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  1. BenderBrau

    Seasonal 2019

    Okay, Ghost is pretty much perfect and it's now the only BH I look forward to. Dragon Dance Guy look neat, but it's a poor compensation for the exclusive sets Asia will get. The rest is fine, I just hope there will be another set for Christmas, a proper vignette like we used to have.
  2. BenderBrau

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    No use of word "exclusive" in any form. There is a slim chance! I'm asking since similar thing happened last time, everyone expected Year of the Dog to be available in China like few previous Chinese New Year sets, only for it to be revealed as a GWP worldwide, and now it can be purchased in store. Hopefully the new sets will eventually be avalable in the west, because I'm not paying for them 300 bucks on eBay, I'm not that crazy
  3. BenderBrau

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Is there an official statement from LEGO that they're going to be absolutely, one hundred percent, irrevocably exclusive to China? Cause that would suck big time. These sets are incredible, I've never seen an official product like this; there have been some nice vignettes, especially Christmas themed, but none with this level of detail. Also, 15 minifiures in what looks like 200 piece set? HOW?! Seems as if they were made specifically to make us western AFOLs angry
  4. BenderBrau

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    That doesn't seem right, 75945? Shouldn't it be a continuation, starting with -57 or something?
  5. BenderBrau

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    There are three four more sets, per BrickMerge (and translator): 31090 Underwater Robot, 20 € 31092 Helicopter Adventure, 10 € 31093 Houseboat 30 € 31094 Racing Aircraft 30 € Only one house from this wave sadly. Also it seems that only 31092 and 31094 will come with minifigs, the latter being a somewhat continuation of this year's 31085 Stunt Show should have at least a pilot (just my speculation, I haven't seen it yet, I may be mistaken). From what we've seen today, I'm digging Sunset Track Racer and especially Deep Sea Creatures. I'm slightly disappointed with Shuttle Transporter, the shuttle itself looks neat but the truck looks weird not having proper cabin for a minifig, and the secondary builds look boring.
  6. BenderBrau

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    1. Mickey (Fantasia, wizard's hat and broom). 2. Donald (DuckTales) 3. Goofy 4. Scrooge (DuckTales) 5. Jasmine (Rajah the tiger or Apu) 6. Jafar (cane, Iago) 7. Cruella de Vil (new, thicker cloth for her fur coat) 8. Belle (village outfit, a book) 9. Gaston (rifle) 10. Fairy Godmother (wand, pumpkin) 11. Cinderella (glass slipper) 12. Pinocchio (molded head with detachable short and long noses, Figaro the cat) 13. Jiminy Cricket (umbrella, top hat) 14. Mowgli 15. Baloo 16. Winnie the Pooh (honey jar) 17. Joy 18. Bing Bong 19. Judy Hopps 20. Nick Wilde
  7. I haven't watched it, but quick google search shows just his normal suit with sombrero instead of a sailor's hat. Do you have something different in mind, which I don't see?
  8. Well, there's always the Quack Pack version which, may I add, is still more likely than... ahem Jokes aside, they'll almost definitely go with the black outfit, still very iconic and recognizable among children - thanks to the DuckTales
  9. Yeah, as if HP wasn't exciting enough I was low-key hoping they'll create another series since I kinda ignored the first one like a complete moron I can't afford such foolishness this time around.
  10. BenderBrau

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Pictures of the box have leaked. Looks really lovely, hopefully the suggested 80€ will translate to no more than £70. I will definitely try to buy it for Christmas, just need to be sure when will the GWPs in the UK be.
  11. BenderBrau


    1. Marching band member, any instrument 2. Greek Philosopher 3. Anchorman 4. Evil cyborg (pretty much Terminator, but without the name) 5. Carnival dancer (think Rio) 6. Valkyrie 7. Shipwreck survivor (Crusoe) 8. Fashionista 9. Noir detective 10. Charlatan 11. Rebel teen (think James Dean in Rebel without a cause) 12. Duke 13. Biker (à la Hells Angels) 14. White knight 15. Gardener 16. Phantom (of the opera)
  12. BenderBrau

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wouldn't be much of a leak if it was scheduled
  13. BenderBrau

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The "leaked" image is of the project itself, not the final product. Unless they didn't change anything, including STAMPs
  14. BenderBrau

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Fantastic! I was really hoping for the Treehouse to be approved ever since I first saw it. I believe it was still under 1000 votes when I supported the project. And it achieved 10k quite fast, too, which got my hopes way too high, something I try to avoid since Lego isn't too keen on chosing larger Ideas. But lo and behold, the project is being made and I couldn't be happier The Flintstones being also chosen is a nice surprise, too. I'm curious how the designer will manage to redesign the car to make the minifigs touch the ground - a little detail mr. AndrewClark2 seems to have forgotten about I also wonder if it's going to come out in 2020, the show's 60th anniversary. If yes, that would leave 2019 with only one new Ideas set, the Pop-up Book. Real shame about the Stitch though, he's just so cute
  15. BenderBrau

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It says coming soon in all of Europe, but it's sold out in USA/Canada and not listed at all in Australia/New Zealand. We'll find out in a week, I wouldn't mind getting that set, although it really is weird there's nothing new coming (except BH). BTW, Korea has double VIP points right now. Go figure...