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  1. Hi Arnold, thanks a lot for your answer. I already thought that it would not be possible in Studio. Your model looks pretty awesome and the Flickr photos give some needed inspiration for building techniques. Donald
  2. Hi, I'm trying to extend/modify The LEGO Roller Coaster (10261) with a small looping using the 90ยบ curved tracks. The distance between two tracks I can get done with two plates, back to back. I've fixed them by using Technic plates with holes, an axle and two bushes. Testing it with the real thing proves it works well (using a two-sided SNOT brick makes the overall track too wide and the cars get stuck easily). Unfortunately I'm stuck and can't get height properly adjusted, at least not when designing in Bricklink Studio 2.0 (I don't have all the bricks at hand). Another thing I'm not sure of, is if my structure isn't too rigid. In Bricklink I cannot (or don't how) to shift the curved in such a way to be able to build a full looping. I've found a video online of another user who has built a small looping and in his video it seems to work quite well. However the connection between the two tracks seems to be a bit of kludge (on the other hand it may just provide the flexibility needed). So I'd like to ask the forum if you have any ideas how to make this work. Below a screenshot of the first half of the looping with green arrows pointing out the problem. The Bricklink Studio file can be found here. Thanks for your comments or ideas. Donald
  3. I've had a look a IKEA Trofast and I didn't really find good boxes that fit into the rounded drawers. The drawers themselves are far too big.
  4. Hi, I want to sort my growing LEGO collection of ca. 45'000 bricks by shape (design), colors can/will be mixed. It is overall 1'200 different shapes. Very small lots of less than 20 bricks per shape will likely be sorted in groups. I do not want to sort by set. I've estimated the volume of my most frequent bricks. With that estimation, I have two dozen bricks over two liters volume, a couple dozen between 1-2 liter, about one hundred between 0.25-1 liter and a big number of smaller lots. I've searched online and the Brick Architect's Guide is quite nice, but with exception of the Stanley removable organizers, none of the products are easily sourced in Germany/Switzerland. The ones from Really Useful Products look great, but will only ship to UK. I use the Stanley organizers now for smaller bricks/lots, but that isn't going to scale. The larger lots are not fitting in as it is now and my collection is still growing. My new sets are usually built, then disassembled after a couple of weeks and then used for MOCs. I have a free wall of 2.50m wide and 2.30m high and would like to have a shelf there. I will likely build up a spare IKEA Kallax I still have lying around and put my stuff there. Unfortunately I haven't found anything online at IKEA that would suit my needs for further sorting. The SAMLA boxes are too big and have no subdividers. I've also looked at wall mounted storage that planned for DIY, but haven't found anything I really like (e.g. boxes are not transparent, are fixed to the wall, are open and will collect dust). A local store (Coop Bau & Hobby) had decent looking organizers from Sundis (Pure Box A5, Pure Box A6 - the last one optional with divider), but they weren't easily stackable and quite expensive. Also I cannot find them elsewhere and am afraid I cannot buy more in 1-2 years time. What are your ideas/tips to sort a collection of over 50'000 bricks? How do you make it not so static, so that growing collections can accomodated? What boxes do you use? Preferably with a link to Amazon Deutschland or IKEA or any other widely available product group.
  5. Thanks to all of you for your replies. I've estimated the brick size of my top 50 bricks (more than 250 of that design/shape) by creating an Excel with LEGO unit sizes - sample below; a LEGO unit equals 1.6mm. I have yet to test it with a decent amount of bricks to see if it works well enough and how much I need to add for pack density. For now I work with adding 25%. I can clean up and share, if anyone is interested. With that estimation, I have two dozen bricks over two liters volume, a couple dozen between 1-2 liter, about one hundred between 0.25-1 liter and a big number of smaller lots. DesignID PartName H W D 3023 Plate 1X2 3 10 5 3005 Brick 1X1 7 5 5 3004 Brick 1X2 7 10 5 3069 Flat Tile 1X2 2 10 5 3024 Plate 1X1 3 5 5 3710 Plate 1X4 3 20 5 3010 Brick 1X4 7 20 5 3666 Plate 1X6 3 30 5
  6. Bricklink has sizes for most bricks measured in studs. I've started to estimate brick sizes in multiples of 1.6mm (Lego Units - see, at least of my most frequent bricks. I'd like to sort bricks by part (not by color). Saving space is not my main concern, but I want to order storage that is the right size. Currently I have some portable Stanley organizers, but the most frequent bricks will not fit. The 1x6, 1x4 and 2x4 bricks will take up over 2.5 liters in volume each (if I disassemble all my sets). I'll happily share my table and will later test them too (although I can only do that when I've disassembled a fair share of my sets).
  7. Hi, I'm looking for optimal storage of my Lego brick collection. It is about 40'000 bricks, less than 1'200 different parts, mostly from Creator Expert, Architecture and Technic sets. At the moment most sets are built up, but I'm looking to disassemble most and store the sets, sorted by part (but not color). I would like to estimate the volume per brick type. Does anyone in this forum know of list of volume/size of the bricks by design/part? Also if anyone knows of proper values of the bulk density of of the most common types of bricks, plates and tiles, please post. While were at it, does anyone know of a list with weight per brick? Thanks! Donald
  8. I think Bricklink had to name their colours before Lego published their colour names. The names Bricklink uses are also a better description of the actual colour in plain english.
  9. It seems this is the best overall list and it will do the job (of translating the LEGO colours for my personal Access database) good enough. Mecabricks has the advantage of being a nice printable PDF.
  10. Yes, thank you! I'll try and merge what I find useful and will report back.
  11. Would you happen to have an updated and also parsable version of this table, say as HTML, CSV, Excel? Thanks! Donald