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  1. LennyRhys

    What is your most sought after Technic set?

    Just two sets for me: 42009 and 42043. I think I'd like to build them more than I'd like to actually have them, because I tend to grow bored of Technic sets pretty quickly (I've already sold 42065).
  2. When I was younger I didn't take care of my Lego, but I think that's pretty much the norm for most kids. Now, as an AFOL, I take very good care of my stuff and I keep it out of children's reach at all times! Most of my Lego is currently boxed up in the attic, but some of my City models are on display in the spare bedroom. If I buy used Lego on ebay, I find it much easier to "use" than new Lego from sets. It's a weird psychological thing, isn't it?
  3. Nice review - thanks! Price-wise it's the most attractive of the new Technic sets by far, currently equivalent to around 45 euro in the UK on Amazon at £39.96. That works out at 6.75p per part, which is very good for a small Technic set.
  4. LennyRhys

    Sariel's 2H2018 Technic reviews

    Great reviews - thanks! I like all the models, though some more than others, and if I had to choose one it'd be 42079. The price of the Forest Machine is ridiculous - I could have bought 42043 for about the same price not long after it was released (it was around £130 on Amazon UK for some time).
  5. LennyRhys

    Intercity bus LiAZ 5251

    This is really nice - there are some great building techniques at the front and the engine detail is fantastic. Great job!
  6. LennyRhys

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    These are incredible - thanks for sharing!
  7. LennyRhys

    James Bond 2018

    It's not an assumption; it's a fundamental principle of business. If a LEGO set wasn't going to be profitable for TLG they would never give it the go-ahead. Granted, there will be liecence costs to cover, but it's still a ludicrous amount of money for a set of its size / piece count. And to say "it's the same shape" is missing the point somewhat - the image that shows the overlay of the profile view demonstrates without quibble that it's not the same shape. Whether or not people are happy with this margin of error is a different matter (i.e., purely subjective), and that's where the controversy lies.
  8. LennyRhys

    James Bond 2018

    When I first saw the reveal on Facebook I was really impressed - it looks like such a cool set with great functionality and definitely a "collectable" for the more serious AFOL or diehard Bond fan. But... the likeness of the car is not great. There's only so much you can do with Lego bricks at such a small scale, and it's never going to look as good as some people want it to. When you see the picture of the set together with the silhouette of the DB5, you can see that it's a BIG difference in shape, to the extent that by its silhouette it's simply not recognisable as the same vehicle. And there's the price. Forget licensing and gadgetry - the only reason TLG have put that ludicrous price tag on the set is so that they can make a good profit on it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. LennyRhys

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader / JCB with Prototype Bucket

    Thanks for the comments all! ColletArrow - design process was similar, but considerably easier due to the size and simplicity of the part. I wouldn't rule out making a production run of the smaller bucket (once the design is finalised) but there'd need to be a strong interest in the community to make such an endeavour worthwhile. I hear ya on the shape... I like the curves of the old bucket more than the angular look of the big ones, so I went with that idea while trying not to make it "too" realistic or un-toy-like. legoboy3998 - the prototype is made by hand from sheet styrene, cut with a craft knife. The studs come from the top portion of a white bracket. I agree that the bucket looks a little too big so I'll probably make a second one that is two studs wide. LegoDW - yep there is space to mount two levers just inside the back window. I had to change the design very slightly when the wheel arch parts arrived because in the original design they were too close to the wheels, so I had to raise them by a plate which meant moving parts of the cab around. If I do get around to building a second bucket in the next week or so I'll add to this thread.
  10. Hi folks! I want to introduce my follow-up to the Monster Miner I designed back in 2015, and this time the digger is of a more reasonable size and will be more accessible to fans of vehicles in minifig scale. Here are some photos along with a little blurb about the model and its history. The model is inspired (of course) by the many backhoes that featured in Lego System sets over the years, my favourite of which is the one that came in set 4543. I didn't own the set but I'm able to build the backhoe from my own stock, except for the black bucket. This remains one of my favourite System vehicles ever because it's so feature-rich and has amazing detail considering the era. I also want to draw attention to EB member SheepEater who built a nice update of the backhoe last year, and his thread can be found here: I wanted my backhoe to take the best of what has come before and (hopefully) improve upon it without making it too large or unnecessarily fiddly. Here is my result (still in development!): - - - The backhoe itself can be removed easily, and can be mounted either to the left side/right side/ or exact centre, just like on the real machine. This is a feature I have tried to implement for over two decades, and now (finally) there are parts that allow for it to be done in a very small space, unlike the 2x2 turntables of old! - Onto the prototype bucket. As you can see from the pictures above, the old grey hinge and bucket stick out like a sore thumb, so I set about developing a new bucket for the model (and for other models too). I had a small checklist when I went about designing the bucket: 1) it should be larger, 3 studs wide 2) it should have studs rather than a hinge, allowing for greater creativity 3) it should have teeth, in-keeping with the current design of TLG buckets 4) its shape should not stray too far from the original backhoe bucket, but it will be deeper and have greater capacity so that it doesn't look awkwardly small And here is the result. I've primed it grey and will leave it like this because I like the neutrality of the colour. - And on the model, for reference - do you think it looks better than the official (outdated!) part? - - And finally, a comparison between old a new. The size difference is obvious, but my MOC still lacks front suspension! Thanks for looking, and please comment/let me know your thoughts about the model. I don't have it on LDD (yet) but will do that as soon as I find the time. I'm also midway through designing and building a four-axle tipper for this digger, so expect another thread soon. :)
  11. LennyRhys

    Single crankshaft W16 Engine

    Very nice - and a clever solution with the piston heads. I think that the existing Lego cylinder housing parts could very easily have been modified for the Chiron set, allowing them to be mounted in staggered formation like below (Photoshop) but TLG don't want to change the part moulds yet.
  12. Great review Jim - thanks. As always the photos are fantastic and it's really nice to see the model at different stages in the build process.
  13. LennyRhys

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Not necessarily. Based on the size of your current prototype, you should be able to fit a AAA battery box into each of the middle and outer rings. Or, if you want to save weight and space, an old System 9V battery box with PF extension wires would do the trick nicely, and you will have plenty of room for, say, an L motor plus gearing. Bung an IR receiver in each ring, and job's a good un. Really nice idea btw.
  14. LennyRhys

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I think one objection to the high part count is it drives the price up (or it can be seen as a reason to drive the price up). For me personally as an AFOL, I like that the sets are bigger and have more functioning parts; but as a parent buying toys for my child I might not like the heavy price tag so much. TLG knows that such sets will appeal both to kids and AFOLs, so they have no real reason not to put them to market.
  15. LennyRhys

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I agree that the set is much bigger than it needs to be, but TLG aren't stupid - they know that the same model made 4x bigger with over 4,000 pieces is going to turn more heads, even though it has similar functionality to a smaller set. Ever heard the expression "Why do dogs lick their genitals?" Because they can..