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  1. The AT-TE's feet were completely redesigned, but they're just as inaccurate as before (wrong number and position of "toes")...
  2. We're getting more commanders than regular troopers...
  3. I agree. And they did, for some time. 75088 Senate Commando Troopers was clearly based on TCW but used the same realistic armor prints as the other sets.
  4. He appears to be based on a concept that ultimately wasn't used for RotS: (top right).
  5. They've been doing that since 2020 (look at the torsos of the Airborne Trooper in Grievous' Starfighter and the Commander in the UCS Gunship). They look so bad compared to the 2014-2019 style, it's really putting me off from buying any of the recent clone sets...
  6. Graupensuppe

    [MOC] Fortress Inquisitorius

    I think this would have been a better choice for the second Obi-Wan Kenobi set... 414 pieces, including the Fourth Sister, a Purge Trooper, a Seeker Droid, a Mouse Droid, and
  7. It's a shame that Vader wears his inner cape under his shoulder armor in the show. I'd love to get another ANH / Rogue One / Rebels style torso. .
  8. The Razor Crest is not a bad choice; but it still irks me that The Mandalorian gets a UCS starship almost immediately while there is none for TPM after 23 and RotS after 17 years.
  9. Graupensuppe

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Everyone seems to love the Lego should release a diorama set based on it.
  10. Well, it's actually 80€.
  11. The mold could be re-used for generic AotC Kaminoan B and Yarael Poof.
  12. They could have made Taun We slightly taller by using the old 2x2x2 slope.
  13. Well... She doesn't even have a back in the movie.