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  1. I just downloaded the Stud.io 2.0. The photo realistic renderings are amazing. But I am having trouble when I try to open the created jpeg in Photoshop. I get one of two errors: "An unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found" or "Reading arithmetic coded JPEG files is not implemented" I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended on Windows 10. Anyone else having these problems?
  2. J and J LEGO Creations

    Instagram style

    Really cute scene and very imaginative.
  3. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Loft Apartment

    Love love love this brick wall!
  4. J and J LEGO Creations

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    What excellent detail, and great mix of textures.
  5. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Bangladesh Parliament by Louis Kahn

    Hi, I'm a noob here, living in Bangladesh. I've created a few versions of the monumental Bangladeshi Parliament building, designed by Louis Kahn, one of the greatest architects of the 20th Century and a master of the Brutalism style. Its walls use unusual geometric shapes that allow for a complex interplay of light inside. The artificial lake, from which the building appears to rise, was made to recall the riverine beauty of Bangladesh. The overall building is a rough octagon, though not equilateral(!). Inside, the central structure is a regular hexakaidecagon (16 sides), which goes down to a regular octagon. Being a beginner, I just couldn't figure out how to resolve these irregularities. The solution was to leave out the base plate and roof altogether while simplifying the hexakaidecagon. Oh, well. This MOC is about 8,000 pieces. It was a lot of fun figuring out all the internal windows, circles, and triangles. It's still an ongoing project, but has reached a pretty good stage of completion that I can show it off. JS Trophy Size South Side by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr The south face and main entrance. LEGO doesn't make a 4x4 Macaroni plate (only tiles and bricks) -- why not? So I'm stuck with the awkward gaps at the top of the pillars where I need them to be hollow. JS Trophy Size North Side by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr The north (Presidential) face. Inside are stairwells framed within large circles, at oblique angles. JS Trophy Size North Side Detail by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Detail inside the Presidental face of the stairwells. Comparison_Sangshad_inside by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Comparison inside the courtyard separating the external and internal buildings. Interior window. JS Trophy Size Qibla by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Mosque inside the pillars, with qibla visible. JS Trophy Size Top by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Inner (Assembly) building. The original is a hexakaidecagon resolving to an octagon. I kept it octagonal throughout. The seating for the members of parliament can be seen below. JS Trophy Size Assembly Hall by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr The Assembly building opens up to show the parliament seating and the Library on the bottom floor. Interior window designs can also be seen. JS Trophy Size Library by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Library with the famous central column - the only column in the whole building. Thanks for your support! I would certainly appreciate constructive feedback from better builders than myself.
  6. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] New Century City Block I

    Amazing, the details and how well it comes together!
  7. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Art Nouveau Modular Corner Building

    This is lovely, and a real visual departure from many other builds. There is a disconnect between the first and second floors, as others have mentioned, but I like it as it shows a retro-fitting common when newer businesses take over older historic buildings! So, yeah, !
  8. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones

    Does anyone get the theme music in their heads just by looking at this? Great work!
  9. J and J LEGO Creations

    [MOC] The Hungarian Parliament in 1:650 Scale

    Absolutely stunning!
  10. J and J LEGO Creations

    Practise Posting Here!

    Hi I am testing how to upload my photos, thanks. Comparison-South-Face by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr Comparison-North-Face by J&J Lego Creations, on Flickr
  11. J and J LEGO Creations

    Hello from Bangladesh!

    Thanks! We are a really small community.
  12. J and J LEGO Creations

    Hello from Bangladesh!

    Hi, everyone! I'm an American AFOL living in Bangladesh. My brother (in the USA) and I played with LEGOs since we were kids, but it was only in recent years that we've picked up the hobby in a serious way. And its been great to share the fun with my kids. Interests are in Architecture, engineering, nano-scale builds, Star Wars, and LEGO Ideas. Bro and I have both done some MOCs and hope to start posting them soon, once we feel they are up to the level. It's pretty danged hard to get LEGO in Bangladesh. There are only a few stores carrying the real thing, with limited stock, and at outrageous prices. So it takes waiting until a trip to the US, Bangkok or Dubai to pick up the really fun stuff. When I started building, I had to buy multiples of random sets just to get those 1 or 2 parts I needed. Now I've moved up in the world to binge-buying on Bricklink before a trip back to the States. I look forward to connecting with other AFOLs around the world, and especially in BD and Asia. And to connecting with those here interested in Architecture. Me at my desk. Yes, I have green hair.
  13. J and J LEGO Creations

    [REVIEW] Wicked Brick - 75192 - Millennium Falcon Stand

    Thanks for the review. It makes the Falcon look far more dynamic than the typical horizontal display.
  14. J and J LEGO Creations

    Konajra's Mocs