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  1. PinkLloyd

    Weserhütte W180 cable excavator

    As I have some private things to do these days I needed a while to achieve some progress. So here are a few minor updates, especially details of the upper carriage: Weserhuette used to build divided winches for many excvators. They were used to control the to ropes for the diffrent bucket types. Here is my version of this solution: I hope you like what you see and as always I appreciate your feedback ;) Greetings Luis
  2. PinkLloyd

    Weserhütte W180 cable excavator

    Thank you Ivan, you're right with the mesh, I've already changed it. For the cabin, I agree that it looks a bit too thick. But I think these bricks offer an elegant way to realise the sidewindow. The rigid hoses might be an interesting alternative, but I'm not sure if I could get the radius at the top corners small enough while keeping everything in position and without using too much brackets, that would destroy the overall impression. Is there a way to mould these hoses? Maybe heating them up? By the way there is no specific scale, i tried to fit the crawlers into a picture of the sideview and adapted the rest to that. ;)
  3. PinkLloyd

    Weserhütte W180 cable excavator

    Thank you guys for your kind Feedback You might be right, but I've already tested the undercarriage under some load and it is pretty solid. The main load lies on the small rollers. And the holders of the larger wheels are held by 1x10 plates from the bottom and on top. Maybe I'll have to rework that but I'm pretty optimistic ;)
  4. Hello everyone, after my presentations in the Train Tech Forum, I'm now focusing on a bigger project. This time I'm trying to build the iconic german cable excavator Weserhütte W180. Although starting in LDD again, I'm also planning to build the model with real bricks this time. Here is the beautiful machine: My goal is to realize all the different boom variations. To do this the upper carriage will be build in a modular way. The Under carriage is already done so far. I tried to make the drivetrain look like in the real machine, so the crawlers are connected to chain drives. Unfortunately there ar no existing Lego gears, that would fit inside the crawlers as in the original machine: But here are finally the first LDD screenshots: The upper carriage is mostly design so far, the technic part is still missing. The doors aren't finished yet. I don't have any good ideas how to close the window frames on top without making it look plump The driver cabin contaisn several details. The doors can be opened manually: I hope you like what you see so far. Feedback is always welcome! Greetings Luis
  5. PinkLloyd

    DB 212

    Hello everyone, I recently uploaded the LDD-file of the red verion to rebrickable. DB 212 at Rebrickable The yellow canals in the body of the model are foreseen for the old cables. The brown 2x2 plates need to be replaced with the cable heads. This way the lights will be turned on while driving on the tracks. I hope you can understand my bad english Have fun
  6. PinkLloyd

    DB 212

    Thanks everyone for your kind feedback! :) I fear I won't build it myself, but if anyone would like to I could publish the LDD file. But notice that this MOC is built on the base of the old 9V system, not with power functions ;)
  7. PinkLloyd

    DB 212

    Hello everyone, today I would like to present you my version of the german diesel locomotive DB 212. I started with this version which was built with my own bricks a few years ago: As you can see this model wasn't very detailed. The proportions weren't accurate aswell... So after reworking the model in LDD I am quite happy with the result. The locomotive consists of 660 parts without the rails. Looking even better in dark red: I hope you like what you see :) Luis