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  1. cendiaz

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    have to get me both sets, looks amazing especially the minifigures. Joker's car could be my primary target. Looking forward to seeing other sets and the minifigures. If I'm not mistaken, Bane is big fig in this movie. Saw it briefly in the teaser.
  2. cendiaz

    [MOC] The Invasion of Blacktron

    @legozebra Thx, it's a good trick for diorama.
  3. cendiaz

    [MOC] The Invasion of Blacktron

    thanks !!!!! :)
  4. I got nothing to do today so i made this vignette. Blacktron is my favorite faction in space theme, i hope lego continue this theme :) I made a minigun (kinda) for one of the troops to make it look more badass :D The Invasion of Blacktron by diazcen, on Flickr Feel free to comment ! thanks
  5. cendiaz

    [MOC] "Ambush !"

    thx bro !! thx, yes but johnny have some guts right haha
  6. cendiaz

    [MOC] "Ambush !"

    thanks !!, I got the technique from random source but it is a nice technique he's kicking actually, yeah, he wants to look younger
  7. "Adventurers" theme is one of my favorite themes , too bad I only have a few sets of those. I made this vignette with simple parts that I have because I don't have much parts, the tribal minifigs is from the old pirates set. Ambush !!! by diazcen, on Flickr enjoy and feel free to comment ! grazie
  8. cendiaz

    [MOC] Battle of Hoth : Aftermath

    thx for the feedback commander !! well, i don't have much parts but i hope i can add some elements that you mention, that would be epic !!
  9. cendiaz

    [MOC] Battle of Hoth : Aftermath

    thx for the feedback, I've been thinking about that too. The empire taking prisoners is a good idea and also the snowtroopers execute the rebel survivors.
  10. cendiaz

    [MOC] Battle of Hoth : Aftermath

    thanks :), I have a problem to make the trench because i don't have much white bricks so I decided not to build it yes the white bricks is a bit old. I haven't cleaned it up :D thx bro, I think those heads are compatible with the story. FYI, the heads come from hazmat guy and ADU minifigures
  11. Episode V is my favorite star wars film and this is my first Star Wars MOC diorama based on the film. The theme is "Battle of Hoth" but I'm focusing on the aftermath of the battle. this MOC is also appeared in my flickr page thx and feel free to comment
  12. cendiaz

    Review REVIEW: 70709 Galactic Titan

    great review and great set by the way. The titan's design is awesome, it's just like M.A.S.K. I want this set so bad but It will be very expensive in my country though
  13. cendiaz

    REVIEW: 70702 Warp Stinger

    Nice review, the mosquito minifigure is really great. Good playing features also Waiting for this set release in my country though
  14. cendiaz

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    nice review, wanna have one but in my country it's gonna be very expensive
  15. cendiaz

    [MOC] Rivendell

    awesome, simply awesome. nice details you have there, makes me wanna be a minifigs in there. LOL