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  1. various solvents work for the dirt (although I prefer fine sand paper myself as there are no fumes). its more for the pitting of the contacts. short of removing them and machining them clean I can't see how to fix the issue.
  2. ahh that's it! I am using the wrong wheels. those original wheels are long gone so I will file a flat on some newer wheel shafts to make them engage. thanks heaps for that, it'll be great to get it going again.
  3. this motor has no screws ( I wish it did!). seems to be fully glued together. great to see there were spares, the listing says they are on the wishlist…... at least I know what I need now - something to work from! thanks
  4. Hi all my 12v TRAIN from the early 80's still runs well but the spring loaded power pick ups are very dirty and pitted. I sand them with fine sandpaper which is ok but is there any better way to clean them? 'cause they are spring loaded you can't put to much pressure on them, they recess into the body. any ideas would be appreciated
  5. Hi all my 4.5V battery train from the mid 70's still works but the wheels spin inside their mounting holes. any ideas? these things are devilishly hard to open up (all glued together) so I don't want to almost destroy it to see what the problem is if there is a simple solution. someone else must have had this prob and worked out an easy solution?
  6. the 23mm bike inner tube is fantastic. they last for ages and are so quick and easy to cut new ones. I have my 5 y.o. trained to cut them now as needed.