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  1. Graupensuppe

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    The new SW clone trooper head (6308125) is available for $/€ 0.32.
  2. 301 pieces, including Senator Palpatine, a republic pilot, and a blue senate guard.
  3. Well, Lego already made a Cody helmet mold... but only for the buildable action figure
  4. Well, it could mean CMFs... or it could mean they are going to use those new cardboard boxes instead of polybags.
  5. Lego could have put him in just about any GAR or CIS set, but they didn't. Not once in 16 years, not even in the 2020 Grievous' Starfighter where it would have made perfect sense. So one could get the impression that they don't want to release him in a regular set and that they are waiting for something else. Now the very first PT UCS set with minifigures has been announced, so some probably think that this is the only possibility that's left.
  6. Graupensuppe

    Separatist Army

    I've built a few separatist MOCs: But they're only built in LDD; I don't know if the models are stable or of the parts exist in these colors.
  7. They don't really confirm it though, they just mention the rumors. By my calculations the model should be approximately 67 cm long with cannons and 56 cm without.
  8. That's the length of the LAAT/c dropship. The regular one is 17.4 meters long. If they use cockpit pieces with a length of 10 studs, the length of the model including cannons should be close to 70 cm. Quite a bit larger than minifigure scale. At Millennum Falcon scale it would only be 42 cm.
  9. Graupensuppe

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Not sure if this counts as a Star Wars purchase, but I bought some minifigure parts to kitbash AotC clone troopers in training fatigues. Now I only need two of the new clone heads...
  10. Not for ships of that size. It makes sense for the UCS versions of small starfighters to be larger than minifigure scale. Huge ships and vehicles (starting at the 40 m Sandcrawler up to the 160 km Death Star) obviously can't be built at minifigure scale either. But the 35 m Millennium Falcon, the 20 m Imperial Shuttle, and the 20 m Slave I were released as minifigure scale UCS models, and the length of the Gunship (17.4 m) is pretty similar.
  11. Graupensuppe

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hogsmeade is a better Winter Village set than most of the actual Winter Village sets we've been getting lately. The shapes and proportions of the Great Hall looks much better than the 2018 version to me. Unfortunately the tower doesn't look like the Grand Staircase Tower at all.
  12. Armor and helmet prints are still sometimes based on the animated style, but there are no "cartoony" faces anymore.
  13. Graupensuppe

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

  14. Graupensuppe

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some more generic minifigures would be great. Masked Death Eaters from OotP. Dementors (OotP / DH style). Suits of armor / knight statues.