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  1. Thank you @MAB for an extensive writing about this subject!

    18 hours ago, MAB said:

    This is exactly what I was looking for.


    15 hours ago, koalayummies said:

    On a related note Brickset has a list of pieces added by year (https://brickset.com/parts/year-2019 and then you pick the year), but its more useful for MOCers looking for specific pieces and new pieces/recolors than for someone building period-correct sets with the type of attention to detail like that the picture MAB posted demonstrates.

    I've had difficulties with Brickset being a bit incomplete, I like the users interface though. Thanks for your contribution @koalayummies!


    13 hours ago, 62Bricks said:

    Bear in mind that the dates Bricklink uses for parts are the release dates for the sets in which the part is inventoried. So it relies on the accuracy of the inventories. Many older parts are not in any inventories.

    I became a bit stuck in the search of the correct bricks exactly because of this. Thanks @62Bricks

  2. 1 hour ago, MAB said:

    Year data is available at bricklink, although they do not necessarily distinguish between all variants. For example, these are all classed as standard 1x4 bricks (3010), with no differentiation:


    Thanks for your reply @MAB! I understand what you are saying, but that is not what I'm aiming for.


    My question is if there is a parts list for every year that Lego has been produced preferably list by year it came out? I've been looking at the lists at bricklink and I only see the items for sale and have to plow through every available item in there. Maybe I've been pushing the wrong buttons but if someone could clarify it for me, that would be great!


  3. Hi there, since I'm a avid fan and builder started in the 80's I've been having the same question popping up in my head every once in a while. 

    Is there an inventory of bricks released by the year? This could come in very handy while building period correct MOCs. I've been looking around a lot but can't seem to find any info on it, so I've (finally) decided to put the question right here at EB.


    Thanks in advance!

  4. 19 hours ago, peedeejay said:

    This could easily be a set of a new series of castle models. It perfectly combines oldschool looks with modern parts and techniques. Great!

    Exactly my thoughts. Even better maybe: this could even be an anniversary set too, for its beauty AND simplicity. A really beautiful revamped model I would buy in an instant!

  5. On 9/3/2018 at 8:30 PM, CopperTablet said:

    In the German 1990 advertisement, they appear to be cutting the baseplates.   Look at the number of studs between 6386 (which probably wasn't even in stock at the time of the advertisement) and the plate that cars 3 and 1 are on.  

    This was a little point of frustration to me in my childhood, I was pretty much trying recreate a lot of the scenes depicted in the catalogs. I couldn't wrap my brain around some of the techniques used in making dioramas.

    Also note the baseplate in front of the 2 motorcycles, that one is only 10 studs wide, never actually existed in an official set!

  6. With such a big build it's easy to overlook on a tiny detail that causes the problem, perhaps you can read the instructions and/or do a bit of reverse engineering/building to find the solution. 


    If that doesn't solve it, maybe it's just because it needs to be on the livingroom table, and not in your bedroom :pir-laugh:

  7. I'd really love to see the theme go on where it stranded in the mid-90's with the Armada... Those were actual story based sets and not reboots of sets that once dominated the -in my opinion- best theme that LEGO ever created. Also I'd be disappointed if TLG would do any crossovers with other theme's, like Nexo Knights... I really didn't get it...

  8. 7 hours ago, Jim said:

    I absolutely agree with you!

    However, you are reviving a four year old topic, just to mention this. Please be aware that topic bumping is only allowed when you have new information about the topic.

    That was absolutely not my intention, I try to keep it in mind for future posts! Thank you Jim!

  9. 8 hours ago, LM71Blackbird said:

    Welcome to Eurobricks!

    Thank you!

    6 hours ago, Captain Dee said:

    Yarrrr!! Welcome aboard matey!!

    And I agree with you totally on the Pirates theme. Looking forward to seeing your MOCs.

    For sure!


    I've been building a winter village last year, so I'm having a bit of a throwback at the moment with bricks, but I'm hoping to get some orders out there a.s.a.p. to get a nice fortress building of some sort. 

    5 hours ago, dr_spock said:

    Welcome aboard, Henry.  :pir-classic:



    2 hours ago, grum64 said:

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks.

    And thank you too!