torso: Black Legs: Black Accessories: Briefcase, laser
  15. MattieG7

    Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Video Game

    Every time I see new pictures, 90% of the time, it honestly is the highlight of my day :) 9 days! ('cause I'm in the UK )