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  1. Unlike the Trade Federation Coreships and the Techno Union Hardcell Transports, this ship was only seen in the far background on Geonosis. Nevertheless I think it deserves to be made as an official set before other Separatist ships get their third or fourth remake... I included five minifigures: A Geonosis Battle Droid Pilot, a Super Battle Droid, Shu Mai of the Commerce Guild, Denaria Kee of the Corporate Alliance, and Quarren leader Tikkes. Also includes a base to hold the ship in upright in launch position. Unfortunately Shu Mai doesn't quite fit into her own ship, so I put a droid pilot in there. A box with six projectiles for the stud shooters can be attached on the underside. The model has 583 pieces.
  2. The remakes of Grievous' starfighter and the AAT that have been announced for this summer seem like a boring choice to me. So I tried to build one of the many separatist ships Lego has never made as a set, at a small size that would allow it to be released as a regular 34,99 € set. The included minifigures are Wat Tambor of the Techno Union and Passel Argente of the Corporate Alliance, a Super Battle Droid, and a Geonosis battle droid pilot with a replacement torso to turn him into a regular BD. Also includes two freight containers, an energy cell, a tool, and a Count Dooku hologram. Above the fuel cells, where Anakin tells his clone pilot to aim in the movie, the ship can break apart. The uppermost part of the ship can be opened and contains a control panel for Wat Tambor or the pilot. If the control panel is removed this rooms also fits the freight boxes. Piece count is 218!
  3. I measured the renders of the CG model from episode 1 in the "Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels" book. But they're printed at a rather small size so the width and height may not be completely accurate. I don't have the 2015 model, but from what I can see it's about 15.5 cm long, 12.8 cm wide and 9 cm high. That would make it too small, but also way too high compared to its length.
  4. My calculations: Minifigure scale: Approx. 1:42 (3 studs = 1 meter) Length of CG model: 9.75 m Approx. length of 2009 model: 20.8 cm (should be 23.4 cm) Approx. width of CG model: 7.25 m Approx. width of 2009 model: 19.2 cm (should be 17.4 cm) Approx. height of CG model: 4.40 m Approx. height of 2009 model: 11.3 cm (should be 10.6 cm) You're right, it's too high and wide for its length.
  5. The AAT has a length of 9 or 10 meters. The size of the 2009 set seemed spot-on to me.
  6. Graupensuppe

    [MOC] Stargate Atlantis - Exploring Pegasus!

    Unfortunately I found no Lego piece that could be used as a lemon...
  7. A nice and compact 380-piece minifigure-scale Stargate model. After three or four tries I was also able to submit this on Ideas:
  8. Graupensuppe

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The choice of minifigures seems disappointing to me. No masked OotP Death Eaters, no OotP Dementors, no HBP Dumbledore, no McGonnagall in her black outfit, no Thestrals, no young Tom Riddle.
  9. Graupensuppe

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    According to polls on and, about 50% voted for the Nebulon B, 35% for the Gunship, and 15% for the TIE. But I don't know how representative these results are.
  10. UCS sets can be minifigure scale too. I'd love to see a gunship that's studless and more accurately shaped than the playsets, uses more advanced building techniques, and comes with a stand. But it doesn't need to be much bigger than 7676.
  11. IMO they could use the same face for the clone troopers forever - it just needs to actually look like a Fett clone's face and have a darker skin color and a more generic expression. For the Imperial and First Order troopers they should simply use any generic male faces that are currently in production anyway.
  12. Graupensuppe

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I wonder if this is going to be an architecture-focused set like the Tower Bridge, or if they're going to bring these back
  13. Graupensuppe

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Apparently he's selling weapons and fish... but no cabbages.
  14. Graupensuppe

    Stickers isn't a big deal! Or is it?

    I don't mind stickers at all - if they are good quality. But the ones Lego uses tend to self-destruct after as little as two years, and that really isn't acceptable, especially if a set costs several hundred Euros.
  15. I wish the "movie Lloyd" and/or the "old Luke" hairpiece existed in regular reddish brown... That would make it possible to kitbash a way more accurate episode 3 Anakin.